Unconfirmed: There Is News That Hillary Clinton Might Be Under House Arrest?

Ding down, the witch is dead?? Don’t get your hopes up, but this is on the net right now:

Hillary Clinton attempts 660 Trillion Dollar Robbery.

Hillary Clinton Placed Under House Arrest – Unconfirmed Report 

Hillary Clinton Placed Under House Arrest – Unconfirmed Report

Click: Hacker Begins Distributing Confidential Memos Sent To Hillary Clinton On Libya, Benghazi Attack...


So does the whole world!!

The Most Hideous Picture Of Hillary Rotten Clinton EVER

This is the ugliest picture I have ever seen of the most corrupted bitch in the planet. Send this absolute disgusting hag to some Muslim land where they will cover her face with a burqa. How in the hell does that gasbag, Bill Clinton wake up to this freak everyday?  No wonder he was acting like a devil with that blue dress. This witch is positively the ugliest nag alive.

I just have one thought:


Michael Savage:Talks w/ x-Illegal & Suggests Brewer Run For HIGHER Office

Now maybe people can figure out why Hillary said this: Hillary Clinton: U.S. Will Sue Over Arizona Immigration Law  Me’thinks Hillary wants another run as Prez.  We don’t need this political whoring, Hillary Clinton, and quite frankly, we just dont need you anymore. We dont want a person for a Prez that handed in a thesis of Saul Alinsky in College: Hillary Clinton’s Thesis on Saul Alinsky I have always believed that Hillary wanted to be an “EVITA” type. I have been right for years about this witch.

Hillary did not go into a lot of details on all of the rules put did stress a couple of important ones re. Alinsky:

  • Community Organizer must arouse conflict

  • Rub raw the resentment of the people.

  That is what we already have with BHO.  We have a Marxist -Alinskyite as a NON Pres. who arouses conflict and ‘rubs raw, the resentment of the people.’  THAT is what these people study & excercise on us sheeple.

  Are you yet sick of liberal politics?  Recent, I have a blogger that says liberal policy is ‘live and let live’ – IF that is his/her way to ‘live and let live’ no- thank you- take the ‘live and let live’ elsewhere. I dont want to be ‘aroused, or rubbed raw’, that is not what I was taught re. ‘live and let live…’ This same person says that liberals are ‘compassionate’, not according to Hillary/Alinsky thesis, sir/ma’am.

I can