The Only Answer To Israel’s Problems: Expel the Arabs, & Muslim Occupiers In Israel Or No Peace

It’s too late in America to expel illegals because the GOP wants to worship Mexican wetbacks.  But, it’s not too late to expel the Arab, illegal occupiers out of Israel.

Video is in Hebrew. Click on “CC” on the Youtube to read the sub-titles.

Look at the map.  Arabs & Muslims have a huge homeland.  Israel has a tiny homeland.

Are THESE The Zionists You Are Talking About Helen Thomas?

Go to fullsize imageHelen Thomas, you are just flat-out wrong..

  In 2005, GW Bush and Ariel Sharon made a bogus peace deal. The ‘deal’ was if Sharon evac’d over 8,000 Israeli pioneers and indigenous Israeli’s, Israel would have ‘peace’… No more rockets, no more terror, etc. 

  What you are about to see, in photos, with your own eyes, are REAL, TRUE Zionists. Zionists are patriots of Israel. These Zionists are not owners of anything now. They were forced out of their homes by their government, which is hell bent on making the world happy, while undermining its citizens.  You will see for yourself how Thomas is wrong.  Rich, atheistic “Jews” that are bankers don’t give a rats ass about the people of Israel. 

  The White House and NON-Jews IN the White House (Rahm Emmanuel no longer on O’s staff, so, no mas Jews) do not give a damn about Israel.  Thats the facts.  A True Zionist would never demand that Israeli Jews that don’t bother anybody- leave their homes and become refugees.  Helen Thomas ranks in American, left wing “Jews” in name only with these people below and frankly, I am sick of it.  I could not even sleep until I put this up.  I’ve never been to Israel. I dont even plan on going. But, I am sick and tired of people saying that ALL Jews are “Zionists” when that is BS. After you see this, perhaps, Helen, can you get your DAMNED JEWS straight, you old bitch?? 

 How come you were not happy when THESE Zionists got the ‘hell out of ‘palestine?’ 

 The UNTOLD Story of Gush Katif, The facts about the REAL Zionists:

Photos & Story from:

Click on the picture above for more information on many little states in the east.

Young Jewish Israeli beaten by “palestinians” -Aug 2005 are when these pictures were all taken.

Israeli woman weeps while surrounded by IDF & forced out of her home.

Anti-govt Israelis were only allowed to wear orange to express their dissent of becoming refugees.  Below is a woman trying to shame the IDF, and to possibly leave her and her family alone to live in her home.


Young woman being taken by the IDF from her home.

A distressed woman clutches on to a railing.
Jewish settlers shout at Israeli policemen from a hole in the roof of their home before being forcibly evacuated.
An Israeli girl receives medical treatment.Hurt by ‘palis’
Palestinian Fatah members celebrate the Israeli pullout.
Palis w/ victory flags over Netzarim synagogue.

IDF, at least 50 of them forcing this woman off her land:

So, are these the ZIONISTS you are referring to, you old, disgusting, hypocritical, leftist, NAZI, slimebag female?


Love a Pro-ZION enemy of yours, forever..