A Cuban Speaks: If Your Govt Tells You Where You Can/Cannot Go & What To Wear:

A Cuban Speaks: If Your Govt Tells You Where You Can/Cannot Go & What To Wear:


How the hell should I know?: If it quacks like a duck...

A woman who fled Cuba to come to the U.S. gives her perspective on the current situation with lockdowns etc;

I have said this before and I will say it again. I am Cuban, born and raised in Miami Florida , the great United States of America.

If you are standing in line, waiting for toilet paper and rations of your food, and your government is telling you what businesses can and cannot operate..

If your government is telling you where you can and cannot go to, travel to, (what to wear)and move about freely …

If the media is exploiting and exaggerating a common virus that is 97% survivable, and the majority of the people are being herded like sheep…

Then you are taking part in the beginning of Socialism.  Socialism becomes Communism, Communism becomes dictatorship, and dictatorship eventually and always leads to genocide…

Do not take my word for it and do the research yourself. Nowhere in history has socialism ever succeeded.    Today, in 2020, Venezuelan government is killing their own people on the streets. It happened in Cuba, it happened in China, it happened in Russia, it happens today in North Korea…

I challenge anyone to change my mind on this.”

-An American from  CUBA

Obama Invites ILLEGAL INVADERS To Our White House. Not Surprising; He’s An Illegal “Prez”

Obama Invites ILLEGAL INVADERS To Our White House. Not Surprising; He’s An Illegal “Prez”

Every single day,  this absolute piece of Kenyan trash does something to offend Americans.  And, you dumb, debaucherous Democrats–he is laughing at the most, because you are so friggin stupid.  You believe this moron is a ‘good’ “Prez”.    You UNION Commies are the biggest dummies.. He invited ILLEGALS over you to the White House. Poetic justice.  UNIONS help illegals, now illegals are first because Obama..



15 Year Old Girl Shocks Politicians With Passionate Argument For Gun Rights

15 Year Old Girl Shocks Politicians With Passionate Argument For Gun Rights

And a little child will lead them??  What kind of nation has kids that are smarter than adults? America.


Purging our society of violence and murder cannot be done through gun-control legislation. By signing this legislation you’re not signing away gun violence but, instead, are liberating American citizens of our constitutional rights. You’re not eliminating guns from society but eliminating our ability to protect our life, liberty and pursuits of happiness

Click here to listen to her speech.


Just As I Predicted. Obama Moving “FORWARD” In Gun-Grab In Connecticut. Colorado: YOU Are Next

Just As I Predicted. Obama Moving “FORWARD” In Gun-Grab In Connecticut.  Colorado: YOU Are Next

You morons that think this is good should be hung for treason.  If they take ONE gun, they will keep taking, taking, taking until you are walking through the gulags.  That means you, too “Liberal” gasbags.  There should be *NO* debate over gun control.  It is a RIGHT, not something that should be ‘up for debate’.  Anyone who thinks we should discuss our 2nd Amendment is an ENEMY to the Republic.

And, do NOT listen to the elite snots telling you this is ‘not being talked about’.  They LIE.

CLICK: OK: ….This is what I predicted regardless if this is the truth or not re. CT: Connecticut will be the first state that the Obama-NAZIs will confiscate guns.



Napolitano Should Be Tried For TREASON; MURDERING AZ 4 Border-Jumping WETBACK Democrat-Bastards

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says ‘the influx of immigrants into Arizona will put this conservative stronghold into the hands of the Democratic Party.’  This is the only way that the Demo-TRAITORS can get AZ.  Its time for WAR.

Make a change, (phone #’s below) Demand this BITCH “Change it back” and shut her fking MOUTH. She should be tried for treason and brought before a firing squad.  This witch would *NEVER* live in a sanctuary city, but expects US here in AZ to.  She wants to change my conservative state to a state of Democrat voting rapists & murderers; illegal occupiers

Obama Warns GOP 800K Govt Pentagon Worker Cuts. SO? Go Ahead. STOP THREATENING You Idiot


Is anyone else sick to death of Barack’s BS?  I AM. The whole ‘sequester’ is a lot of hooey to get people thinking about something other than their gun-grabbing.  They make things up to get focus off the real issue which is committing sedition against the USA–taking our guns.  

Do you ever notice that Obama & his Bolshevik caucus never say anything about letting social workers go?  Why is that?  Because this is smoke and mirrors.  Who cares if they let Govt workers go, anyway? Who can afford it?  We can’t.  We have NO money to pay anyone, anymore.  We can’t even fill up our navy tanks at sea–you can thank DEMO-BASTARD, El- hills AL GORE for that!  SO, LET THEM GO!  Who cares what you do, King Shit-head.  You lie all day, everyday.

TREASONOUS, SEDITIOUS Obama & His Traitor Fascist Followers To Protest Against The 2nd Amendment & NRA

TREASONOUS, SEDITIOUS Obama & His  Traitor Fascist Followers To Protest Against The 2nd Amendment & NRA

What more does this house need to rid DC of the monster?  You dont protest against the 2nd Amendment. It is sedition and treason to do so.  What will our do-nothing congress do about this?  Nix, Nil, Nine, Zero–as usual.  

People, NOTHING changes without violence.  I am sorry to feel this way, but it’s the truth.

See Free Republic

Take A Good List Of Everyone DEAD Around Obama & Keep Pretending It’s Just A “Conspiracy”


Read through my friend “Political Vel Crafts” whole Post: Click to see the mass death

People just seem to ‘die’ around Obama.  Nobody questions anything.  Everyone is just a ‘conspiracy wacko.’  I guess it’s just a conspiracy that drones are wonderful, too.  Keep sleeping, sheep.  Meanwhile, Obama is preparing to murder you.  Don’t think so? Read through that list, again.  Shhh….Be quiet…Obama is watching.  I know, little leftist pigs, “Nothing is wrong….”

Its not going to be fun saying;