I Would Like To Thank EVERYONE For Leaving Out Our Humble Blog From your PATHETIC “Cool Sob” BS Award


I personally want to thank you all for leaving us out–believe me, its an HONOR. BUT- Minus the fact that I work day and night, not ONE person nominated us here?  OR even ASKED us?  You all can go to hell.  We are ignored by fellow conservatives?  Go shit in a hat.  I AM FINISHED WITH YOU FAKES.

#1.  Who among you is really a “SOB?”  Truth? NONE. You snivvle like little mary’s when they call you waycists.

#2. I don’t frequent many of your blogs because of your naked ladies.

#3. NONE of you is inventive and NONE of you has any art or anything really ‘cool’. Boorrringggg

IMO, many of you, NO- not all, but most are only folk who tackle the same things that Drudge, Gateway, bla bla bla tackle; Much ado about nothing. Many of you cover absolutely nothing about the sufferings of fellow white Americans unless OBAMA trumps up some race bullshit.  You ALL were 100% WRONG on Syria while I was correct.  You all are busy being worrying about not being called racists, which makes you 100% ineffective in this battle.

Some of you will be taken off my blogroll.  You are WEAK.  And pathetic. Adios.

Comments are off, GO TO HELL.

This is what Geller says:

Pamela Geller:

lol. I think it would be cool if some up and comer got it — or a long time blogger who hasn’t gotten the recognition he/she deserves.

Yours in liberty, Pamela Geller Editor, Publisher Atlas Shrugs