S rozhdyestvom Hristovym! (Merry Christmas) Russia & Proud Russian Trolls. Love, Ted Noiz & TMJ

Me, Ted Noiz (who at times drops a blog post) Ted Noiz and an array of my other online friends love Russian people and admire their art, music, literature and life. We are very joyful that Russia has turned back to being an Orthodox country..

We wish the Russian people a very Merry Christmas. Ignore our stupid media and know that there are some people here who do respect and have love for you.


What To Do On Holidays If Your Family Does Not Invite You To Their Get-togethers

What To Do On Holidays If Your Family Does Not Invite You To Their Get-togethers

More and more people are being ousted by their family because Of Obama. It’s true!  People are not invited for holidays for various reasons as well.. I, personally am not invited to my family’s get-together’s for other reasons.  I won’t delve. It might hurt someone’s feelings in my family.  Never mind my feelings, they don’t matter.  I’m tough, nothing EVER hurts me…… And there are bridges in Brooklyn to sell..

SO, this is what you can do to lift yourself up as well as lift up people in your community:

1. Visit some elderly people.  Bring an instrument, your voice, poems, stories, dress up in costume and be funny.  Take your talents and bring them to the older folks.  Encourage these elderly people to tell THEIR stories.  Bring some candy if you go at Christmas, or if you celebrate Hanukkah, bring a dreidel and sing old Hebrew songs.  Get some Kosher cocktail sausages, or those yummy jelly candies that are delicious–the candies will bring back memories to the elderly Jews.  Download some songs off Youtube from the 40’s/50’s and play them for the folks.  Like Bing Crosby’s White Christmas..etc.. You get the drift.

2.  Visit a fellowship, synagogue, church and ask them if you can help serve food to the poor. If you sing, play an instrument or like poetry, bring that.  Kick in $20- toward the food so that it can be extra special.  Make SURE you are there for the festivities.  The whole key is to be a part so that you will not feel lonely this holiday season.

3. If there is an orphanage in your area, take $50-100 and go to the dollar store-buy brand new toys for these little kids.  Download a few songs from the 60’s, 70’s like “A little white duck” or Alvin &  The Chipmunks and bring it with you.

So, these are at least 3 suggestions.  You understand what I am saying.. You do not have to be alone this holiday season.  You go and do some nice things and the reward in your heart will be great 😀

You may be alone again, naturally, but you don’t have to be lonely..



A Happy Halloween From Mrs. Obama



Trick or treat………..

It’s been a dirty trick and definitely not a ‘treat’.. 

TY to Johnny: