2 Prophetic Dreams: 1 Of Revelation 8 & Another Of MILLIONS Of Fireballs From The Sky: All-Out Assault From Heaven Against Earth

2 Prophetic Dreams: 1 Of Revelation 8 & Another Of MILLIONS Of Fireballs From The Sky: All-Out Assault From Heaven Against Earth

God promised to bring dreams and visions in the latter days:

JOEL 2:28 & Acts 2: 15 – And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.

First Dream:

  • This was short. In my dream, I kept hearing Revelation 8:10 over and over so that I woke up reciting “Revelation 8:10”. This is Revelation 8:10 – ‘The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water— 11 the name of the star is Wormwood.[a] A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter.’

*I have not studied nor have I researched ‘wormwood’. So, I will have to in order to understand why this passage was pointed out to me.

Second Dream:

In this dream, it seemed as if I was in California but I cannot be positive. At any rate, I found myself under the awning of a structure. This awning was made of a substance that was so strong. Stronger than cement. I wondered why I was under this massive canopy of cement. Then, I looked up to the skies and what I saw was too amazing for words.. In the skies there were MILLIONS of fireballs that were hitting the earth. But, here’s the kicker, these fireballs didn’t hit the ground. They hit their targets. NO fireball missed it’s target. In fact, it seemed as if these fireballs instinctively knew what they were supposed to hit. What did they hit? They hit people who hated God. These people had the colored hair, tattoos, they looked like the hippy Leftists in schools. In fact, most of the people that were BLOWN UP were mostly the Communist, Marxist crowd & wicked reprobates, criminals, rapists, etc.

If a person wandered away from this awning, that person was ALSO hit. These fireballs killed wicked people instantaneously.

Then, after some time, the fireballs stopped. I remember grabbing the hand of a woman who was shaking in fear. I grabbed her hand and told her: “We can go out now”. So, for a short time, we went out and away from the canopy/awnings.

As we walked, I looked yonder and I saw the sea (or water) and it began to swallow up the land. I told the woman who’s hand I was holding: “The waters are now here and we shall now die”. As soon as the waters hit our noses, we were IN HEAVEN! We were all shouting “WE MADE IT, PRAISE THE LORD!” We were all so happy. Joy complete. Then, a calming voice said: “You will now be washed clean from the destruction of the earth”. As soon as that voice said this, silver, liquid, like glitter water came from the heights in Heaven and was cleaning us. This was so wonderful! Then, I awakened.


This 2nd dream was horrible (as far as these fireballs went) but we were safe as believers under the canopy. Obviously a spiritual parallel of Gods covering on us thru the terrible tribulation.

Stay in the Holy Spirit, people!!

Last Night, I Had A Vision Of 2 Stairways To Heaven

Last Night, I Had A Vision Of 2 Stairways To Heaven

Last night, I went into a vision or glimpse of the Heavenlies. I saw TWO stairways that were SO LARGE. It was unbelievable how large they were. These stairways EACH were bigger than a 5 lane highway. The gold around them was bright but it did not hurt the eyes.

These stairways appeared as if nothing could shake them. Nothing could hurt them. They were study like a rock, yet seeming to be suspended. These were the stairs to Heaven.

I don’t know why I had this vision. Maybe the spirit of the Lord was just allowing me to see a glimpse? I don’t know. It was very beautiful. I thank you, Lord, my dear Lord and God of the earth for giving me this glimpse and thinking of your humble Mad Jewess daughter 🙂 May God bless each of you here that read with a glimpse of Heaven in the name of Jesus.

It’s hard to show you what it looked like. But, the brilliance is somewhat like this:

Ciel heaven GIF - Find on GIFER

Again I ask if God would give each of you a Heavenly glimpse that you will always remember.

I always liked this song. It DID remind me of something Heavenly because I never really read the lyrics.

Have a joyful, peaceful weekend and a happy Shabbat. Be kind to a person you can’t stand. It will lift you up 🙂

Romans 10:13 Aramaic Bible in Plain English
“For everyone who will call the name of THE LORD JEHOVAH shall be saved.”

