How To Deal With Jew-hating, Anti-Semites

How To Deal With Jew-hating, Anti-Semites

I am a Jewish Christian and most of you know this. However, my family is Sephardic Jew and my hubby is a Jew and I am ‘in it’ with Jews who are right wing or religious and will stand with you and you already know this.


It's Better To Die On Your Feet Than To Live On Your Knees: Composition  Notebook/Journal 6 x 9 With Notes and To Do List Pages, Perfect Gift For  Second Amendment, Gun Rights


#2. Fully embrace the 2nd Amendment in ACTION. (Meaning? Buy a gun or more than one gun and learn how to use it.)

#3. UNDERSTAND the 2nd Amendment was drafted to keep our FIRST Amendment secure. (What does that mean? It means that ugly speech is allowed. Even against Jews.)

#4. Learn how to physically fight; Self defense.

#5. Learn how to debate and debate aggressively. (Name calling is useless, it means you lost the debate.)

#6. Learn #1 again.

I cannot stress enough that the Jewish people in America need to get guns and learn to use them. Learn WHEN you must use them. Learn self defense. This is A MUST.

The current state of America is in a shambles & it IS going to get worse under this deficit-spending government. The stupid, godless, disgusting Leftists (Leftist Jews also) want police defunded in every major city. This means Jewish lives are unsafe as are Christians.

Many people will blame any ol’ Jew for anything and everything. We can thank Leftist idiot “Jews” for this… IF you intend on staying in countries outside of Israel, you must absolutely become a fierce people like in the days of Gideon. You must always be ‘at the ready‘. (The Israeli govt is also going south, by the way…so this is for Israelis also) The days of walking around ‘free’ are OVER. The Communists have taken control. Communist do NOT let go of control.

Many stupid Leftist “Jews” forget that LEFT-WING Commies hate Jews, they sent Jews to gulags also and murdered them long before the 1930’s/Yagoda in Ukraine: The slaughter of the Jews in the Ukraine in 1919 written in 1921

Travel in packs. You all saw how the Muslims attacked the Jews in the last couple of weeks: THEY ARE IN PACKS. You are not. This is WHY you were beaten. Plus the fact that most of you do not have any weapons. Get it through your thick skulls that you must have weapons and MUST know self defense. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Use your self defense skills and weapons and protect the synagogues.

If you are NOT doing these things, do NOT expect anyone to ‘come to your aid’. The Left in America has made this nation totally violent and they want the police to be submissive to the criminals, murderers and rapists.


And, it is better to die on your feet than be brought to your knees without any form of defense. At least TRY to open your hearts to the New Testament because it has the secrets as to what is happening now.