The seriousness of the TOILET PAPER HOARDERS & their criminal activity.


Just WHAT did these toilet paper hoarders know…..and WHEN did they know it?  They were way ahead of the rest of us….

We were all laughing our collective asses off at the memes… But just what didn’t we KNOW?

Take a good look at the Toilet paper hoarders… A real good look:  EBT, FOOD STAMP collectors.  We paid for these bottom feeders toilet paper, tissues, and paper towels.  NO doubt they got an email from the DNC or the Soros ‘think tank’ from someone INSIDE who knew what was going to happen.  The hoarders were WAY ahead of us.. Whoever sent out this supposed email from the DNC or SOROS has absolutely ripped off the WHOLE nation and this person should be prosecuted.  Absolutely.  There is NO toilet paper in the stores.  NO napkins, NO tissues. In fact, the stores have very little (at least where we’re at).

The sleezeball little socialist Commie PIGS want socialism so damned bad, I say: Investigate their food stamps & just what they bought that week.  Make these pigs SHARE with their boomer neighbors they hate so much.

The little leaches will be just fine and dandy with tons of Charmin.

Just disgusting.


@realDonaldTrump #ProsecuteInsiders #InsiderTrading CEOs, Criminals, & YEAH: #ToiletPaper Hoarders

@realDonaldTrump #ProsecuteInsiders #InsiderTrading CEOs, Criminals, & YEAH: #ToiletPaper Hoarders

Yeah, I KNOW I get ‘over the top’…. but what the Toilet Paper hoarders did is DISGUSTING.  They should be MADE to share with their BOOMER neighbors they hate so much.  I know a LOT of people without TP.

Correction:  It was Jeff Bezos not bill Gates who sold 1.8 bil in shares.