FOUR Presidents Who Opposed #Covid #Vaccines ‘Conveniently’ Died. Now, Theyve Been Replaced By Pro-Vaxxers

FOUR Presidents Who Opposed #Covid #Vaccines Conveniently Died. Now, Theyve Been Replaced By Pro-Vaxxers

This is so horrifying. Whats even more terrible is that Americans just do not care. As long as they feel ‘benefitted’ by the kill-shot, everyone, everywhere can go to hell.

Just disgusting:

The Caribbean country has been eligible for free vaccines through the COVAX scheme, run by the World Health Organisation as well as global vaccine charities, but Moise had notably refused the AstraZeneca shots. Only days after his murder, the US dispatched vaccines to Haiti, together with a team of FBI agents. The rest here: FOUR Presidents Who Opposed Covid Vaccines Have Conveniently Died – Replaced By Pro-Vaxxers

By the way….. Israel: Half Of Adults Infected In Latest COVID-19 Outbreak Were Fully Vaccinated

EYE-WITNESS To Man-Eating Cannibal Liberal In South Beach, FL-This Is What Leftism Has Brought To America

Eye-Witness To Man-Eating Cannibal Liberal In South Beach, FL-This Is What Leftism Has Brought To America.  You think I am joking? I AM NOT.  If we had a society of God-fearing individuals, we most certainly would not see a man-eating cannibal.  This is Liberalism/Progressivism.  Of that I am 100% certain. We will see more of this satanic-craziness.  It is a sign as well, in my opinion… Didnt the liberal #OWS crowd say they want to “EAT THE RICH?”    Well, here is the first encounter of what ‘eating’ a person REALLY is. He probably, no doubt, voted OBAMA.  It is not “Zombie.”   The man was probably on drugs.  Drugs are a leftist TOOL to dumb everyone down.  Especially Marijuana.  Observe America turned over to SATANIC-LIBERALISM.


More on this horrible  story of America gone INSANE.

Wikileaks; Obama interferes on Haiti’s Minimum Wage/Slave Labor; Human Rights Violation

The Obama Administration has interfered with the minimum wage level of Hatti at .31 per hour in a Wikileaks obtained document. Haiti instituted a wage  2 years prior to increase to .61 per hour. But it angered some US owned Companies like Hanes and Levi who employee Haitians at slave labor to sew their clothes.  The US State department was alerted of the Companies resentment and sent communications to the Haitian’s  President.

Now, only a $3 per dollar per day minimum wage exists for clothing companies in Haiti. The US minimum wage is $58 per day. There are 25,000 garment workers  employed in Haiti. Their former wage was .24 per hour. 

Hanesbrands Incorporated made $211 million on $4.3 billion in sales last year.

It this Fascism revealing its ugly head in a foreign Country lead by an US President?

But the questions remain, does Obama care about the unemployment number increase in May at  9.1% ? Is this the cause and effect the outsourcing of American jobs? Or our we exposing another extreme corporation interests in the Obama 2012 campaign?

Or is this affliction purely about greed?  You tell me.

US Govt More Worried About Cholera In Haiti Than BED BUGS HERE

Go to fullsize imageIf you go to the WAPO, do you see anything about the bed bug situation? NO, You only see about the Cholera outbreak feared in Haiti.

If you ask me, this is the most fked up government in this planet.  Even rogue nations care more for their own people than this tyrannical government here in the US that HATES Americans.


  • Bedbugs worry Manitoba daycares
    Bedbug Prevention: How To Avoid Bedbugs When You’re In A Hotel
  • Where R All Of The Movie Stars To Help The Gulf?

     We all know that it is highly unlikely that these schmucks & rat bastards will help Americans.

    But, I have a charming idea;

    “Sieze the assets of these movie stars, do whatever we have to do.

    ….Call it Nazi-ism, Call it fascism, call it whatever you want, just do it…….”

    George Clooney, the closet gay freak…where is he? Didn’t he help Haiti? Have the Haitians done SOOOOO much for Clooney’s rotten career, that they were so deserving of his money? Where is he for AMERICA? He is just too busy sucking Hussein O’s nuts.  F*ck Clooney.

