Know Thine Enemy~ Bloomie’s Mosque, “I Have A Dream”

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Bloomie’s Mosque – “I Have a Dream”

The average Goyishe nimrod is too stupid to fathom, “why would NY Mayor Bloomie and dozens of Jewish groups and Rabbis join Muslim fiends and demand the building of a Victory Mosque at the 911 site?” Why Jewish groups with the ACLU leading the way, spent 30 years ripping from their moorings and littering the landscape of America with the symbols of our faith and flag. Why the annual jihad on  “Merry Christmas” and banishing it from our lives and the public square – and, why they are rallying around the building of a Mosque at the 911 site. They think we are stupid, they are right. They think that the Muslims will come for our heads first. They are stupid, so much for their chest thumping about their  intellectual superiority. You figure it out…  The rest:

My stance:

I will tell you left-wing insane Jews something: You have caused the Jew-hatred.  This nation has NEVER needed anti-semitic laws. God forbid, now, that they would pass any. That would give you faithless, dishonorable, disloyal, feinds more lee-way to screw things up further.  You have made life absolutely unbearable for right wing and religious Jews that believe in morals, ethics and law.  What you see above, is now becoming the ‘norm’, and when this nation turns postal on you evil ‘tolerent’ drek, I will join the Christians and righteous gentiles in pointing you out, count on it, you absolute abominations.

Jewish Traitors: