NAZI HOUSE Will Try To Pass Bill Today Requiring Expansion Of Background Checks For Guns

HOUSE Will Try To Pass Bill Today Requiring Expansion Of Background Checks For Guns

Just picture this scenario, Liberal gasbags….

A serial, right-wing fascist gets in charge of the USA and is requiring ya’ all to pass background checks for guns.  (We have not ever had a right-wing fascist, BTW)  Admit that you would be going insane.   How is this ANY different?  Obama is a Communist, control freak and even his own lapdog media has said so:  NYT reporter calls Obama’s White House most ‘control-freak’ administration ever. …

So, it is OK for Obama to be a control freak and a Communist who wants gun-control but not OK for a right-wing fascist to do the same.  What have I always said?  Liberals are friggin nutz…

Treacheurous house up to no good….AGAIN:   Representatives Peter King (R-NY) and Mike Thompson (D-CA) have drafted an amendment to an appropriations bill that would expand the background check system for gun purchases! 

Peter King the Commie is leading the charge.. He looks like Heatmiser, btw:

An art collage from January 2014


TREASONOUS, Lying, Bolshevik-NAZI Court In Denver, CO Finds “No Right To Conceal A Firearm”

Liars. Traitors.  Murderers of souls in Colorado. Genocidal, gun-grabbing psychopaths.   CO used to be a free state and now the Bolshevik NAZI’s are in charge.  Get out of CO, Patriots, GET OUT.  Come here to AZ, help us fight.  Help us.   We will arm ourselves and train to fight this tyranny, together. Come here even if you have to live in a tent.

Click here: News for Court Finds No Right to Conceal a Firearm


Angels Don’t Play This HAARP

Authored By Goldbug
  When Art Bell was hosting Coast-to-Coast AM radio talk show, he introduced “Angels don’t play this HAARP.  I had never heard of the facility prior to that, but there are several like it around the world, and we still don’t know for sure its purpose.  I’m not a believer in conspiracy theory; I’m a believer in conspiracy.  Since the globalist elites no longer conceal their plan to “eliminate” 2/3 of the world’s population and move everyone off their land, every event outside the ordinary is suspect.  They have already destroyed our economy, our fiat currency will soon collapse (good riddance), and millions of families are now homeless. 
  What is the final and most crucial part of their plan for a complete takeover of the U.S.?  DISARM the people.  Hitlery and Barry the Usurper have both enthusiastically signed onto the UN’s Small Arms Ban Treaty.  Do you trust the U.S. Senate to strike it down?  Fast and Furious, Barry’s idiotic attempt to blame the Second Amendment for Mexican deaths, backfired on them.  Now, we have the Aurora, CO event.  While Barry was wailing, with feigned emotion, how he “feels for the victims’ families,” he was thinking, “Yes, yes, yes!”  If anyone doubts that this PhD candidate, in a medical “neurosciences” program, was either the subject of mind control experimentation, psychotropic drugs, or both, then you trust these vampires more than I do.  They needed a horrific event to drive the dumbed-downs into the clutches of the gun grabbers!
  The NWO people are surely conflicted.  They now have so many means of depopulating the planet, they don’t know which to use first.  Depopulation by vaccine? (in progress)  Terrorism? (in progress) Killer weather? (in progress)  Spliced-gene monster foods? (in progress)  Chem-trails? (in progress)  AIDS? (ongoing, but it didn’t work as well as planned).  I wonder, what else do they have in their Pandora’s Box?  Now, Barry has given all our water resources to the United Nations.  Have you heard any outrage?  Neither have I.  They are like magicians .. look at my right hand .. while I deceive you, rob you, and kill you with my left hand.
  These videos were made before the severe drought of 2012, but I am convinced that several countries are now creating havoc with weather, earthquakes, mind control, etc.  It’s even possible that it has gotten more out of hand than they planned.   
Weather Control as a Weapon, with Author Bob Fletcher
Nexrad & HAARP:  Undeniable Wealther Control Connection