While The Left Is Grabbing Guns, We Need To Grab “Gay” Marriage And End It

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The left goes around, tampering with our RIGHTS every, friggin day.. Why does nobody have guts enough to start outlawing ‘gay’ marriage?  Why is it ALWAYS them hitting us and never the vice versa? 

Our 2nd Amendment RIGHT is a right, not a modern, written law.  

The Left is on a constant march against America. Constant.  But, the ‘right’ is NOT on a constant march to stop Leftists (Traitors).  If you look at the Communist “Goals” for America, you will see that almost every one of the Left’s Communist goal is practically our daily life, now.  See –  45 Communist goals for America:  https://www.theblaze.com/video/45-communist-goals-for-america

One thing the Left is so cuddly about is ‘gay’ marriage.  END IT! Sign bills, END all of these Leftist programs and fake laws.  End Social Services, End “Gay” marriage, END abortion, END and BAN Radical Leftists.  WHAT THE HELL IS EVERYONE WAITING ON!?  Turn this nation around and END every Left wing ‘law’.  Especially ‘gay’ marriage. 

Just look how militant the ‘gays’ have become.  Now, they’re flaunting their stuff right in front of little kids in Libraries.  END THIS!  It’s true, they’ve turned into the “Gay” Roller!


“NO, I Was NOT Born Gay” Book Written By My Fabulous Friend, Jay L. Hudson

“NO, I Was NOT Born Gay” Book Written By My Fabulous Friend, Jay L. Hudson

I met Jay in 1986 at the “Wharf Theater” in Monterey, California.  He was a ‘flaming queen.’   At any rate, I instantly loved Jay-He was a class act & dressed immaculate…Possessed beautiful, big, white, teeth -black hair and the most gorgeous, deep, blue eyes, a drop dead gorgeous physique…  Jay can sing like you can’t believe & is an extremely talented individual.

When I met Jay, we were instantly connected.  Our spirits were kindred.  Jay had an open heart as did I.  I can remember to this day, walking down the wharf after a production:  He, in his long, black, leather trench and a leather black fedora and me in my black/gold lace pants with a gold sequin cap…What a pair   😉     I remember asking Jay, straight up:  “Are you a fag?” (That was how I talked because I have always been a blunt individual)  Jay, sadly said “Yes.”   “What a shame,” I replied…  Then, I said: “Well, whatever, I really like you and I believe in 2 years time, we’ll meet again and everything will be different.”  We walked back to the theater, gave each other a hug goodbye.

2 years, we DID meet again at the Hartnell College in Salinas, California.   Jay was so sad.  I asked what was wrong and he just said “I don’t know, just in a turning point and don’t know where I am going.”  A few months later, we were at an audition for the musical, rock opera “Tommy.”   Jay landed the part of Tommy’s father and I landed the part of the Acid queen.  Jay was different this time:  He had a light in his eyes.  I asked him what it was that was in his eyes, “He said JESUS!”   ‘Jesus?’ I said… I was thinking, what the hell is so special about Jay A GAY that this Jeeeesssssus cared about and didn’t care for me… I was jealous.   😉

At any rate:  Jay had become a Christian & left the gay life-style, completely.  He married a beautiful woman (I will call her Lara) and they had a beautiful son.  Jay was diagnosed with AIDS in 1994-95 and has been living with AIDS for 20 years.  Jay’s life is an amazing testimony of how GOD can change things.  Please read my wonderful friend, Jay’s book.   This is Jay’s twitter handle: @JayXGay. (Please add him to your twitter page)   I will be teaching him how to utilize twitter and we will be building him a website on Tumblr.com so you can read his daily excerpts about his life, struggles, joys, etc…

You can buy his book, 3 different ways on Amazon:

No, I Was Not Born Gay! Paperback

See all 3 formats and editions

There is hope, people.  Believe me.   God will NOT put up with the militant homosexual for long.



Lard-A$$, Communist Chris Christie Sued Over Gay ‘Therapy’ Ban. Go Eat & Stay Out Of Our Privates

Lard-A$$, Communist Chris Christie Sued Over Gay ‘Therapy’ Ban. Go Eat & Stay Out Of Our Privates

Why doesn’t Christie just go eat??  Chow down, fatty.  Stick to pizza, donuts, and gobbling up New Jersey, you porky pig bastard.  Stay out of people’s private parts you demented, gordo, lunatic.  If gays need therapy, who the hell are you to ban that?  

A southern New Jersey couple has sued Gov. Chris Christie over his signing of a bill banning so-called gay conversion therapy, claiming it violates their constitutional rights.

Read  from Newsmax.com here

“Anti-Bullying” Pro-Militant-Homosexual, Anti-Christian FREAK Curses Christians For Obeying The Bible

“Anti-Bullying” Pro-Militant, Homosexual, Anti-Christian FREAK Curses Christians For Obeying The Bible.  Anti-Bullying Speaker Curses Christian Teens

FREAK.  A “Gay” pig is telling Christians & the nuts at this ‘anti-bullying’ campaign to ‘ignore’ the Bible.  Very brilliant you moonbat, jerkoff.  If anyone wants to know why we are having massive amounts of natural disasters (tornados, storms, drought), you take a good look at this demented psychopathic idiot, he and those like him are the reason why. 

We can ignore GOD ’til we’re  blue in the face, but GOD certainly is NOT ‘ignoring’ the USA.. Nope, folks.. GODS judgement IS on the USA, and this is why:

This is what happens when a nation ignores GOD and turns over to debauchery:

Will come to America more and more. GOD will turn us over to our enemies. He already has; Barack Hussein Obama and the Bolsheviks. I see massive war on our soil and turmoil as we have never seen. Ever.

Leftists & Bloomberg Are Anti-“Gay”, In Favor Of Ground Zero Mosque

Vintage Wedding Cake Topper 74The TRUE “tolerence” of the left wing is shown in their REAL anti-‘gay’ stance, by supporting this G. Zero Mosque. The truth is: The left wing has turned on you ‘gays’. Thats the facts. They USE you for agenda and votes, and you ‘gays’ are too stupid to see it.  Most Jews & Christians I know, will still stand against ‘gay’: Leviticus 18:22, but we sure as hell are not going to BEAT YOU. That is the LEFT WING and their support for a mosque. At least WE are not hypocrites.

{This blog does not support ‘special rights’ for ANY group of people.}


Vanderbilt Muslim professor admits that Islam mandates death for

  Everyone knows where I stand with ‘gay’, I do NOT believe a man/woman is born ‘gay’  “Gay” marriage, to me, is demented & a desecration– But I am not into killing and beating ‘gays’. NOBODY I know is like that. This blog has ‘gay’ friends, they know how we feel, we dont discuss ‘sex’ issues anyway.  I have been to many ‘gay’ blogs, and it is really unfathomable to me, how a ‘gay’ could actually be FOR a mosque, even more hypocritical is the left wing lunatics that support it.. Sure, there are ‘moderate’ Moslems, but, sorry, people, there is NO ‘moderate’ Islam. 

  Yes, I have heard of the Westboro Baptist Church, and “God hates fags”, but they are expressing views, whereas, when Moslems get more into their ‘religion’, they will beat and kill you ‘gays’.  And leftists are FOR this mosque. So who is REALLY watching out for your ass, ‘gays?’ Selah, You better think.  To be candid, I couldnt give a rats ass about ‘gay’, thats the truth, but you might want to think about your precious hides. I would NOT want to see my ‘gay’ friend in Manhattan hung when the Moslems decide to go Jihad in NYC. “Gay” or not, I love him very much. (You militant, radical ‘gays’ that are shoving your show on our children, could roll over and croak for all I give a damn, btw.)

This is what the Moslems think of ‘gays’: 

SEE: Iran hangs two young homosexuals & Pakistani gays flogged in public

Muslims Brutally Attack Gay Man in Washington:

See more on all of this: “Religion of Peace”: Muslim Illegal Aliens Brutally Attack Gay Georgetown Med Students; Finally FOX Outlet Says it , “They are MUSLIM”

“GAY” & Islam:


From The Doggie In The Window ~To Ga Ga Grotesque FILTH

Poodle SkirtsRecently, I had the misfortune of someone sending me a very tasteless, disgusting, debaucherous video of Lady Ga Ga.  America used to have such class. Now, it is even worse than the Roman Empire, because of the Internet. I just dont understand why people would want to destroy what this place was. What it could become, if we changed our ways. Why would they want Lady Ga Ga’s “Alejandro” over “How Much Is that Doggie In The Window?”  It is obvious that everything that is old is new again, why the regression, then?

I want you to please open your heart, and take a good look and listen to what things were, and how things are now, and ask yourself why any sane human would want the ‘grunge’ now, vs. the goodness then. Call me sentimental, but I would like to see some normalcy outside the parameters of my home, which, incidently is 50’s retro style, my husband being a young boy in the 50’s.

