TELEGRAPH, UK: Just Because You Don’t Protect Your People, UK Does Not Mean Russia Shouldn’t

TELEGRAPH, UK:  Just Because You Don’t Protect Your People, UK Does Not Mean Russia Shouldn’t

England and America should shut up about humanity.

Look who we have for a “President” here in USSA: Barack Hussein Obama.  Who has brought more war, disaster, drone attacks, expansion of big government and an everyday assault on American Liberty.  He is a racist, illegal-firster, pro-partial birth abortion, a womanizer, a Communist radical who passes one executive order after the next.  Sends in NGO’s and overthrows governments, causes chaos, disorder and division.

Look at present day England:  A Muslim, ass-kissing country who enforces ‘hate speech’ laws on its indigenous people, allows illegals and immigrants to rule over the English, won’t allow a piggy bank in offices so the English won’t offend the Fundie Muslims, their underage girls are being raped, they can’t put their own flag anywhere: it might offend Muslims and fabian Marxists. Fabian Marxism is the reason that England is a current hell hole.

Yet, here is the Telegraph pushing Stalinist, attack propaganda against Russia, headlined:    Paranoia leads Vladimir Putin to the point of no return

EXCERPT: Putin believes the Ukrainian uprising was fomented entirely by the West. He puts two and two together and gets five. He saw Senator John McCain saluting the Maidan crowds, and heard Victoria Nuland, the US Assistant Secretary of State, discussing on the phone which opposition leaders she would like to see in the new government (and he made sure his spies made the tape of the conversation public).

This magician, a sorcerer of words actually – uses the truth in order to make a point: this is quite a devious tactic.  This windbag does not even question himself, WHY MCCAIN, a Senator from Arizona was even in Kiev, Ukraine in the first place!!!   “Paranoia leads Vladimir Putin”?   Is he paranoid, to protect his country & his Russian people from the now sociopathic, degenerate, secular, American & European type ‘liberals’ in both major party’s, led by our psychopathic lying president Obama, from lawlessly exporting their anti-Christian,  Jew hating, destabilizing gay, multicultural so-called “democracy”, but bankrupt in every way new world order, into Russia via Ukraine?

America and England do not protect their citizens.  They protect minorities who hate Americans.  Make no mistake:  In the real world, it is the EU pushing East to capture former USSR states.

Lets take a good look at England:

Lets take a good look at America:

Any questions?

@rogerwaters, Who Wrote Songs About Heroin & Sexual Revolution Is Lecturing On “Human Rights”

@rogerwaters, Who Wrote Songs About Heroin & Sexual Revolution Is Lecturing On “Human Rights”

It matters not if his songs were ‘pro’ or ‘con’ about heroin, etc.  If it were not for people like Waters, we would not even have the  issue of drugs in America. Since Waters is hardly an agent for human rights, he should just shut the hole in his face.  HYPOCRITE!

Roger Waters, In a facebook posting, ridiculously attempts to chastise Johansson for her association with Israel.  I am no fan of Johansson, she is an Obama supporting robot. I have NO respect for these types.  To be candid, I am no fan of the Israeli government.  They ban patriots and ‘right wingers’ from living in Israel (You know, the types that should actually be in charge of Israel), which would benefit America because the ‘right wing’ is against all foreign aid,  & would rather rely on the power and faith in God. We support religious, right wing, Orthodox & Messianic patriotic Jews in Israel that are PEOPLE, not government.

All of this is besides the point.  In America, we are allowed to support (morally) any state, village, people, governments, countries if we wish to.

HOWEVER:  In my opinion, Johannson and Waters fall into the same category when it comes to morals.  They are both a huge embarrassment.  But, the biggest kook out of both kooks is Waters.  Who aided in screwing up 2 generations of American teens with his lousy songs about not needing any education , Heroin and Sexual Revolution.  He is one of the biggest reasons we have had 30 years of dummies who can’t even graduate @65% because dey don need no edumacation.  And, to be even more candid, I WAS one of those dummies because of this dummy.   Waters subliminal messages had me ‘comfortably numb’ on pot for a few years.

