Hush-Hush Tulsa Murder: 5 Black-Supremacist Men Murder Bill Zachery (Innocent White Man)

Hush-Hush Tulsa Murder~5 Black Supremacist Men Murder Bill Zachery (White Man)...Another Tulsa hate crime murder we were never told about.   

Why? Why?  Why is Bill Zachery considered a nothing and these 5 black thugs are covered by the MSM?  Where is the hate/race crime?  You all DO realize that Mr.  Zachery is white?  You all DO realize that if this was a gang of whites, they would be charged with race/hate crimes if the victim was black?  Why have white leftists made bad black men into black supremacists? They railed against the KKK, (and still do, even though the KKK has like 5 members).  That’s what this is.  You know it, I know it.

So, from now on, I have decided that this is what I am calling these crimes; Black supremacy.  I believe the KKK organized crimes in the late 50’s early 60’s in a couple of states in the south against innocent black people.  Bad blacks today are doing the exact same thing the KKK did. I believe these are organized crimes perpetrated by black men who think they are superior and know they get away with it, just as the KKK did for a couple of decadessame as now, only in reverse.

Mr. Bill Zachery:

The Black Supremacists, [all they need is their hoodies to make the job complete, just as the KKK did, in the past]:

Pictures from CofCC, website that has the honor of being on the ADL “hate-map.”   The ADL is a  Stalinist, anti-American, anti Christian, anti-religious Jewish website that hates everyone except leftist Soviets. Rabbi Kahane & Rabbie Antelman were right about these SCHMUCKS.