 Baby Gaga Video: 57902169 Lets skip ahead to present day. PLEASE, ask yourself if there is any sane reason why things have to be so vile.  Look how the people are dressed in this insane awful video.  Look how a MAN has on fish-net stockings. It is absolutely REPULSIVE.  It is like Madonna on steroiods, as if we needed anymore of that. She even gives the finger to an AUDIENCE. Sickening.  Even the so-called music sounds like La Isla Bonita in the Alejandro video. Men kissing men in filthy, debaucherous scenes, violent sex acts, orgies, etc. These videos have over 145,000,000 views. THIS is what our young people listen to now and ‘love’.  She is mocking the Catholic faith, which she was brought up in. I just dont get it. I never will.

Demo-FASCIST Bloggers tearing Massa apart, WHERE IS MEDIA MATTERS to report on THIS?

On the Huffington Post, they are tearing their own up. Massa/DEMOCRAT.

  Beck did a LOUSY interview with this sleazoid politician, BTW. He is a SNAKE….onward…

People that want to run for Ofc in the Demo-FASCIST party really ought to think twice; the demoFASCISTS are turncoats and jakobites. Onward from the bloggers:   “He is a maniac”, “delusional white men”, ETC..

Nothing from Media Matters about Rahm Emmanuels naked behavior. Of course, Frisch has to protect Rahm, the little Judenrat Bolshevik. “Birds of a Feather”  Too funny…. 

politicalpollyanna I’m a Fan of politicalpollyanna

Birds of a feather . . . .

Mano-a-mano. Maniac-a-maniac


They’re perfect for each other. Two bitter, angry, priviledged, dillusional white men who live in the closet.


I’m not sure you should pin all your hopes on a gay congressman from New York.

—–Anyway, you can go look at the implosion of the dummocrats. I thought the (R’s) were terrible, but this all takes the cake.  Eric Massa On Glenn Beck: Congressman Going Out SWINGING & ‘SILLY AND RIDICULOUS’

      Well, Massa, now you are freeeeeeeeeee……..from these animals.  Did you really think they were “FOR” your gayness, BTW?  That is the FIRST thing your buddies attacked. At least I am honest, I dont agree at ALL with homosexuality, I make no bones about it, but I would not have hung you out to dry, I have gay friends, they know how I feel, does not mean I love them less.

So-  hows that libo-tolerence working for ya, Sugar? I feel bad for you, but you should have known better. These people are animals. 



Breaking NEWS!

Gay man gets an EXCORCISM @ a church named “Manifested Glory Ministries”

  Could this be some proof that this isnt a genetic problem?

I have had 2 friends that were ‘gay’ and they became born-again Christians and they left the lifestyle and now both have children and wives. So, things like this DO happen, and I dont know what the fuss is all about.  It was this mans choice what he wanted to do- and the MEDIA is going NUTZ because the media is just straight up EVIL….

So, here is the Youtube of the church that helped this man get his ‘gay’ GONE:


The Pacific Justice Institute is suing a California school district after students were addressed by a lesbian pastor.


Dacus, founder of the Pacific Justice Institute, tells OneNewsNow a lesbian minister visited Castro Valley High School and gave a presentation called “Out for Good.” The parents found out about the incident after the fact.
“A lesbian minister was invited to guest lecture for math and science classes,” he explains. “At that time, she shared her personal views on homosexuality, including a discussion of her lesbian wedding, the homosexual prom, and other such events and things that many parents were very concerned about once they heard this had taken place.” 

    SERIOUSLY, homo-ladies.. YOU CANT be preaching out of a BIBLE and still ‘cling to your homo-leftist’ ways.  You cant denounce what the Christian Bible says in JUDE:

1:5 Now I desire to remind you, though you already know this,

that the Lord, having saved a people out of the land of Egypt,
afterward destroyed those who didn’t believe.
1:6 Angels who didn’t keep their first domain, but deserted their own dwelling place,
he has kept in everlasting bonds under darkness for the judgment of the great day.
1:7 Even as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities around them,
having, in the same way as these,
given themselves over to sexual immorality and gone after strange flesh,
are set forth as an example, suffering the punishment of eternal fire.1:8 Yet in like manner these also in their dreaming

  • defile the flesh,
  • despise authority,
  • and slander celestial beings.
  •   ****

     Go to a Church, and SIT THERE, be SILENT and listen to a REAL PAstor, (preferably one that is preaching a REPENTENCE message) and ACCEPT the people there, INSTEAD of DEMANDING that people ACCEPT your ways that are NOT Godly.  If you want to go ahead and do whatever that is NOT from the Christian Bible, knock your socks off.  But STOP being militant with OUR kids. 


    Janet NERO TANO

    IS THIS the type face YOU trust as a “Pastor type?”