    Shakira? Nah, that evil Mexican-firster 4 ILLEGALS, is too busy meddling in AZ to help Americans in the Gulf. But the slezoid bitch shook her hips and derierre for the Haitians.  What a country we live in, people…

    Oprah….now this would be a novel idea… Oprah, the Obama-moonbat-Messiah worshipping, racist skunk.. Can ya see her helping the good white folks of Louisiana, the ones who said last night ‘We are a resiliant people’? NO! Oprah is an African-firster. Oprah couldn’t care less about you stupid white people in the Gulf. The birds and sea-life can just rot in the Gulf for all this imposter drama queen cares.. Oprah, go eat some more, eat your heart out bitch..

    So, where is Rosie O’Fatso….maybe since she was so willing to take from BP, she will be super willing to help in the gulf? We can woo this evil snot rag with some food. Nah, Rosie O’Bummer won’t help, we cannot get her away from her plate of slop. She has a date with Oprah today anyway to help Helen Thomas, and get her nod from Hezbollah, right? Rosie O’Donnell Defends Helen Thomas (AUDIO)

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were the first to reach out to Haiti by donating $US1 million ($NZ1.35 million) from their foundation to Doctors Without Borders, which has been tending to victims of the quake that demolished buildings in Haiti’s capital of Port-au-Prince on Wednesday. Tens of thousands are feared dead.


    HAITI, HAITI, I am SICK of hearing about HAITI

    I am, I am so sick of hearing about Haiti. 

     Our nation is falling apart, and all that we hear about is $5- for HAITI… Pat Robertson was ‘mean’ about HAITI, Israel didnt do enough for HAITI, America needs to do more for HAITI.  ENOUGH with HAITI.  Where were all of these people when we had Katrina?  Huh? They were too busy with ‘BUSH DID IT!’  Well, Bush didnt do HAITI, OBAMA DID, hows that for ya?  Yes he did!

    This IS Obamas WAG THE DOG!

    WHY THE HELL are we not funding for Americas Economic Earthquake?? WHY?!

    ALSO- just a question about Pat Robertson… Did anyone REALLY expect him to say different?  But lets get to the truth.. Does Haiti practice Voo-Doo and Witchcraft?


    So, what was SO WRONG about what Pat Robertsons comments?  IS it that you jerks put our God in a BOX, and evil nations do not suffer ramifications for SIN? 

     WHAT is this world coming to?  Now they want Haitians to COME HERE!!! Are we INSANE? 

     I am soooo to the point, that I believe that we just get what we ASK for.

    Haitians want U.S to ‘take over’ 

    HAITI; Obamas “WAG THE DOG”~ATTACK DOG to CRAM “Obama-Care” on Citizens..

    The question which gives rise to the phrase “wag the dog” is;

    Does the dog wag the tail, or does the tail wag the dog?

    You see the tail moving, you assume the dog is wagging it, and enjoying it, but maybe the tail is wagging the dog, and the dog is enjoying the attention!


    Oh, it is “WAG THE DOG” …please..gimme a BREAK, this is Obamas ‘time to shine’, and make America seem like such a nice nation, with its new MARXIST/Communist Emperor as its Non-President.  Did this dumbass, Obama worry like this about   City workers try to keep up with snow storm | WDAY | Fargo, ND OR, the Earthquake right here in Cali? 6.5 earthquake strikes off California coast – – Does this SOB  President Obama Predicts Unemployment Will Hit 10% This Year … OR,  is the HEATHEN, pagan, NON-President, thinking of adding MORE executive orders to his Current List of President Obama’s Executive Orders – 1461 Days … ??!!

    How about the LATEST INTIMIDATION tactic with Scott Browns possible winWH plans to cram Senate ObamaCare bill down House throat if Brown wins

    ————If people STILL think that Hussein Obama is the ‘best thing since sliced bread’  -I hope that you SUCKERS are the first SOBS that have to get an “Butt-Colonoscopy'”  -Imagine the thought of this impossible Jerk-Off, Obama being UP YOUR A$$, folks..

    LOL @ America