HAHAHA, Whatta Joke: “Leading Cause Of Zimmerman Acquittal Was ‘White Supremacy”’

HAHAHA, Whatta Joke: “Leading Cause Of  Zimmerman Acquittal Was ‘White Supremacy”’

This. Has. Got. To. Be. A. Joke.

Pulease… I will tell ya something:  I believe we just may see the end of the false white guilt narrative.  The end of blacks, leftists & Commie-Jew asshats screaming ‘THATS RACIST’ every 5 minutes.  After all, its just bullshit.  

Facts are facts: Black people murder, rape and rob whites every day with NO remorse. They murder each-other and don’t care.  Yesterday, after I got home after entertaining seniors, I checked our stats here.  They were HUGE.  And, none of the statistics were in relation to Trayvon Martin/GZ.  They were in relation to black on white crime.  People are waking up.  AND, people are tired of the false victim shit.


Tell it to these white ‘supremacists’ who are dead or beaten at the hands of the sons of Obama last week.. This is only a few, there were MANY more:

Pat Mahaney

(Unarmed) White man dies after being victim of ‘bored’ group of black teens

Kelly Hunnewell

Police: (Black) ‘Documented gang members’ killed White mother of 4 inside bakery

Eleanor Hayes

Firefighter Saves Elderly (White) Woman From Rape Attempt by Black Male

A blogger for the liberal Nation magazine attributed Saturday’s “not guilty” verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman for killing Trayvon Martin to “white supremacy.”

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