Thai Woman, (Model) Savagely Beaten By Black Male On 34 St, NYC:

Thai Woman, (Model) Savagely Beaten By Black Male On 34 St, NYC:

By David Ben Moshe:

Beating up and mugging this Asian model, was it because she held slaves 175 years ago in America?

San Antonio: Cody Robinson, White Man Beaten Brutally By Blacks Trying To Get His Story Heard

Cody Robinson, White Man Beaten Brutally By Blacks Trying To Get His Story Heard

This ‘knock out’ attack has hardly any media coverage.  If Corey was black, it would be on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN.  Corey is not privileged enough to be the right color.

My original post is here:  See This Poster On Reddit: “I Was A Victim Of knock out game

Cody Robinson, 30, said he had just arrived at his car after leaving the España Bar de Tapas, at 5638 W. Hausman Road, around 2 a.m. when an unidentified man punched him in the face and shouted “knockout.

See the story: Man punched, stomped in alleged knockout game-style attack

Cody Robinson

-David Ben Moshe

2 Sons Of Obama ‘Knockout’ White Male, Laughing As They Beat Him, Post Crime On Facebook

2 Sons Of Obama ‘Knockout’ White Male, Laughing As They Beat Him, Post Crime On Facebook

Remember, the left wing media says this is not happening.  Below is just a figment of the imagination:

From NY Daily News: Suspect laughs, cackles while filming sick attack on middle school

New York Daily News

ABC: 2 arrested in possible knockout game attack in NE Phila.

A Northeast Philadelphia middle school student was the victim of a random attack – video of which was later posted online.   Police now say two suspects have been arrested and investigators are looking for a third. They also say this definitely appears to be a part of the so-called knockout game.

Meanwhile, white adults are under the bed, scared to death of being called a racist.

-David Ben Moshe

100% PROOF That Its Only HATE When A White Person Does It. Whites, Jews & Asians Don’t Count In Hate Crimes

Its Only HATE When A White Person Does It. Whites, Jews & Asians Don’t Count

We are supposed to be guaranteed equal protection under the law.  We do not have that in America.  We have special protection for blacks and nobody else.

Barret who was the white perpetrator in this crime (linked under)  said:

“The plan was to see if I were to hit a black person, would this be nationally televised?” Mr. Barrett says in the video, according to the authorities.’

Well, he was right.  Its NOT news when it happens to a white person only a black person.  This news (below) was in the WA POST.  It will also be on TV.  If you don’t know now that you are a target (if you’re white) then you are just asking for it & deserve what you’ve got coming.  What Barrett did was wrong, but it’s an ironically bad point to have made and the point ends up being the truth.  Terrible and sad.

Knockoff ‘Knockout Game’ Artist Charged With Hate Crime

White “knockout game” suspect says he attacked black man to prove media bias

C of CC says:

It is exactly how we say it is. Hundreds of blacks commit racially motivated hate crimes. The media censors their race and none are charged with a “hate crime.” One white guy does it and it is national news, with his race is listed in the headlines. Not to mention he will be charged with hate crime enhancement.

There have been over 15 black on Jew attacks in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NYC

NYC: Did Religious Jews Finally Respond To “Knock Out” By Beating A Black Man Dec 1st?

Did The Religious Jews Finally Respond To “Knock Out” Beating A Black Dec 1st?

Hoax? Hasidic Jews supposedly beat a black man in Brooklyn, NYC.  What do you think?  Did they do this to set an example? Or, is this black man making this up as we have seen with so many fake ‘hate crimes’?

The black man in this video seems to think that you should not be allowed to hit people like this and get away with it.  He called this a ‘hate crime.’ He says ‘we’re all equal.’   Did anyone tell him that his folks get away with these type crimes, daily?  I see that “Your Jewish News” [underneath link] calls the Shomrim a ‘vigilante group’, but they don’t call the black ‘knock out’ males, vigilantes.  Interesting.

Click- Members of Orthodox Jewish vigilante group Shomrim beat black man in Williamsburg and call him f****t

If this did happen and its not a hoax, perhaps blacks had better start rethinking their positions in beating whites, Jews and Asians because there are bound to be ramifications at some point.

-David Ben Moshe

#HateCrime: Children Of Obama Burn 85 Yr Old Grandmother Alive

#HateCrime Sons Of Obama Burn 85 Yr Old Grandmother, Alive

Obama needs to go.  We actually now need a patriotic dictator to stop these crimes against humanity.

Our prayers/daven being said for this family:

85 year old grandmother

Click- Grandmother burned alive in horrific hate crime murder

#WhitePrivilege? Son Of Obama Murders 99 Yr Old White Woman In Her Home

#WhitePrivilege? Son Of Obama Murders 99 Yr Old White Woman In Her Home


Javon Tyrek Rogers

Other countries revere their elderly.  In America, blacks murder them because they’re bored and ‘entitled’.  If this was in reverse…

Click: (Black) Suspected serial burglar, 20, arrested for killing (White) 99-year-old widow in her home 

EDIT by TMJ:  God bless these 2 bloggers below for reporting the race.  As David says above; “If this was in reverse…”

Click: Jovan Tyrek Rogers black thug kills 99-year-old Fannie Gumbinger

Click: Black Thug Jovan Tyrek Rogers Charged with Murder in Killing of 99-Year-Old Fannie Gumbinger of Poughkeepsie, New York

A 20-year-old City of Poughkeepsie man charged late Friday night with murder and burglary in the death of a 99-year-old city woman is being held without bail. Police chargedJavon Tyrek Rogers, 20, of the City of Poughkeepsie, with first-degree murder and first-degree burglary around 11 p.m. in connection with the homicide of Fannie Gumbinger, 99.

Fannie Gumbinger

Our prayers are with this family.


#HATETHEM 89 Year Old WW2 Veteran Murdered By Sons Of Obama

#HATETHEM 89 Year Old White WW2 Veteran Murdered By Sons Of Obama

Justice delayed is justice denied.  These black bastards should be hung, expeditiously.  The only people who are emboldening white on black racism—are the ghetto blacks.



One of the suspects is a bastard son of Obama:

WWII veteran Delbert Belton survived being wounded in action during the Battle of Okinawa only to be beaten and left for dead by two teens at the Eagles Lodge in Spokane on Wednesday evening.

See:  WWII Vet beaten to death in hate crime mob attack


#WhitePrivilege Chris Lane’s Murderer, Chauncey Luna Has “BLACK POWER” Symbol On His F/B Page

#WhitePrivilege Chris Lane’s Murderer, Chauncey Luna Has “BLACK POWER” Symbol On His F/B Page.

This is the same symbol that Oprah Winfrey promotes in her new movie “The Butler.”  This was not a ‘mystery murder’ as the media is portraying.  It is a racial/hate murder.  Lane was shot for being white.  It does not matter if they had a white or white looking person with them.  White can be racists against whites as well–just look at most of the left wing white MSM–they hate whites and promote white hatred.

See both pictures here: Chris Lane was murdered because he is white

One of the shooters also posted racist tweets on Twitter:



See Black teen who murdered Australian jogger posted racist Tweets
Read more: here

This is why we will not watch this movie:

-David Ben Moshe

#BlackPrivilege: Racial Hate-3 Blacks Brutalize White Man After He “Walked Into Their Photo.”

#BlackPrivilege: 3 Of Obama’s Kids Brutalize White Man After He “Walked Into Their Photo”

Imagine if this was in reverse?  It would make the international news.

If this white man had a gun, he would not have been brutalized.  The Main stream tells people that possessing guns is racist.  To not carry a gun is allowing racism to continue.  White people should be armed.