2 Plane Hijackers Beaten To Death By Passengers In China: That Is How You Handle Muslims

2 Plane Hijackers Beaten To Death By Passengers In China: That Is How You Handle Muslims.

These Muslims were stupid, they thought China is like America.   Here in America, we we don’t beat up Muslims.  Instead, we frisk 3 year old children and grandmothers in wheelchairs. If it was up to me, I wouldn’t allow Muslims on airplanes.  But, that’s just me.

Why would any sane person allow that on a plane???????
-David Ben Moshe


2nd incident on same flight!


The system worked, move on.


Kill ‘em all. Let Allah sort them out.

. It’s almost like the .gov is sending a message “Open Season on citizens of the USA

there is no terrorism only man-made disasters. Obamy loves the little muzzies dontcha know


We now go live to Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano for her reaction to this incident… CNN is the only network covering this now. Eyewitness on scene from terminal on now via phone. Says passengers have been deplaned about a mile from the terminal.



remember, this didn’t happen under george Bush……at least 4 or 5 under the facilitator in chief


I knew something was wrong the moment the TV announced Obama was off to play another round of golf…

Hostage situation for ‘Obama Money’? ‘Stash’?

If they want to blow up what’s left of Detroit….LET ‘EM!

FOX NEWS: Police Surround Plane at Detroit Airport After Reports of Suspicious ActivityIf it is a Northwest plane that’s actually leaving on time, that is suspicious


I’m not going to say why, but if I were a terrorist, I would strike at Detroit airport myself. I will not say why, since I would be banned. Let’s just say I would assume I could out-think the security. I will leave it at that.