BREAKING: New Book-“Hating Blackie”. A Book Of UNASHAMED Hatred Of Black America

BREAKING: New Book – “Hating Blackey”. A Book Of UNASHAMED Hatred Of Black America

Written by Joe Schmoe, this book is a confusing piece describing an average white dude who feels like hating blacks in America and prays 3X a day for God to help him hate black Americans. Through each chapter, he describes woeful experiences he has had with black people on occasion. I asked Joe: “Joe, only blacks? That’s who you want to hate?” Joe said “YEP”, “its not like I’m genocidal or anything like that, I just want all blacks to be hated by whites.” I advised Joe that if all whites just hated black people, that could cause ethnic cleansing. “No, said Joe. You don’t understand. I’m becoming a minority, so it’s IMPOSSIBLE for me to be ‘racist”.

All of my efforts to advise Joe that prejudice is prejudice just fell on deaf ears.

You can buy this book online:  Mercer University associate professor of practical theology,