#Feminism Explained

I’m a hater.. I hate feminism.  I am a man’s gal and love that. I think men are made in the image of God as is written in the Bible and I am cool with that.

Here’s the FACTS, girls…You wake up in a house, built by MEN.  Turn on your shower, built AND maintained by MEN.  Turn on the gas/electric to make b-fast (built and maintained by MEN)  Get in your car, built and maintained by MEN.  Drive on the road to work; built and maintained by MEN.  Go to ofc, built and maintained by MEN.  Then, when you want something heavy in your ofc moved..You call on a MAN to move it for you.

New Name For “P.C.”-Politically Correct”~”S.S.”-Speech Supression

hater, racist, right wing lunatic, reich-wing, flag-waving fascist, lashon hara violator, jew-hater, nazi, bigot, gun-toter, redneck, tea-bagging fatsos, imperialists, militants, homophobics, sexists, xenophobics, extremists, supremists, neo-fascists, etc….


  That is what you get called and named here in the “free” United States Of America, the place where we invented Freedom of Speech, if you dissent against anti-American ‘policies’. The above attempts are made to silence Americans into submission of the real power mad crazies; The Bolsheviks from Russia that immigrated to NYC. It’s the truth, Jew and gentile alike immigrated here, and they were still indoctrinated from Russia and were never de-briefed, and now they push anti-American, anti-freedom buzz-words to supress your free speech, 1st Ammendment Right- it is not “Politically Correct” -It is SPEECH SUPRESSION.
So, you must understand that, and confront them with this. Tell them, that they are indoctrinated with Communist policies from Russia, and you do not answer to it, because it is just that; Communism, and it is not welcome in the USA.
The question is; “How do we deal with the everyday character assassination?” The barrage of words that have zero to do with LAW.
#1. Know who you are. Are you a racist? If you are, here’s a question; What are the laws on the book for being a racist? Answer? There are none. It is not against the law to ‘be’ a racist. I am racist to the degree, that I love Italians more than other races. So, there it is…
#2. Are you a hater? I am, I hate evil. But, you must understand, that there is no word in the regular English dictionary that even defines ‘hater’ as a word. So, that’s that. If you hate evil, and they call you this alien name “You are a hater” your answer is; Yes, I hate left wing Communistic policies.
#3. Are you a fascist? You know the answer to this. No, you are not. Most people that are normal, just want America to go back to it’s roots, the roots of Christianity and brotherhood; small government. You are the anti-fascist.
#4. Are you homophobic? This is also not a word. It is not in the dictionary of English. You must ask yourself if you hate all ‘gay’ people. Do you? Or do you like ‘gay’ people, and just do not agree 1 iota with their lifestyle? You have a right to agree to disagree. You have the right to say so. Just as a ‘gay’ person may not like something about you, and will state his/her opinion. In America, we do not have to like people’s choices, and we are allowed to state that. If people do not like that, then they are free to shut the hell up, or debate, or just go back into the corner. I like ‘gay’ people, I am vehemently against ‘gays’ making new policy, and teaching it to kids.  Kids don’t want to learn this crap anyway.
#5. Are you a man that is ‘sexist?’ Look into your soul. Do you believe that women should be in office, where there have only been men making decisions for this nation?
I do not. I am not a ‘sexist’ -I am a normal American woman, and I know that women are emotional basketcases, with very few exceptions.
Although I have people that disagree with this, it is my opinion, and I am allowed to have my opinion, and I am even allowed to persuade my opinion to dictate my conscience to stand against this.  If you are a male, you have every right to ask women;
“What have you invented? What wars did you win? How many nations have you built?” ETC. So, it is not that you hate women, it is that you know the truth, which will make feminists angry, and that is too bad. You do not have to be deballed because some power-bitch tries to silence you- YOU hold your ground and stand.
   You follow the drift.  So, when you are up against the “S.S.” crowd, you put these people in their place, tell them it is not “Politically Correct” Tell them straight up that they are trying to silence you and it is free speech supression. 


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Media Matters Attacks Michael Savage

Savage: I’m sick of speaking about Obama in hushed tones because he’s of mixed race

  Here it goes AGAIN.  These people have not a clue about a damned thing, and if they do, they will be 100% responsible for America becoming a Communist state.  I have been listening to Michael Savage since 1996. “Racist?” 

They do NOT know what Savage is talking about—AT ALL.

   MMFA reads my blog all the time, and still refuse to WAKE THE HELL UP. It is such a damned shame that most of these morons are not a day over 35, so they have not a clue just what is happening, their minds are beyond deluded.

   Savage was a Social Worker in NYC in his younger years. When he found himself sleeping on a mattress on the floor, with 2 crates as his side tables, while he was working with a feminazi earlier that day/week, picking out great furniture for people that don’t even work they just collect off of the system, he woke up from the serial ass kissing of the liberal destroying machine against America, that has made the minorities out to be God.

   Savage knows, as I know, that if you even talk about Obama, you are labeled a racist, hater, or “THATS RACIST!” 

  …..I know, because it cripled me from blogging, also banned me from my own radio show in 2008 that told the truth about Obama- I was silenced.. It HURTS to be called something you are not, to have your character assassinated by 2 words, “Thats Racist.” OR, “You are a HATER”  ………..At every turn, a conservative is called a ‘racist’ or a ‘hater’ if they criticize Obama– if they criticized Sotomayor, (even though this CREEP is with LA RAZA), an America hating Org., you’re a racist– If you criticized that Obama has 2 D.H.S. assistants that are Moslems, (and you cannot forget WHO perpetrated 9/11) you’re a hater.. etc…

             If you criticize against this severe anti-American/Kommunist administration, they have all but one thing to say;



  Savage is brilliant, he has studied Socialist Revolts, he has been informing the USA OF an oncoming Socialist Revolt since 1996. Unfortunately, his opponents are Communists, which is why they want him stopped and shut up.

  Well, do not worry, Obama passed a bill that America was against, soObama, soon, will stop the ‘haters & the ‘racists’ from telling us what is going on anymore, because the BOLSHEVIK/MARXIST/MOSLEM and his admin. will stop free speech.

FREE speech is against the Communist Agenda. So is God, so get used to your religious liberties thrown in the ash-can as well.

Just one last word…One day, you, at MMFA that are Jews will wake up, find yourself in Obamas Israel-hating chambers where he will have you …who knows?? 

You will say, these people were right, but it will be too late, then you will say “Never Again” and you will do it AGAIN.



I see it everywhere I go in debate. I debate most of my days. The only way to break free of political brainwashing is to fight fire with fire.  Recently, on another blog, this man tried to end his debate with bringing up that “Obama is black, and that’s not ‘normal'” -for white America… …This is called RACE BAITING; accomplished by implying that there is an underlying race-based motive in the actions of others towards the group baited, where none in fact exists.

So, there it is folks.  This is what you tell these MORONS when they call you a “RACIST!”  Fight fire with fire.  The big word monster becomes weakened when you expose the truth; they are race-baiting to TRY to end a debate, because, in actuality, they know your debate is truth, and they have no leg to stand on.

“HATER!”  hater    one who disapproves of something.  (I looked this up on an online dictionary for slang)  That is all the word “HATER” means.    So, whats the fire return on this?  A.  “Yes, you are right, I am a ‘hater’, I DISSAPPROVE’ of the Obama Politics.  See? It is as simple as that.

“BITTER!”  I looked up the word bitter in the regular dictionary, it is not as bad as I previously thought. Bitter: having a harsh, disagreeably acrid taste, like that of aspirin, quinine, wormwood, or aloes, hard to bear; grievous; distressful: a bitter sorrow.   See?  Yes, we are very bitter…not the type that a person would get cancer from, but a sorrow, and bad feeling/taste for what has happened in the political spectrum.  So….when a person say; “YOU ARE SO BITTER!”  You add to that, yes, sorrowful, greived.  Add, “So, whats YOUR point, and what has this to do with the debate?”

Remember what our DEAR Leader said….”Words, just words.”  So, keep that in mind.  People cannot kill you for having a differing opinion.  Remember they ARE totally brainwashed, and you DONT HAVE TO BE!!

Cartoon from Jag Hunters BlogJ.B. Williams: Monroe County Tennessee Still in Treason Spotlight!

Now a little song to remind you, that these devils just have no power.


My Brother, MSGT-USAF…

Retired from the USAF as a MSGT, Friday. We attended his retirement ceremony.

  He received the MSGT of the year from the USAF, he left the Military, because he absolutely 100% believes that Obama is a tyrant-Moslem, 100 x worse than Bush. I agree. 
He wanted to stay in the USAF for 30 years, but retired in 20—for OBVIOUS reasons, an anti-American CIC, must be TERRIBLE for our guys. Probably feeling ashamed that Americans could not even give them an AMERICAN CIC—AT least.
How SELFISH the leftist pigs are, how I wish they would be wiped off the face of this earth FOREVER for doing this to these men, that go and fight for their sorry asses.
 Our guys over there HATE Obamas guts.
The ONLY Military that likes this impossible ahole,  are BLACKS, period.  Thats what his ‘nevermind’ told me.  
So, they have already (without a choice) have had to distance themselves from the Obama worshippers- of course.   Anyway, thats all I can say without getting our fine young men in danger, and they are fine young men under this ahole SNAKE.
Many men are retiring, this is a not so good thing, IMO, because then it WILL be ‘us against our own Military.’  😦 
They said that they ARE WITH US, the ones that are left, in dissent. Thats all.


If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
2 Chronicles Chapter 7
יד  וְיִכָּנְעוּ עַמִּי אֲשֶׁר נִקְרָא-שְׁמִי עֲלֵיהֶם, וְיִתְפַּלְלוּ וִיבַקְשׁוּ פָנַי, וְיָשֻׁבוּ, מִדַּרְכֵיהֶם הָרָעִים–וַאֲנִי, אֶשְׁמַע מִן-הַשָּׁמַיִם, וְאֶסְלַח לְחַטָּאתָם,
וְאֶרְפָּא אֶת-אַרְצָם.
We are in a time, where it will be easy to not turn to God, because evil seems easier. I have been so angry at my fellow (Democrat-Americans) for electing in this monster that I can’t see straight, even madder that liberal-Jews would put so much stock in an anti-semitic monster that I have HATED their guts.
I am TRYING to heal from this, but this is going to take time, maybe the rest of my life..
But for the rest of the REAL righteous people: American ‘right-wingers’ – Take heart. God will NOT leave or forsake us, if we humble ourselves to HIM, and fight the tyrants.
Repent America!
1.   Homosexual acts (Leviticus 18:22).

2.   Bestiality (Leviticus 18:23)

3.   Idols, and the materials used to make idols (Deuteronomy 7:25)

4.   Blemished sacrifices (Deuteronomy 17:1)

5.   Worshipping the sun, moon or stars (Deuteronomy 17:3-4)

6.   Divination (Deuteronomy 18:10)

7.   Astrology (Deuteronomy 18:10)

8.   Enchanters (Deuteronomy 18:10)

9.   Witches (Deuteronomy 18:10)

10.   Charmers (Deuteronomy 18:11)

11.   Wizards (Deuteronomy 18:11)

12.   Necromancers (Deuteronomy 18:11)

13.   Transvestitism (Deuteronomy 22:5)

14.   The hire of a whore (Deuteronomy 23:18)

15.   Remarriage to a former wife after she has been married to another man (Deuteronomy 24:4)

16.   Dishonest scales (Deuteronomy 25:13-16)

17.   Workers of iniquity (Psalm 5:5)

18.   The wicked (Psalm 11:5)

19.   Those who love violence (Psalm 11:5)

20.   The froward [perverse] (Proverbs 3:32)

21.   A proud look (Proverbs 6:16-17)

22.   A lying tongue (Proverbs 6:17)

23.   Hands that shed innocent blood (Proverbs 6:17)

24.   A heart that devises wicked imaginations (Proverbs 6:18)

25.   Feet that are swift in running to mischief (Proverbs 6:18)

26.   A false witness who speaks lies (Proverbs 6:19)

27.   Anyone who sows discord among brethren (Proverbs 6:19)

28.   Lying lips (Proverbs 12:22)

29.   The sacrifices of the wicked (Proverbs 15:8)

30.   The ways of the wicked (Proverbs 15:9)

31.   The thoughts of the wicked (Proverbs 15:26)

32.   The proud in heart (Proverbs 16:5)

33.   Those who justify the wicked (Proverbs 17:15)

34.   Those who condemn the just (Proverbs 17:15)

35.   Vain sacrifices (Isaiah 1:13)

36.   Feasts as Israel celebrated them (Isaiah 1:14)

37.   Robbery for burnt offering (Isaiah 61:8)

38.   Idolatry (Jeremiah 44:2-4)

39.   Evil plans against neighbors (Zechariah 8:17)

40.   False oaths (Zechariah 8:17)

41.   Esau (Malachi 1:1-3; Romans 9:13)
        [Actually, it’s “Jacob have I loved, and Esau have I hated” -ed.]

42.   Divorce (Malachi 2:14-16)

43.   The deeds of the Nicolaitans (Revelation 2:6, 15)

Joel Meredith has compiled a book of Bible lists “to entertain, interest, fascinate, stimulate and, most of all, to educate.” There are some minor problems with this list, but it gives you a good idea of what things God finds to be abominations, or are detestable to Him. Somehow, the author missed a couple. By adding in the following, the list grows to 45 things God hates:

44.   “You shall not set up a sacred pillar, which the LORD your God hates” (Deuteronomy 16:22).

45.   “I hate, I despise, your feast days” (Amos 5:21). This goes with Isaiah 1:14: “Your new moons and your appointed feasts My soul hates.”

You may have heard the expression, “God hates the sin, but loves the sinner.” Although that is not a biblical statement per se, it has been accepted as a true statement. But after reviewing this list, that may not be such a sure conviction. What do you think?


In her speeches, she often discussed her “Latina soul” and explained how even the traditional dishes of her Puerto Rican family shaped her views.

  Really…uh….B*tch… Are you American, OR Puerto-Rican, because if you are more worried about your “Latina-Soul” over JUSTICE, maybe you should get OUT of America?


Is there something WRONG with a hamburger or a hot dog??

Oh….we KNOW that you are a SNOB and wouldn’t EVER eat THAT…. just fine cuisine from a 3rd-world little places ..

  This Bolshevik, Marxist, American-hating PIG also said: 

“than a white male who hasn’t lived that life” ………… at the end, which sparked cries of racism from some Republicans.

  “Some” Republican men, are the RACISTS, but this HAG is a sweet Latina soul…Isn’t that NICE.

Sen. Feinstein says:

Sotomayor described remark as “a poor choice of words”

Well, well.. Thus says the Bolshevik JINO.. who said: “Sotomayor good”  American bad…


SOTOMAYHEM said she ‘hopes experiences would help her reach better judicial conclusion’


In my silly MAD opinion, I say NO to this EXCREMENT HAG- GET THE F-K OUT OF AMERICA.


Sotomayor-man-hating she-beast