#Netflix Homosexual Cartoon, “#QForce” Is How “Gays” Act All The Time

Netflix Homosexual Cartoon, “#QForce” Is How “Gays” Act All The Time

I hear the militant homosexual poopers do not like this coming cartoon on Netflix, which will be playing in September. They say that ‘not all gays act like this‘. Rubbish. Yeah they do. I was in Theater in the 80’s-90’s.. The fairies acted this way and then some. When in Theater, they were all around me–everywhere. They did filthy, disgusting things, stole makeup, costumes, nagged, whined and b’tched about anything and everything. Almost all of my theatrical constituents were homosexual. In fact, they are probably 1000 times worse now, considering the ‘uncloseted’ are totally militant, ‘in ya face’ and nasty as ever.

Although I have met more than a few patriotic fruits that are totally nice, for the most part, ‘gays’ are nasty b’tches.

I have a great idea how we can fix this…..

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Why Did RU LGBT “Rights” Release Attacks On ‘Gays’ Right Before Olympics? Why NO Outrage About Muslim Lands & “Gay” Treatment There?

Why Did RU LGBT “Rights” Release Attacks On ‘Gays’ Right Before Olympics? Why NO Outrage About Muslim Lands & “Gay” Treatment There?

Well?  Didn’t anyone ask this before they watched this video? Seems to be a strange coincidence like anything the left puts out–especially propaganda put out by the NYTimes.  Would they have done this if the olympics were held in Saudi Arabia?  I don’t think so.

Many commenters on youtube believe this is a propaganda piece…given the timing, I also wonder about that myself.  BUT, some facts: Muslims hang gays, murder them & torture them in the Muslim countries and the LGBT is quiet about THAT, aren’t they? They don’t dare say anything about the sweet Jihad Muslims.  Looks to me like an attack on the Orthodoxy in Russia. 

Here are the facts about the ‘gays’   ~The more they push their militancy on society, the more men are going to react negatively towards them.  You can call it ‘homo-phobic’ or whatever name you chose, but human nature will not allow militancy.  The tide is turning against the ‘gays’ in America.  The best thing for gays in US  to do is just live, mind your own business and stop pushing your views on people.  We here would not ever encourage beating ‘gays’ and will stand in the gap if it were to happen around us because we do not condone offensive violence.  At the same token, we are asking sane ‘gays’ in USA to not shove your show on folks to put us in that type position were we would HAVE to defend you.

Commenter on youtube:

‘Also I find it hilarious that this shit also goes on in America AND Britain and also the Middle East, yet the most you hear of “gay bashing” always is reported from Russia, never Saudi Arabia or anything.   Gotta Kiss that Saudi oil ass.  But really this boils down to criminal behavior, Putin has even allowed gays to join the olympics and such, the only thing is you cannot spread your homosexual propaganda around to people and children, which, truthfully if you see the type of shit people do at folsom fair (go look it up) you can understand the hesitation to even ALLOW THEM, because when you portray yourself like that, when you walk around nude in front of children pissing on other men and donning penis rings, you can’t complain when people think you’re less than human. Though I don’t think EVERY GAY should be beaten and brutalized for what other gays have done’

He is correct.  Whether you like it or not.  People are not going to stand for the below display much longer in America. They don’t want their children to see it, and they’re tired of a debauched society.  Folsom Street fair can be seen in USA on any given day in areas of San Francisco, given the weather being warm.



Know this:  For every action, there is a reaction.

This IS What “Gay” Looks Like.

This IS What “Gay” Looks Like.

In USA, today…this is what ‘gay’ looks like…

Enough pussy-footin around.  “Gay” is not a couple of men tip-toeing through the tulips.   Or fairies running through the forest in Monterey.  It is not even my own fruity, little uncle who was funny & danced with the “Village People” in his Carmel Highlands home, told hilarious little jokes & was loved and adored..  

Gay” in America is an angry, ugly, fascistic, left-wing male who craves your sons and would like to sodomize you.  It’s not about marrying each other, either.  It’s about killing, no, murdering off the American spirit, totally.  It’s about destroying marriage and perverting your church.  Think not?

Listen to this video and understand the mindset of the leftist, militant, nasty, GLAAD-style, drama queen:

And, let me tell you something:  My posts are NOT ‘helping gay-rights’.  You already have the same rights as any other American.   YOU are finishing yourselves off and encouraging crazies to go back to the days of ‘bashing a fag’ in the streets..    AND, if there are ANY laws made that are called ‘hate crime laws’, on behalf of ‘gays’,  it will be ONLY because you Commie-queers wish to enforce your nasty sh*tholes over WE THE PEOPLE.  Thats the facts.  YOU are encouraging hatred with this sick, depraved militancy.  NO ‘hate crime laws’ are necessary with a free-spirited people/s, ‘gay’ or straight.

IF you are a conservative fruity patriot, you seriously need to renounce this EVIL behavior we have seen in the last 2 weeks with the ‘gay,’ left-wing freaks.

Dog Crap Is Better Than Obama

Dog Crap Is Better Than Obama

My friend is really upset with the Muslim slime occupying the White House.  Here are her feelings:

He disgusts me more than the dog crap in my backyard. More than the grossest vomit.  If I had to choose between crap or Obama, I would take the crap.  It does not stink half as much as that pig.  At least with dog crap, you can scrape it off your shoe, but you’re stuck with Obama.’


What Did Pro-Homo Marriage Idiot, Bill O’Reilly REALLY Think Of “Gays” When He Was 17 Yrs Old?

What Did Pro-Homo Marriage Idiot, Bill O’Reilly REALLY Think Of “Gays” When He Was 17 Yrs Old?

