Russia, “Human Rights Violaters?” Bill O’Reilly WRONG, Again.

Russia, “Human Rights Violaters?” Bill O’Reilly WRONG, Again.

  Last week before the holidays, I was in Las Vegas for 5 days.  My husband was watching Bill O’Reilly (UGH!)   O’Reilly was calling Putin some stupid names (Much like Liberals name-call when they do not have facts)  He and his guest were saying that Russia is a ‘human rights violator’ because of gays… Putin knows that #26 in the Communist Manifesto: ‘Present homosexuality as normal.’  Vladimir Putin does not want Communist propaganda in Russia, they already went through 100 years of Communism.  They do not want to relive this, obviously.

But, do let’s stop being a hypocrite.  A true patriot will call out their own country when it is evil and wrong.

1.  America fires or suspends Christians who speak out on behalf of their faith.  Russia is trying to save Christians around the globe, namely in Syria & the middle east.

2.  America now bombs/drones countries at will.  Russia is trying to STOP this type of aggression, for eg: Syria.  America helped murder Gadaffi.  After the killing, Hillary Clinton was quoted “We came, we saw, he died.”   Russia asked what right we had to just kill a leader of a country. 

3. America is now immoral with filthy acts of depravity that pollute the land through through liberalism. Our country, which allows minorities to rule over the majority.  Russia reprimands their minorities who undermine their country, which is better for their ‘collective.’

4. America allows the voices of aggressive suggestions re. militant LGBT in schools, pushing propaganda of the worst sort in as low as 5th grade.  Which confuses our children and ultimately turns many of our young men and women to a life-style they would not normally have even paid attention to.  Russia ostracizes and bans un-natural sexual propaganda and those that enforce and endorse it:  This being better & more healthy for the majority collective.

5.  America has the most ridiculous, infantile leader in world history (B. Hussein Obama) who lies, uses false flag terror psy ops in an effort to confiscate our guns which would leave us defenseless against government tyranny.  Russia has a leader that is so well liked, they voted him in 3x over.  Putin also adopted America’s 2nd Amendment of the Constitution seeing economic times becoming worse & possible violence breaking out.

Who has the problems, again, O’Reilly?  America, not Russia.  Get your head out of your ass. This is not 1986.

It’s not that I ‘love’ Vladimir Putin:  Its the fact that I will call a spade…a spade.  It is not Putin that is to be feared.  It is the American govt with Obama in charge.

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