PACT ACT Not Going To VETS? 400 BILLION? We Don’t Know. Our GOVT Is Corrupt & Untrustworthy

PACT ACT Not Going To VETS? 400 BILLION? We Don’t Know. Our GOVT Is Corrupt & Untrustworthy

My commenter friend, Rogue Christian sent this to me thru the email. I am posting it because we can’t trust the CommieCrats.. We never know what they’re up to:

Jon Stewart, however says that this is not true:

This person posted the bill and says:

So, do we believe Steve Guest? I don’t know. We ALL know how the war-mongering, tax thieves have sent BILLIONS to Ukraine to fund their Nazi’s. We KNOW this EVIL Govt spends billions to help their ILLEGAL pals before Vets…

So, your guess is as good as mine.

Don’t Hope In A ‘Red Wave’ This Election.

Don’t Hope In A ‘Red Wave’ This Election.

Some of you already watched my video. I have to watch every little thing I say because of the poor, pathetic, butt-hurt commie pedo & baby murdering troglodyte’s that run Youtube:

#JAROMEBELL For Congress In VA: ‘Critical Race Theory Is Anti-white Poison’

JAROME BELL For VA: Critical Race Theory Is Anti-white Poison

I just received this email from a “Chief Bell” in Virginia who is running for congress. It’s sick and sad that a candidate now has to run to protect the majority (whites) against the white-hating Democrat bastards.

What the hell type of world is this? I’ve said for many years on this website: “White is the new Jew”. But, the only folks who have not figured this out yet are white people. Whites are too busy – to this day – defending themselves against the bully Commie-Crats who accuse them (just like the devil) of being racist. It’s ALL PROJECTION. It’s the sick, vomitous, pond-scum, poop-chute-loving, baby-murdering Commie-Crats that are the haters and true racist schmucks.

Here is what the email states:

Dear Dave,

Everywhere I look, I see state-sanctioned anti-white racism. The military I proudly served in for 27 years now teaches troops that white people are “privileged” and that America is a “white supremacist” nation. It’s called Critical Race Theory. But I simply call it what it is: racism against white Americans. 

When I’m in Washington, one of my first Bills will end this teaching at the federal level. I need your support today so we can stop this Democrat-fueled racism before a full-blown race war breaks out in AmericaChip into my congressional campaign today and help me end Critical Race Theory in America

They’re not just teaching this bunk in the military. They’re teaching it in our schools, too. They’re poisoning the minds of our youth, and teaching black Americans like me that we’re victims. How are we supposed to succeed with that mentality? 

We can’t — and that’s the point. The racist Democrats need blacks to be reliant on them so they can keep the black vote. I’m onto their game, and I’m ready to shout from the rooftops in Congress — but I need your generous support to make that happenCan I count on you for a contribution of $10, $25, or $50 to my election campaign today so I can end the poisonous, racist teaching of Critical Race Theory?

Look around, fellow patriot. Have race relations in America gotten better since Democrats started teaching Critical Race Theory? Of course not. They’ve gotten worse. Anyone with any sense can see that. It’s plain as day. 

Stop the radical racist Democrats from dividing this country further with a contribution to my campaign todayWe’re only a few days away from the end of May, and I am in critical need of your support to hit my $100,000 monthly fundraising goal, which is why I’m counting on you to chip in today. Thank you for helping me end state-sanctioned anti-white racism.
In Liberty,
Jarome Bell for Congress

Chief Jarome Bell
Republican Candidate
Virginia’s 2nd U.S. House District
P.S. Critical Race Theory is anti-white poison that Democrats have injected into the government, the military, and our schools. 

Here is his website: CLICK

Florida REPUBLICAN’S Sign Massive Gun Control Bill:

FLORIDA Repubs Sign Massive Gun Control Bill

Florida Republicans defy 2A supporters, vote ‘yes’ on massive gun control bill

This is just another reason that I am happy I left the GOP years ago.  They’re Pinkos.  They’ve been Pinko’s from their beginning.  Read the Book, ‘Lincoln’s Marxists’ by Walter Donald Kennedy  and understand that the war of the states was not even about slaves.  It was about CONTROL and the Republicans were the ones wanting CONTROL over Southerners.  I hope you understand that the war we are up against is really NO different than the 1860’s Northern aggression.   Most people do not understand this:  The Southerners were fighting radical Left wingers.  Republicans…They’re NOT your friends.  


Read the news about Florida here:

DIXIE is under the gun of the Feds.  My husband and I are moving South to fight with the Confederates. We’re selling and leaving the fast turning Communist West.


Feckless GOP Should be ARRESTING Half Of The DEM Party By Now

Image result for do nothing GOP"

I look at the news and it’s either some cowardly sell-out in the GOP turning on Trump (a NYC moderate to Liberal Prez) or its an idiot like McConnell who now wants to ‘hear the witnesses’. Liberal Media Cheers After McConnell Says He Might Allow Witnesses After All (Video)

What Witnesses to what friggin crime?  Both corrupted parties have, no doubt read the Wikileaks.  Emails that came STRAIGHT from the DNC.. There’s your witnesses you bunch of sniveling GOP wuss’s.