Fine, Johansson supports Israel.  How ’bout Johannson getting a brain, speaking out against Obama and becoming patriotic for AMERICA?  Until she does, I have nothing good to say about her.  I will not go into over-drive rooting for some idiot who is a mindless jackass voting with her hormones instead of brains just because she likes Israel.

We always find “Christian” David Duke supporting the  hate all Jews crowd who sing songs about being ‘comfortably numb’ on heroin.

YES: The Mad Jewess was also an idiot who listened to Waters mindless drivel which is why I am a sucky writer.  I thought I didn’t need no education. Thank goodness for community colleges.

The Sultans Rebellious Daughter

An art collage from September 2013

The Sultans Rebellious Daughter, TMJ, P. AsheDina C. 2013

I am not into 2 wrongs making a right.. But, as a female, I sometimes wonder what I would do, had I been held captive by some desert Arab sultan or some nasty Islamo-slime in the middle east.  You know..there are women who show their breasts in an effort to rebel against Islamic Sharia Law in France. (No offense to free spirited Muslims)

As I stated, 2 wrongs don’t make a right, but imagine what it is like to be an indigenous lady in France with radical, Islamo-NAZIs trying to shove Sharia into your life..

Anyway, this is for the French women who are probably so angry, the madness pushes them to do things they would not normally do…


-The Mad Jewess

Obama-Loving McCain Says Arizona Should Review ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law

Obama-Loving McCain Says Arizona Should Review ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law

…If you want to know what a total f-ck up McCain is, just look at the ‘fruits’ of his daughter.  She’s a Communist.  Apples don’t fall far from trees..I truly do not know how McCain got re-elected.  NOBODY here likes this phoney at all.  They call him a ‘tap-dancing’ politician.  I just call him a dirty, no-good, rotten traitor because that is what he is.  Now, he wants to ante up negativity against AZ gun laws.. 

CLICK: Sen. McCain says Arizona should review ‘Stand Your Ground’ law

#Commie McCain: ILLEGALs “Exploited” Everyday. Tell It To Illegals Who Defaced Viet Nam War Memorial, MCCAIN

Commie McCain: ILLEGALs “Exploited” Everyday. Tell It To Americans MURDERED BY Illegals, MCCAIN

John McCain, war-mongering, heading-4-the-nursing-home jackass says:

The facts are that 11 million people live in the shadows. And they live here in defacto amnesty and by God they are being exploited every single day.”

Tell it to these people who defaced Viet Nam war memorials.



FASCISTIC Immigrant Bill 800 Pages-“National Data-Base” Just Like NAZIs, Only Sophisticated

FASCISTIC Immigrant Bill – “National Data-Base” Just Like NAZIs, Only Sophisticated

I’m not going to be part of the American-NAZI data base.  I’m just not.  They can go to hell.  When do we wipe out every one of these satanic creeps?  WHY are men just sitting around allowing this? Why? Stupid Americans will just go along with this.  I am joining “Sovereign Americans” 


SEE: 800 pages of legislation

We may as well….


Domestic Terror By Police!

Domestic Terror By Police!

Contributed by GoldBugGal

Are these goons part of Dumbozo’s “civilian force?” I guess it’s easy to convert cops to “goon squad” status .. all it takes is a badge and a gun and a promise of power, and they’re in heaven. Nothing like getting your jollies terrorizing a woman who is alone .. I’ll bet these guys would even go for sharia law, so they could stone their wives and kill the women who don’t bow to their Scheiß (which is getting really deep).
Victims quote:
  • There was no arrest warrant for me. wrong house, wrong person. it coulda been your house. you can’t search someones house without warrant! you can’t come in because you think someone who didn’t pay a $100 fine 3 years ago is here. you need WARRANTS! PAPERWORK! VALID INFORMATION! there was no call to police. no one accused me of anything. they just showed up. 7 cars outside! if i had stood my ground, i would have been tasered and jailed. i didn’t lie. they searched before camera was off.


