You are all part of the “HUMAN RACE”…..yada yada..

First things first.. I was born a Jew, this does NOT mean that I love Israel more than America, My family has some “Jewish culture” especially in the cooking, but NO country or race goes BEFORE American ideals.


Really… “All part of the Human Race” -So, nothing is different, and God made you no more special than the bum on the street that is a drunk??  People, when in the hell will you wake up?  EVERY race & culture is different, you ALL have a different fingerprint. Why do the insane left-wing moonbats consistently wreck everything?   Every nationality has a culture, we are ALL different people IN the human race, everyone has different gifts, each culture unique.  Why do you let these MORONS dictate to you what is what?!


For ie.. Scottish people have the Scottish Highland Games, and dress in kilts, I will vouch to say that Scottish people play the bagpipes better than any other culture.

Americans have baseball, football, cheerleaders and hot-dogs, FREEDOM and we have this perfected! (Until Bush and Obama came along)

Japanese have the “Geisha” girls, they dress in the Kimonos and have that perfected as a work of art, I will vouch to say that NO other culture/race does this as the Japanese people do, they have it perfected.

The Irish people have step-dancing, it is awesome to watch, they have it perfected, it is wonderful to watch and hear, I will vouch to say that the Irish people do this better than anybody. It is their CULTURE/race.

The black people have RYTHYM, nobody does rythym better than black people-NOBODY.  They have this perfected in their CULTURE/race.

Italians are excellent at opera, the opera that the Italians have made through the centuries is beyond fantastic, it is almost straight from Heaven, also architecture in Rome is absolutely astounding.

The A-rab Muslims have the Hijab and murder.. they are screwed up in this, and….well, nevermind.

Left wing Bolshevik Jewish people have Marxism.. they are asnonine individuals…

Religious/Right wing Jewish semitic people have their culture/race, AND faith, they yearn in their hearts for “Zion”, but if in America, they are American patriots. God is first, of course, but right wing, religious Jews are VERY patriotic for America.

The whole idea, is that we all are of different RACES, and CULTURES, and the ONLY way to retain that identity IN that culture, is to seperate and assmilate to the  AMERICA way of life, which Teddy Roosevelt wrote about, there is ONE FLAG, America is ONE place, and NO other flag should be in place of it. Patriotism for AMERICA IN America is the ONLY way to retain the wonderful things in your culture.  Multi-Culture, and race mixing, IMO is stupid, it destroys your RACIAL uniqueness, IN America- NO OTHER race should EVER come before the AMERICAN way of life, that T. Roosevelt wrote about. 

You are NOT African/American, Italian/American, Irish/American, etc.. if you are a citizen of America, you are AMERICAN, period.

The REASON America is falling apart, is because they are trying to MIX this up, to create a Tower of Babel, a Marxist babel, where people will become bitter and angry with each-other, because NOBODY will assimilate if we allow races and cultures to come before AMERICA.


-Orion14-my Aryan insurgent buddy.

Quote from Theodore Roosevelt on immigration-Truth!

I can go on and on, but people…you have to see that each INDIVIDUAL has gifts that are in YOUR race. 

So, this makes me a “RACIST”, which I am SICK and tired of hearing, because I TRULY believe that God made EACH race different.  YES, we are humans, but we are DIFFERENT & UNIQUE in our races.

Here is a Youtube of the MOST exciting, (to me) dance:

My favorite Dance number EVER:

The REAL reason that people LOVE Susan Boyle.

  The Great Rabbi Kahane said in the 1970’s, that “White people will not bring black people to our level, on the contrary, we will be brought to theirs.”    The Rabbi knew what he was talking about.

 This is the truth why people LOVE Susan Boyle;  Susan Boyle has a ‘white’ voice, THATS WHY

The pop-voices, who are white nowadays all sound like they want to be black.  What for?  White people don’t possess the same earthy, soul as black singers, that is a gift that was given exclusively to black people.  White people have clear certain tones, that are very different, and when they try to sound like blacks, they sound STUPID.   They sound like they are screaming from the high hills of Siberia in a snow storm, trying to get warm.

  People have also said that they couldn’t believe that Boyle was ‘so ugly’ and had a great voice, this is NOT fact. The facts, are that people are sick and damned tired of whites trying to be blacks.

GET A GRIP! Get your OWN identity!

  Black people have given us singers like Etta James, Mahalia Jackson, The Pointer Sisters, Whitney Houston… All of which have stong, earthy, soulful voices, which white people just do NOT possess.

  White people have given us singers like Jo Stafford, Patsy Cline, Celine Dion, and Barbra Streisand (who should SHUT THAT HOLE IN HER FACE) but HAD a gorgeous voice. 

Blacks need to keep and retain their OWN identity, in entertainment, preferably from the 50’s, when they were the best, now they sound like they want to kill their mother and beat the hell out of grandma.      Whites need to retain their OWN identity and produce what they do best, light operatic, and contemporary. 

 This is why people love Susan Boyle, she has a simple, sweet voice like an angel.   She is fresh, she is WHITE, and retains her IDENTITY without copying the current down-turn tirade in ‘music.’


Etta when she was great;


JO STAFFORD- the best White Singer–EVER;

Identity crisis (psychology) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia