Hillary Can’t Even Control Bill. How The Hell Can She Control the Country?!

Hillary Can’t Even Control Bill.  How The Hell Can She Control the Country?!

First, it was Paula Jones, then Monica.  Now, its Elizabeth Hurley??  Bill is a womanizing slob.  I was listening to that hag, Julie Roginsky last night on some Fox news panel…Roginsky claims to be a feminist.  What a joke.  She does not care if Bill was having a sex-life outside of his own wife.  What type feminist is that?! What a crock!

At any rate, Bill has his pecker stuck in every hole he can find.  Hillary cant even control that, how the hell will she be able to control this screwed up nation?  Answer is, she can’t.

NO TO HILLARY!!!  Because it DOES makes a difference!

They are saying ‘it never happened.’  (Hurley/Clinton)  Whatever, she still can’t control her husbands wondering schvantz: Elizabeth Hurley — Bill Clinton’s Marilyn Monroe? – Washington Times

She should take the Mad Jewess’ advise:  Stay at home, dress sexy for her man 😀

An art collage from November 2013

See? She’s be half good is she wasn’t half bad