Last Part of my trip to Heaven


Image result for lamb and lion

Last Part of my trip to Heaven
There is no weight in Heaven, ZERO weight! NO burdens, no cares, no worries, no illness, no handicaps, no disease! AND, you are YOURSELF and you feel wonderful and beautiful.

As I was walking thru Heaven, even flying.. I was weightless. There is no weight there. You’re light as a feather. Not a care in the world…

The 3rd scene was this:
The Heavenly host came up to me, began speaking in harmony to me.. They said: Paulette, you have to go back to the earth. I was so blown away because I felt like I was there a LONG TIME!!
I know this much: I DIDNT want to come back here. At all. I was upset because they told me I had much more work to do for the Kingdom. I didnt want to come here but I had no choice. There was nothing I could say that would ‘manipulate’ them to allow me to stay in this serene Haven.
After seeing I could not budge them, LOL… I said, OK. IF I go back there, will I be able to come back here? They answered YES!! So, I said, OK, “I will go back to that horror place, but one more thing”: “How long have I been here? ” They told me, in your realm, it feels like 2 years. But, you have only been here TWO MINUTES.
Then, I understood why God can see future, past, present, anything… Because there is NO TIME in Heaven. NONE. NO deadlines. Therefore, NO anxieties ever again.
I told them: “OK! I will go”. they told me that they were taking my memory, save a few instances because I would be depressed if I remembered it all and had to come back here. So, the little I remember gave me hope.
I was slammed back into my body and woke up.

This is my personal vision/Dream/Instance in time where I saw Heaven. It is my experience. I do not tell people to take it as some type of ‘Gospel truth‘.   I just know there is a Heaven!  I do not recall more than this.  So much memory was taken from me.

YOU DO HAVE a whole future and hope to look forward to.

Its ALL in the Bible.

Read about Heaven in the Bible.

Click- God Took Me To Heaven, Here Is My Experience:

And part III  

Part III Of My Trip To Heaven:

Part III Of My Trip To Heaven:

Image result for heaven

Part III of my trip to Heaven.

I told ya all about no pain in Heaven. God is the Oxygen in Heaven..
In Heaven.. I saw other beautiful planets, they were lovely pastel colors. What was on those planets? I dont know and cant remember. But, they were loveliness and the colors were AMAZING. It somewhat reminded me of when Glinda comes in a pink pastel ball in the Wizard of Oz?

I do know this: You can taste, feel, totally sense and totally know that God is IN every crevice and corner in Heaven. Its not like here in that respect.  You have no lack of faith in Heaven.  Ever.

Well…who do we SEE in Heaven?
In my testimony..

I was walking in a field in this trip, a beautiful green, soft like feathers field. And, I looked down this luscious hill and there were my family descendants.
And, the ones I saw, I had NOT met in life.  But I KNEW they were my descendants.
Some were young, some were a little older but I knew all of them.
They were so happy to see me and they were giving me “Kudos” for doing my work well on earth.
They were talking to me and I cant remember what they said as a LOT of my memory is gone from this trip.
Also, there was a family dog with them.
Another thing: One of my family members had a balloon

* Last Part of my trip to Heaven

Perhaps this is why I add balloons to my digital art…?

Heaven………..Think About It..

I made this for all of my Online Blog-friends; DONNA, Loopy, Twana, Iggymom, Bob Boudica, Puma, Jesse N., SteveX09, M.R.,  Noah David Simon, David Ben Moshe, D.D., Goldbug, Sandy, A Southern Belle, Tony N, Bud Malone, John P., Cool Retirement, Herb Cliff, Orion,  And ESPECIALLY QV my wonderful friend in Arms. If I missed you, its because I am a little tired. I LOVE YOU Too.

Heaven…. Think about it…

  At this point in time, it is a good thing to ponder upon. Yesterday, I felt down in the dumps. We had some terrible people move in across the street.  Yep,  they are in an H.O.A., renting.  I wont say what ‘type’ people these folk are.. Nobody ‘rents’ up here, but this is what happens when a DUMB ‘liberal’ is a neighbor that rents to miscreants..This is an upscale neighborhood… Many early retirees and elderly…Very different from the ‘trailer’ left-wingers tell me I live in 😀 Heh hee

  Anyway, the creeps next door,  they moved in 5 families. We could not take it anymore.  We wrote a letter to the H.O.A… (Owners Assoc)  Our neighbors got so upset, they put their home up for sale. NO KIDDING. Elderly white folks that became the subjects of yucko ‘music’, rap (noise pollution) & “FK YOU” @ 8:00 AM…..  I hope we can talk the elderly couple into staying in their home..