SYRIA-Assad Is Winning His Country Back But, John McCain HATES That. He Wants Jihadists In Charge

SYRIA-Assad Is Winning His Country Back But, John McCain HATES That. He Wants Jihadists In Charge

Anyone that knows anything about this Syrian ‘crisis’ understands that Obama helped fuel the Arab Spring – which is really a nitemare for countries in the middle east that are already in dire straits. 

Now, McCain – the fruitloop, war-monger says that the ‘situation is worsening in Syria because the rebels are losing’. Wow, boo hoo.  I feeeel soooo bad for Al Qaeda. McCain needs to resign and we need to demand he gets stuffed into a straight jacket.. Plenty of nursing homes in Phoenix where they can force-feed him 300 mg of thorazine 3x a day.  McCain is helping WW3. He may have served, this is correct, but he is deluded about this situation-OR he is helping a Muslim revolt. I believe the latter. Ever since he became a politician, he is wrong on just about everything.

Click to read the sickos synopsis: McCain-Syria crisis worsening

L U N A T I C.

Leonard, A Lib-“Jew” Is Going To Sue The Mad Jewess & David Ben Moshe For “Crimes Against The People Of Israel” LOL

Leonard, A Lib-“Jew” Is Going To Sue The Mad Jewess For “Crimes Against The People Of Israel” LOL  

I am not even going to justify my love for Gods land, Israel to this piece of shit, “Leonard”  Who is actually “Frum Yid.” He does this every year or so.. Frum?? MY ASS.

This liberal schmedrick came by and is offended that we call liberal-Jews “Monsters”  As if Diane Feinstein is not a Monster. Cass Sunstein is not a monster. Axelrod is not a monster. Schmuck Schumer is not a monster…Only the Mad Jewess & David Ben Moshe are wrong and these “Jews”above are ok and  cool.  Jews that hate America & Israel…work toward its destruction–we are not supposed to criticize.  We must be ‘careful’ says Lenny.  Don’t call these destroyers, “Monsters.”  They ARE monsters.  Pro-abortion, anti Christian, America-hating DEMONS from HELL. 

See, it is NOT OK to criticize these bastards.  We are supposed to sit and take their shit.  We are NOT supposed to point out the FACT that these above aforementioned “Jews” CLAIM Judaism and act the direct opposite of the BASIC tenets OF Judaism.  Loving God, Loving your NEIGHBOR. Praying for the peace of the city which we dwell.

Lenny; Come back here again and I turn YOU in for harassment against our 1st Amendment right of free speech.   This type behavior is becoming more and more frowned upon as you well know. You anti-American devil. Probably  Neturei Karta who WANT the destruction OF Israel!!!! AND America.



You all tell me that these are not MONSTER Jews:

If this is not Jew-hatred, I don’t know WHAT is.  My husband, David Ben Moshe is the BEST of the Jewish people. The BEST.  The most honest, patriotic wonderful man alive.  He has even thought that if America keeps going down, he will run for a seat in the Knesset and change the Bolshevik politics in Israel to try to save the West and he CAN do it.

#Israel: Illegal-Alien, African Beast Rapes 8 Yr Old Girl In Tel Aviv. Girls Father Beats Rapist Senseless

#Israel: Illegal-Alien, African Beast Rapes 8 Year Old Girl In Tel Aviv.  Girls Father Beats Rapist Senseless

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-

The multi-cult, Bolshevik insanity is not working in Israel, is it Liberal Jews? Why don’t you admit your politics are a failure?  This is the reason Liberal Jews are hated in every country they reside: They coddle rapists, murderers and thieves.

Daven (prayer) for this family:

Hat Tip-C of C C: Illegal alien rapes 8 year old in Tel Aviv