YAY! Pinko, Cali Dem, Henry Waxman To Retire!

YAY! Cali Dem, Henry Waxman To Retire!

This is a great day for right minded Jews and sane Americans.  Good riddance pig snout!  A-dee-os!

Rep. Henry Waxman, California Democrat, will not seek re-election this year, becoming another member of a growing list of long-tenured congressmen who have recently announced … read more >

All Left-wing Jewish Reps, GO HOME.

My buddy, Doug on the same page as me:

Entrenched Democrat Henry Waxman to Retire From Congress

UGLY Pig-Snout Face- Rep. Waxman Turns On Compadre Jews: “They Will Vote R To Protect Wealth”

~Look how ugly-spirited this freak is, inside and out.  He is rich himself and he is saying that Jews will vote R so that they can ‘protect their wealth.’  Wow.. So, all Jews are rich as Roosevelt in Wax-snouts empty head.. OK.  WHATEVER.  I will tell you why they are voting R.  The Demoncats are JEW-HATERS, period. 

Dont you GET this yet? Demoncats hate GOD. They hate Christians, and they hate the Jewish people.  Most of all, they hate America as much as they hate Israel.  STOP SUPPORTING THE EVIL, Jewish people, just STOP the insanity.

You Demo-Jews: Tell WaxSNOUT he is next and Boxer, Feinstein, ETC.  RID yourself of these EVIL “Jewish” Demoncats in the house and senate, they are terrible for America.  Keep voting in Good Christians and save yourselves.

Does My Face Make My Nose Look Fat?

Does This Picture Make My Nose Look Fat?

Henry Waxman~Butting his NOSE in Again…

Let me be perfectly candid…. Waxman is a real #1 jerk off, but this last stunt takes the cake. We need Wax-OFF, wax-on, wax-off.. Really.. This type bafoon makes me want to shoot myself. My “BBB”= Best-Blogging Buddy, “JewishWhiteNationalist” agrees with me.  G-d made these evil people ugly, so that we could be able to see who they are before they come along.  Truly, if I were a baseball manager, I would consider using this creeps nose for a dug-out. Maybe a Catchers-mit.  LEAVE OUR SPORTS ALONE! Chewing Tobacco MADE Baseball, you damned jackass. 

California BOLSHEVIK Democrat Henry Waxman, the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and New Jersey Democrat Frank Pallone, chairman of the Health Subcommittee, met on Wednesday in an effort to pressure MLB to prohibit tobacco products such as dip and chew from major league games Congress Pressures Major League Baseball to Ban Chewing Tobacco



Breaking News - New Movie! "The Portrait Of Henry Waxman"

A Question About Henry Waxman’s Pig Snout..


 I just can’t get over this pig snout of a nose. I imagine this creep, sneezing.   Can you imagine his poor wife when he sneezes? She probably gets a bath. I bet his boogars are as big as a banana slug, or an Es’ Cargot snail.  You know this pig can’t ever pick his nose, I mean feigning  to.. It would be way too obvious. He could use this huge nose for magicians tricks–he could lose a rabbit in that nose. Maybe we could hold this yid down and try to stick Obama up his nose and rid ourself of THAT a$$hole once and for all.



Henry Waxman, The Most HIDEOUS Creature EVER- New name for Waxman


Here is the bottom line with this ugly schmuck; You probably won’t ever hear of a sex-scandal with this positively ugly CREEP. I was watching how this monster is tearing our lives up even more, and I usually am very concentrated on these evil moonbats from hell, but I couldn’t concentrate, because his nose is so g’d huge that I was caught off guard by it’s enormity.  I wonder how many times someone has wanted to punch this moron just because. How did this nose-zilla ever get in?  We need to change the rules.  Now you know why Jewish people with little noses like me get really friggin frustrated. It’s not enough that these Commie JINOs are helping screw up our lives, but can’t they at least find a decent looking one?  Can you imagine the boogars that come out of this windbag? I bet that’s where they shoved the ‘health-care’ bill, Waxmans NOSE is the perfect hiding place…. Well, whatever.  I am going to be all over this gas-bag.

"Too Sexy For My Shirt"