  Yesterday, the H.O.A. and the stupid owner of the house were all there, and the 4 other families moved out.  Thank God.   What was the owner thinking anyway, is what I would like to know. You can tell what type people they were, (pants on the ground, EYEROLL….) -The owner: He is a toLLLLLLerant ‘liberal.’.. Well, the ‘tolerant’ liberal dumbbell sure got a dang dose of REALITY.        No matter how many times people say ‘we’re all the same’, you can tell them I said, they are all FULL OF SH*T!!

  Anyway… Heaven….It is times like these that I think and ponder upon it.

We can’t leave out a godly song for our super-sweet, nice, Israel-loving, ZIONIST, the INCOGMAN:


For Donna, Our Friend

 This is for DONNA. Donna is not only a great person, she is the most important person in my life online. You know that blogs do not pay money, so, you have to show gratitude to people you love.  Donna is a good Catholic, sends me wonderful scriptures and she is a great writer that knows how to reach into the heart of Americans. She has that same anger and indignation that many of us have. I wanted to take the time this AM to say THANK YOU to Donna for all of her work for America online AND in life. Donna is also VERY active in the community.
God Bless You Donna.
David Ben Moshe & TMJ 😀

Anti-God, Atheist, Scum Are Against Concept Of Heaven..

Psalms 148:1

Praise ye the LORD. Praise ye the LORD from the heavens: praise him in the heights.

It is amazing to me.  There is an avenue, I am sure you have heard of it “Seven in Heaven”. The atheist slime-buckets are against the concept of Heaven. America starts out as a Christian nation, and ends up evil, serving demonic things.  Sick.  They say that Christians are always ‘forcing’ their religion on them. Really? Where?  What a lie.  The Christian is not protected by the ACLU pigs. The atheist crumbs are.  Even many Jewish people hate Christianity and Christians. Recently I left a movement that I thought was vastly right wing. But they started treated Christians like dogs. I cannot abide by this type behavior.  Christian hatred, in my opinion is just as bad as Jew hatred, yet some insane Jews think they can treat Christians like crap. I am sick of it on both sides.  Which is why I changed my whole website, so that it is friendly to Christians AND Jews (right minded.)

  Now, Heaven… Can they prove that Heaven is not real? No. However, there are many testimonials of Christians AND Jews that they have actually visited heaven in an outer-body experience. It was so awesome that they could not describe it in English and give the reality justification–it was that magnificent.

  Heaven is all over the Torah, Tanakh and the New Testament. Many will say “WHERE?”  Well, pick it up, lazy bones and SEEK, you will find.  I do believe in Heaven, for sure. I have seen glimpses of Heaven in life. I know it is an existent place. To have a hope built on hereafter, though, is probably going to be against the law. You hear me? Just BELIEVING there is a Heaven will probably get you locked up.  Sounds like Soviet Russia to me.

  I have to say that I am 100% glad that I went to a school that taught on how evil leftism and Soviets are/were. We had ‘duck and cover’ until I was 30 years old.. LOL… This is why I absolutely abhor Communism.  Rejecting Communism at a young age, brought me to believe in the Bible at an older age.

Christians & right minded Jews: You are not pushing anything on anyone, in fact, you need to stop submitting to this evil and buck up.

It is the lack of hoping in Heaven and hoping in God that has brought this nation to it’s knees.


For My Best Friend, Mary- who died in 2007

For My Best Friend, Mary- who died in 2007

My best friend, Mary died in 2007. I made this for her.  I miss her very much.  She was a devout Catholic that loved our God. She could be bossy, she could be funny as hell. She was my best friend and I miss her.

On the side bar, there is a story of what happened. Here is her favorite song: