ANOTHER School Shooting, #Knoxville. Didn’t Bill Cooper Predict Mass Shootings In 1991?

ANOTHER School Shooting, #Knoxville. Didn’t Bill Cooper Predict Mass Shootings In 1991?

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Bill Cooper, who was assassinated for ‘knowing too much’ wrote in a 1991 book that mass shootings, (in schools also) would be used to get people to ‘give up their guns’.

Bill Cooper’s “Behold a pale horse”, 1991 book.

You can listen to Cooper’s audio book on YT:

U.N. Hiring Positions For Gun Grab In NY (Disarmement, Demobilization & Reintegration)

U.N. Hiring Positions For Gun Grab In NY (Disarmament, Demobilization & Reintegration)

This is what these words mean:  Disarmament: The act or an instance of disarmingDemobilize: To disband (troops, an army, etc.)  Reintegration: Restoration to a unified state.  I usually don’t link up “Dahboo777’s” Youtubes.  But, when he is on, he is right on.  Just sift through the news, find what is right..

At any rate:  You know what I find interesting?  NYC’ers don’t even carry guns for the most part.  SO: Why is NY a threat to the elite? Wall St crash? A “terrorist attack?”  Why? 

Also, see this information in my tweet about a gun store Obama is trying to close:

This will be coming to a town near you: SWAT teams, tanks, military… (Der Spiegel)

Another Shooting At H.S. In Oregon: School Shootings Predicted In 1991 Book, ‘The Secret Government’

Another Shooting At H.S. In Oregon: School Shootings Predicted In 1991 Book

The man who wrote this book “The Secret Government” worked for the US government.  He was assassinated.  Watch the radical Communists go straight for the gun control talk, today.    This is an effort to confiscate guns.  Period.   We have not ever had this many school shootings at random.   How these shootings happen, I do not know – but it is happening and I believe it is orchestrated somehow.  It has been crafted to scare you into giving up your guns.  End of story.

Here is the news, found by Jim Hoft:

News for shooting at Seattle Pacific University (June 2014)

Late 2012, 2013:

More school shootings, below. How long are you going to think this is ‘coincidence?’

New Jersey ‘random’ shooting: Shots fired at Garden State Plaza in Paramus, New Jersey  

AND:  what have we here:  Central Connecticut State University Emergency – on lockdown 

….Hmmm, a little more besides a school: Passengers evacuated at BHM Shuttlesworth Airport in Alabama after security breach .  

Commies are SO busy: North Carolina A&T State University shooting 

I detect this will be a another busy summer for the Communists and their gun grab.  Do NOT give up your guns.  You do and you’re dead.

Communism Gun Grab: NYC Has Turned Over Its Citizens To Criminals, Murderers, Rapists.

Communism Gun Grab: NYC Has Turned Over Its Citizens To Criminals, Murderers, Rapists.  DO NOT EVER SAY THAT “LIBERALS” ARE FOR THE PEOPLE.  THEY ARE FOR CRIMINALS.  THIS IS 100% PROOF.

New York City is fallen.. To Communism.

AND, NYC now has it’s Communist dictator to the max in Bill DeBlasio.  We have advised sane New Yorkers to get out, ASAP.  This has made me absolutely sick this morning (the gun confiscation).  Many people will die in NYC.  They will be robbed, raped, untold horrors.  Wealth confiscated as well. Everything they worked for will be gone.  It’s just a matter of time before they take ALL of their guns.. I posted about NYC guns being taken a week ago, but it hit me this morning, hard.  

I loved NYC very much as a kid growing up.  Now, it is gone with the wind.  It is no more.   I believe it is deserved but still am heartsick over this.  I have warned and warned for decades about these Communist “Liberals” to no avail and now my worst thoughts & rants are happening right before my eyes..  As it comes to pass, the “Liberals” will say we are “Conspiracy theorists” as they disarm you.  Keep believing them…Sheep 😦

NYC: Kill 5 People in Defense But Not 6 – “Immediately Surrender Your Rifle, Shotgun”

As they are confiscating guns in NYC,    Again, I ask you, if they are not Communists, why the purge of the military?  List Of 17 Generals/Admirals & High-Ranking.

Goodbye NYC..

16 Mass Shootings Or Events Since Obama Took Office. Some Red Terror Involved?

16 Mass Shootings Or Events Since Obama Took Office. Some Red Terror Involved?

Left-Wing, Communist terrorists have brought fear into their masses for over 100 years in order to bring a whole nation into their subjection…  It is possible that this incident is semi-foul.  I notice that the Communist cabal immediately went on their gun grab……

I ask these questions because I just do not trust the Governments mass media.  I ask these things to prod you to ponder.  I ask myself to think.  To not be a sheep.  We will each come up with our own conclusions and be respectful to the dead.  It is good to be courteous with each other.  If there is one thing I have noticed with theory minded people – is that they have very little patience with each other.  Let’s all try to have thoughtfulness as we see events sift out, shall we?

Another person is also thinking from “Before its news.”  I encourage you to read what he posted, below – and to consider that, while many of these events did take place and are not a ‘conspiracy’, I have to ask myself if a couple of these attacks, shootings and/or events are not red terror—in an effort to take guns.  It is highly probable – considering that after Sandy Hook (which did happen but actors were part of the shooting, in my opinion.)  Adam Lanza’s death certificate was posted a day before the Sandy Hook shooting, along with his mothers cert..  Robbie Parker (a Sandy Hook father), was laughing after the ‘mass-shooting’ in a bad acting job…..As soon as the Navy shooting and Sandy Hook took place, the Communists immediately went on the gun grab… 

IS it an effort to scare the masses, some of these events?  I believe it is possible.

Here are 16 events that have happened under Obama the insane:


1). December 14, 2012 — Newtown, Conn. – 27 dead (including gunman). The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary on Friday was the second-deadliest school shooting in U.S. history, leaving 27 dead — including 20 young children. President Obama gave an emotional address, calling for “meaningful action

Sandy Hook.  WHO laughs like this after their daughter has been murdered?

West, TX.  During the Boston bombing, this missile hit West, TX and the MSM NEVER reported this event—AT ALL.

Communist “Red” terror: Facts About #Communist Leftists

In the wake of the shooting at the Navy Yard, Obama spokesman Jay Carney said the president is implementing executive actions and reiterated his commitment to strengthening gun laws, including expanding background checks to sales online and at gun shows.

You can read Mr. Rappaports blog for a very smart synopsis:  Navy Yard shooting: psyop, loose ends, media parrots  (H/T, Lady R)

Communist-Enabling John McCain Sides With Harry Reid Gun Control-Goes After Senators Rubio, Paul, Lee

McCain is a Communist enabler.  Never is he right about any issues, anymore.  how much do they pay him to sell us out?  We can always count on McCain to join the Communists.


Sen. McCain: I ‘don’t understand’ GOP threats to filibuster Senate gun bill

Click: Senator McCain Sides With Harry Reid Gun Control – Goes After Senators Rubio, Paul, Cruz, and Lee…

‘An Affront’ To The Dead Children: White House Steps Up Pressure To Shame GOP Out Of Filibustering Reid’s 2nd Amendment Rights Infringement Bill

Just As I Predicted. Obama Moving “FORWARD” In Gun-Grab In Connecticut. Colorado: YOU Are Next

Just As I Predicted. Obama Moving “FORWARD” In Gun-Grab In Connecticut.  Colorado: YOU Are Next

You morons that think this is good should be hung for treason.  If they take ONE gun, they will keep taking, taking, taking until you are walking through the gulags.  That means you, too “Liberal” gasbags.  There should be *NO* debate over gun control.  It is a RIGHT, not something that should be ‘up for debate’.  Anyone who thinks we should discuss our 2nd Amendment is an ENEMY to the Republic.

And, do NOT listen to the elite snots telling you this is ‘not being talked about’.  They LIE.

CLICK: OK: ….This is what I predicted regardless if this is the truth or not re. CT: Connecticut will be the first state that the Obama-NAZIs will confiscate guns.



More NAZI Gun-Grabbing: Family’s Home Raided Over Facebook Photo Of Son With Rifle

What in the frick is this place coming to?  Someone came to my blog and called me a “NAZI”HAHAHAH!!  ROFL..!! I am not the one trying to disarm the populace & thrust huge govt on all of us…  BUT, we have these cancerous, pigs that are NAZI-like and use the term tolerance to push their anti gun, anti 2nd Amendment agenda; OBAMA AND THE LEFTISTS.

More Of Obama’s evil, Hitler like gun grabbing:



Fox News Website: America One Step Closer To Civil War

When we have people that don’t want to assimilate plus Communists going after guns, there is bound to be war, its just a matter of time.  Get locked and loaded.

A poster on Before its news has a short story: