Because Trump Failed To Deal With Big Tech Censorship, He & The GOP Will Be Forever Silenced

Because Trump failed to deal with Big Tech censorship, he and the GOP will be forever silenced

When I was in 5th grade, my teacher, Miss Roche constantly taught about the dangers of Communism. One danger she repeated many times: “Communist countries do not allow their citizens to talk”. This flabbergasted my little mind: NO TALKING? How would we communicate? The very thought of not being able to communicate made me deathly afraid of Communism. TO THIS DAY, I deplore and fear Communism more than any other ideology.

Like it or not, Trump has been a LOT of talk and no action. Our freedom of speech diminished under Donald J….BIGLY. How many Conservative people lost their voice under Trump? Hundreds, thousands. DJT let any ol Communist Democrat censor him. He didnt want to be known as a ‘fascist’ by the American, Communist, Democrats and the Pinko, GOP LIARS… So, he did nothing. This will hurt many Conservative, Libertarian, “Right Wingers”, Independents, Constitutionalists, Moderates, Anti War crowd, etc. They will have to finagle their way around words just to publish a post. Many are already in the cyber gulags. The only people this has not and will not hurt are the immoral, amoral, god-hating, debaucherous, godless, COMMUNIST PIGS. As usual.

I cannot tell you how disappointed I am & have been in President Trump. Honestly, friends. I only fight for him because I love YOU American patriots. This is why I held back so much anger and frustration in his presidency. Remember he was going to ‘hang Hillary?” Please. Talk, talk talk. We are in dire straits. Remember he said he would be the President of “Law and order?” What a joke. The nation was BURNED, statues destroyed, WW2 memorials desecrated, etc by the Communist pigs under Trump.

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