I remember my first glass of wine; it tasted like crap.  Really terrible taste.  I never really liked wine after that, ditto most alcohol drinks.  The only time I like alcohol is when it’s disguised by another flavor.  This is how the human mind works.  If the taste of something unpleasant is masked, we can tolerate it.

In comes the pre-modern ‘gay’  scenario.  When I was young, there were very few ‘gays’.  They often were fun people that were just a little odd.  The few I knew (plus my Uncle Manuel, he was ‘gay’) were hysterical and enormously talented.  He just meshed with any crowd.  What he did with his sexual life was his affair.  Ditto the other few ‘gays’ I knew when I was younger.

Many of today’s ‘gays’ are in-ya-face obnoxious.  (Not the ones I know, personally) but many in the metro areas shove their show all over people.  The way they are militant has made people turn off to this crowd, bigtime. Demanding churches stop preaching ‘hate’.  Its sick.  They want the whole world to CHANGE for them.  Even though they are not even 6% of the populace, we all must CHANGE for gay.  Its selfish, what they do.

In comes Bill O’Reilly.  Bill says “Equality” for everyone in marriage (liberal spew)  But, using the moniker, ‘equality’ is a mask and a disguise of something that you normally will not tolerate.  What did Bill O’Reilly really think of ‘gay’ when he was 17 or so?  I’ll tell you what Bill thought; “GROSS!!”  “Yuck!” – that’s what Bill thought and that’s what every liberal like Bill thought when they were 17 years old.  The only thing that ‘changed’ their opinion is a mask and disguise.

Bottom line with Bill and morons like him; They are ‘drinking or eating’ something that they really don’t agree with, in their heart of hearts.  They are not ‘for’ homo-marriage.  They lie. They know it will completely destroy society.. But, they push it for the ‘equality’ lie and bogus guilt…….Then,  make the rest of us eat and drink the cup of their abominations.

I hope you will take the time to read this: homosexual perversion shoved on us. H/T-Maziel


(Side note.. Even though I don’t agree with ‘gay’, I have friends that are ‘gay’ and I would protect them if they were in danger)

God “Bless” America? Bob Says No. “God Will Damn America”

I agree.  My wife and I just watched this & agree, 100%.

Click on Bob’s Blog:

Boudica BPI Weblog

PS: Thanks, Bob.  You’re a good soul.  Our only salvation is in the elderly Americans at this point.

-David Ben Moshe

Deliberate Homosexual/Lesbian Brainwashing Of Teen Girls In Dec. 2012 Issue Of “Marie Claire” Magazine

Deliberate Homosexual/Lesbian Brainwashing Of Teen Girls In Dec. 2012 Issue Of “Marie Claire” Magazine

I go to the gym every morning…I have to occupy my mind off of my working-out yuckiness that I HATE…..  

So, I picked up Marie Claire Mag to look at the pictures.  I came across this article (below) that is filthy.  All about women having orgasms with other women. Teen girls read this debauchery.  Its one thing for a person to have some odd feelings.  It’s another thing all together when they write this x-rated insanity in a magazine targeting teenagers. Young teen girls will read about a ‘mind blowing orgasm’ that blew these 2 women ‘away’, in the Dec 2012 issue of Marie Claire.. Hows that for a nice Christmas, Parents???  Maybe your normal young lady will meet a nice, big, bull dyke for Christmas and make your house-hold insane.  Someone like CHAZ, Cher’s boy-girl.

This article and pictures cross a line that should not be crossed at all.  Pushing tolerance for ‘gay’s and lesbians, which is now taught in Kindergarten is filthy enough… But, what this article does is ENTICE & ‘suggestively’ push young women to ‘try’ something else.  This is deliberate brainwashing.  Deliberate suggestions and enticement of un-natural behavior that would otherwise not be normal to the average young lady approaching womanhood.  It is also disgusting and evil.

Look at this article yourself. (You will be appalled but left wingers embrace sexual depravity, so it wont bother them at all–they have NO morals)

By the way, if you want to use this article, and pics, please link:



Far Left-Wing Lesbian Headlines A “CPAC” Event~I Told You-“CONservative” Movement Will Be Invaded

Go to fullsize imageI told you all the other day about this GAY PRIDE- “GoProud” crap- that the homosexual ‘community’ would invade the CONservative movement.  I was right, you all were WRONG. Start flying the ‘gay’ FLAG while you are at it- you yellow belly jerks!

  Weak, weak, weak people are cowering to the Commies. NOT ME. NOT FOR A SECOND.   You all didn’t believe me.  In fact, many of you morons emailed me; “Dont dump on our GODdess, Sarah Palin, how dare you speak out against our Empress, Ann Coulter & King Breitbart”.  Well, I AM speaking out against them, and if you dont like it- TOUGH SHIT

  You all better get ready to take a stand, whoever is left that does not want paganistic fascism. Go with the now LIBERAL tea-party, pro-homos, and throw out God, or go WITH God and what is right.  Now the “GoProud” IS becoming the CPAC.  Bravo to you all, bravo, you let the left in.  Now, look for a total movement of the complete embrace of ‘gay’s.  Militant ‘gays’ that deserve ‘special rights’, inc the ‘right to marry’ each-other. Brilliant, you damned wuss’s.


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EXCERPT: Just who you’d expect to find at a conservative conference-related event: A Hillary Clinton activist who is a lesbian and posted a YouTube video telling the onetime Democrat presidential candidate, “You are everything America represents.”

The rest of the evil: 

Invite-only GOProud “CPAC” event features lesbian Sophie B. Hawkins

Oh Hey! Girlffiend! I just LOVE Ann Coulter & Breitbart-The New CONservative movement is GREAT!!