Obamas “Lost” records? Not to be concerned, Romney is on the case!

Not to be concerned, Romney is on the case!

He’s on the stump everyday about Obama’s failed economic policies…
Everyday Obama attacks Republicans, attacks Romney saying he’s secretive about his tax returns…
Don’t worry, soon Romney is going to attack Obama and demand that he release his college transcripts, Harvard Law Review, and explain his lifelong associations with America Hating radicals and the ones in his administrations. He’ll have Chief Arpaio make a statement about the bogus BC.
And just wait till he gets up on the stage and addresses Obama’s side-stepping Congress and reads a list of OB’s un-Constitutional Executive Orders.. Especially the which he gave Amnesty to 1.2 million Mexicans and how his Attorney General is suing states for enforcing immigration laws and protecting their borders….
Watch the country flock to the Republican party when he announces that Obama and his administration is the domestic enemy of the Constitution….Don’t hold your breath. 
By db c. 2012 

The LampoonistAmerican (site shut down by leftists)