Hackers Demand $70 Million (It’s Probably The US Govt Cyberattacking Us)

Hackers Demand $70 Million (It’s Probably The US Govt Cyberattacking Us)

Hackers demand $70 million to restore ransomware data

The United States media was fast to blame Russia for the recent cyber attacks. You know why? Projection. Projection. Projection. Projection. Projection.

The demand was posted on a ‘dark web’ blog on Sunday, Reuters reported. The blog is “typically used” by the REvil cybercrime gang, who cybersecurity researchers believe are responsible for the latest attack.

Typically used“. “Believe are responsible“. This is how the US Govt works: Blame another country for what THEY do. For eg:

The summer of 2020, the Democrat Communists burned cities, looted, rioted, destroyed federal property and tore down statues. BUT, they cry “Foul” and “Insurrection” over a mostly peaceful protest at the DC capital on Jan 6. THEY destroy and then turn around and blame their opposition.

Obama Admin Wants Edward #Snowden REAL Bad. B.O. Had Russian F.M.’s Son Kidnapped

Obama Administration Wants Edward #Snowden REAL Bad. BO Had Russian F.M.’s Son Kidnapped

About 10 days ago, Snowden was to release some information about our beloved Obama administration.. People keep saying it is Russia that is the aggressor.. Really?   What American did Russia kidnap? None.  They gave safe haven to a whistle blower who is revealing NSA secrets.  Some people consider Snowden to be a traitor, others believe he is a patriot.  At any rate; Looks like the paranoid, insane Obama admin can’t sleep at night if they don’t capture Snowden. 

It is not Russia that started this ‘cold war.’ It was John McCain, Obama, Murphy, & Nuland.  That’s the facts.

Moscow considers the kidnapping “a new hostile move by Washington,” and accused the US of ignoring proper procedure in dealing with foreign nationals suspected of crimes.

Obama is playing a dangerous game.  One which he has not mastered the skill.  Russians & Asians play chess, not checkers.

Butler County, OH Primaries-ELECTION WEBSITE~Hacked…?

Sheriff investigating whether or not board of elections website  (Excerpts)

HAMILTON — The Butler County Board of Elections announced Thursday, May 6, that the sheriff’s office will launch a criminal investigation into Tuesday night’s Board of Elections website mishap.

Website hacked, election officials say (Excerpts below)

HAMILTON — Local elections officials say their website was hacked as they tried to communicate the results of the Tuesday, May 4, primary election — crashing the site several times and delaying the announcement of vote tallies.

“We have crashed three servers, and in examining those servers, there are two unidentified sites that are deliberately diverting traffic,” said Butler County Board of Elections Director Betty McGary as her frenzied staff struggled to post election results.

“Our servers are under attack, we feel,” McGary said, stressing that the problem pertained only to transmitting totals to the public, not accurately counting the votes.