We all listen to the Pinko-Lite GOP giving bloviated speeches and then do absolutely nothing.  Hillary has murdered so many people, I’ve lost count.  Ditto Obama.  Hell, even GWB.  But, the GOP just sits there like a bump on a log, arrests nobody for trying to bring an illegal coup into our government & over-throw the Prez… In the meantime, we’re hearing all about how the Communist Piece of crap, Governor in Virginia wants to steal law abiding citizens guns.  

When does this insanity ever stop?  You know what?  We’ll probably end up in a really bad civil war because the.. 


But, the CommunistCrat bastards have been passing bills against the country left and right:   CLICK:

You know what else?


#ThadCochran So What’s REALLY Going On In The Primaries? Why Is The OLD Republican Guard Winning?

So What Is REALLY Going On In The Primaries? Why Is The OLD Republican Guard Winning

Last night, the old bag,  Thad Cochran won the primary in Mississippi.. How is that so?

You see, Communist “Democrats” are a patient lot of miscreants. ‘The issue is never the issue, the issue is always the revolution.’ -Alinsky.   The reason Thad Cochran won is because tens of thousands of Democrats re-register as Republicans way before the primaries.  They obviously voted for Cochran.  Having an old, go-along-to-get-along Republican is better than a patriot who wants to stop big government to these lunatic Communists.

It is against the law in Mississippi to vote for a Republican if you are a registered DemocratThis article explains that.

So, this is why they change their party.  Then, they simply change it back to democrat before the election.  And, now the Democrat candidate could possibly win in a landslide come November..who knows..

Cochran was not popular at all.  So, he honestly did not win.  Ditto Mitch McConnell, Boehner and Graham.  Congress approval is at what? 10%?  You do the math and then tell me something nefarious didn’t happen.


There is NO way this OLD man won fairly:

cochran060214 445x305 Thad Cochran’s Mississippi

Against this young, fresh man:

Sen. Chris McDaniel announced Thursday, Oct. 17 that he will run for U.S. Congress in 2014.

Cochran’s campaign said that McDaniel was a racist.  How so?  I can guarantee you, 100% – that McDaniel has been brainwashed (like the rest of the nation) to believe that only whites are racists.  He is not ‘racist’ at all.  Liars.

I must reiterate that the old guard should be THROWN out – by force.


Daily Caller: Obama Trading 5 Terrorists For Prisoner Is Treason. And? What Will GOP Do? NOTHING.

Daily Caller: Obama Trading 5 Terrorists For Prisoner Is Treason. And? What Will GOP Do? NOTHING.

Nothing to see here, Kiddies… Because nothing will happen.  Remember, this is America…where we criticize Christian Russia while we aid in murdering Ukrainians…

SO:  Let’s look at the website, Daily Caller.. This is a website, where, if you tell the truth about ‘gay’, they ban you.  If they detect you are more of a truth-teller than they are: They block you.  Yes, you get banned from D.C. for telling the truth, without hate, just truths.   A holier than thou Blog that submits 1/2 facts and blocks patriots is upset because Obama committed treason, AGAIN.   In 24 hours, the Daily caller will have moved on to the next non-story and post a feel-good-happy-horseshit submission and all will be well in Obama-stan America.

What will the GOP do about Obama’s treason?  They’ll put Issa in charge who will blow off some hot air and back to square A we all go.

‘An Act Of Treason’

A fashion look from August 2013I see some Democrats are turning on the spoiled brat, Obama.  Good luck.  The GOP will do nothing for you, either… Unless you call them racists.  SO: Good luck with the race-card which you Democrats have totally worn out.

DEMs #WarOnThePoor: Obama/Bidens Vacation Tabs Reach $40 Million: Let Em Eat Cake..

DEMs #WarOnThePoor: Obama/Bidens Vacation Tabs Reach $40 Million. Let ‘Em Eat Cake..

It’s always such a joke to me when the left crafts wording because it’s usually just a projection of themselves.  The GOP is really no better, though.   But, tell me how it’s the GOP who is waging a war against the poor when the Dems are racking up 40 million dollar vacations?  2.9 million USD just so his highness, Obama can go golfing, 2x?   Young adults are living at home with their parents, even the 40 plus crowd is moving back in with Ma and Pa. 

And, these fat cats are taking vacations which we can’t afford as Obama arms Syrian Rebels: Obama to move forward with plan to arm Syrian rebelsWants to start WW3 with Russia.  Has assisted in destroying Egypt, Libya, Syria and Ukraine with OUR money and can’t take a ride over to Camp David just to show he gives a damn for the morons that voted for him??  And 41% still approve of these stuck-up snots!

We get the government we deserve.

An art collage from November 2013

The travel costs for vacations taken by the first family and the Bidens have reached over $40 million with the Air Force’s revelation that two golf outings by President Obama this year cost $2.9 million, according to the taxpayer watchdog group Judicial Watch.  (I’m Surprised Judicial Watch is still up n running)

More:  here