Hey Libs: Why Were The Hard Drives Destroyed If Obama & IRS Innocent?

Hey Libs: Why Were The Hard Drives Destroyed If Obama’s IRS Innocent?

Let me tell ya… Richard Nixon is dancing in his coffin.  He never thought that another ‘prez’ would be better at trying to hide the truth and cover-up than he was.   I wonder if Hitlery is thinking that this is ‘too close for comfort?’ since the hag wants to run for Prez..   So….Liberals (Commies), what say you?  Are you just going to sit there as fellow Americans are thrown under Obama’s bus of snooping, spying, monitoring & big government intimidation?   Pretending that Americans are an ‘enemy of the state?’  Or are you going to rise to the occasion and send this bastard packing?  OR…Are you just too much of coward to throw him out for fear of being called a racist?

Fact:  They tossed the emails because they are guilty.   Fact:  They destroyed the emails because the White House targeted specific groups and used intimidation through the IRS.   That’s the facts.

Help fellow Americans or let your party become irrelevant. (Which I couldn’t care less, but that’s not my point)

Stop throwing Americans under the bus for this asshole.


& bridges in Brooklyn...are for sale.