Jennifer Aniston ADMITS Her Vaxx Does NOT Work:

Jennifer Aniston ADMITS Her Vaxx Does NOT Work

Jennifer can’t even keep a husband for more than 5 months.. Hey, there LONELY GIRL.

Aniston says outright that she has cut off folks in her inner circle who will not receive the mark-of-the-beast, kill shot. That’s an admission that she KNOWS the vaxx does not work.

Thanks for the confession, horseface.

Anytime one of these idiots says they refuse to be around the ‘unvaxxed’, it is a STRAIGHT UP admission that the vaccine does not work. Aren’t vaccines suppose to work?

When I was a little kid and a later adult, I NEVER worried about catching T.B.. You know why? Because I was VACCINATED against it as a little child. Why are these stupid morons SO worried about the UNVAXXED? Because they are little anal retentive control freaks who are MISERABLE and misery loves company.


Unvaxxed people aint the problem. Stupid Liberals ARE the problem. And, rabid, pro-kill-shot bitches are the problem. Remember? “My mask will not work if you dont wear yours either” STUPID JACKASSES. generated Image

Kumbaya Nanjiani H8’s “Traditional Masculinity”, But Shows Off Pics Of His ‘Traditional Masculine’ Body On Instagram:

Kumbaya Nanjiani Hates “Traditional Masculinity”, But Doesn’t Mind Showing Pics Of His Traditional Masculine Body On Instagram:

On his Wiki page: Nanjiani was born in 1977 or 1978 and grew up in Karachi, Pakistan.

Move back to Pakistan and tell the Muslims THERE that you don’t like their ‘traditional masculinity’. Lets see how tolerant they will be……

These gasbag Leftists move here and hate America so much that they vote for policies that will make America WORSE than Pakistan. Why the hell are you here? GO BACK TO PAKISTAN.

I really get sick and tired of these stupid, Communist idiots ranting about something but are ALWAYS caught doing what they rant about.……. WACKO’s

Check out Kumbaya’s Instagram: CLICK. Or, see the story of this hairy, half naked, stupid Liberal scum here: @ CNN

The ‘soul’ of the REPUBLIC is at stake, you ignorant sonofab1tch. We DONT want left wing policies of baby murder, pedo-support, tranny-stupidity, aka: (grown men in the ladies rooms) in red states.

This hairy weasel wants to turn Georgia blue so that the Senate will be total Communist. It seems to escape the minds of these bottom feeding pigs that the PEOPLE of Georgia (or any state that is red) do not want their state blue. But, they are determined to steal the election in GA as they did here in Arizona in 2018 and this year also. See, the Left is about POWER. POWER. POWER. They just want the power.

Shave some of that masculine chit off of yourself and prove you mean what you say, you windbag.. Look at this hairy ass MAN.

Maybe we should wax this bastard…..


@CLIFFMOSKOWITZ Suggests Nuremberg Type Trials For Trump Supporters. MOONBAT “Jew” Alert

@CLIFFMOSKOWITZ Moonbat “Jew” Claiming Trump Supporters Are “Nazis” Even Tho Or Grandfathers FOUGHT The Nazis

Does Mosko-shitz also feel this way about Orthodox Jews and Conservative Jews for Trump? Does he believe that 70% of Israeli’s who are pro Trump are Nazi’s also? My Grandfather FOUGHT the Nazis. He FOUGHT the Commies as did my Uncles. I’m sick and tired of these Leftist “Jews” calling everyone a Nazi. They talk endlessly about the Holocaust as they approve of YOU being beaten for merely being a Republican. They totally support re-education camps and firing squads for Trump supporters, too: Leftists Suggest “Re-Education Camps”, “Firing Squads”, & Banning Talk Radio To “Deprogram” 75 Million Trump Supporters

Its NOT The Left who is beaten in the streets for supporting Biden, that’s the Trump supporters.

These ridiculous type Yids should be sent to mental hospitals. All they see is “Nazi”. Nazi’s under their bed, Nazi’s in their fruit loops. They’re as bad as the Neo Nazi’s on Gab who call anyone who disagrees with them a “Jew”. Just because Moskowitz is a Bolshevik Communist does not make patriotic Americans “Nazis”.

Idiot, Lunatic. Mental, tragedy queen.

THEY are the wack jobs who want Eastern European Communism and Socialism in this country. THEY are the friggin problem. WE just want to be free Americans and not Communists and Socialists.


@tedcruz THIS Is NOT How To “Debate” A Communist Race Baiter Like Chris Cuomo

@tedcruz THIS Is NOT How To “Debate” A Communist Race Baiter Like Chris Cuomo

I don’t get it with these statesmen. They absolutely have zero clue how to debate a Communist. Cuomo goes after the ever trusty race card. WHY Cruz and all of the Reps even give legitimacy to the race crap is beyond all comprehension.

Cuomo was ready to attack from the getgo.

When a Communist demon brings up race, you do NOT EVER answer. Ever. You attack. Conservative people have more ammunition than the left and they never use it.

Cruz could have easily asked Cuomo:


It would have been Cuomo who was backed into a corner and not Cruz.

This all makes me livid. The people like Mike Savage, Alex Jones, Etc are not ever allowed to go on the Communist shows because the Communists know they would tear them apart.


@TimCarpenterMKE: NO, It’s NOT “Trumps Fault” That YOU Got Beaten Up By YOUR “Allies”

@TimCarpenterMKE: NO, It’s NOT “Trumps Fault” That YOU Got Beaten Up By YOUR “Allies”

This jackass, State senator, Tim Carpenter went into the mob of violent Communist radicals and got his ass kicked by his own allies — the violent, Communist radicals… What does he do? He blames Trump.  This is the LEFT, Carpenter.  This is YOUR base.  Stop blaming TRUMP for YOUR base being out of control and terrorist.  Damned leftist, blame-shifting, jerkoff.  

People… I am NOT even a ‘ra ra ra‘ Trump person at all.  He just sits there as the violent, radical Communists destroy the nation.  But, this stupid little snit deserved every punch and kick he got if he can still walk away from this beating and blame TRUMP!

There is NO help for the Left. NONE.

Look at this dunderheaded, dipshit!

Fatass Bob Beckel Calls Guilfoyle “Treasonous” For Questioning Obama’s Drone Murders

Fatass Bob Beckel Calls Guilfoyle “Treasonous” For Questioning Obama’s Drone Murders

Un-be-friggin-lievable!  This ‘anti war’ liar calls Guilfoyle ‘treasonous’ for saying that Obama is murdering people all over the world with his drones?  Finally, some Conservatives are waking up to the insane US foreign policy of murder and plunder and ‘anti war’, Bob Beckel says she’s TREASONOUS?! 

See the video here: Blob Beckel meltdowns yet again – calls Kimberly Guilfoyle treasonous

Tale Of An American President: A Spoiled, Rotten Brat Who Slides Down Lunch Counters

Tale Of An American President: A Spoiled, Rotten Brat Who Slides Down Lunch Counters

If there was ever a mirror to reflect the state of a most pitiful nation, this would be it’s reflection:

This above photo was on the White House website.  This ‘President’ is a foul person.  A total embarrassment to sane people.  Let’s take a good look at world events and problems here at home that this child is getting away with:

  • IRS scandal
  • Benghazi-gate
  • Sanctioning Russia for the White House Coup D’Etat In Ukraine
  • Supporting Nazis in Kiev
  • Funding the Syrian Rebel terrorists  (Al Qaeda)
  • Installing puppet regimes in Egypt, Libya and Ukraine
  • Signing one erroneous executive order after the next.
  • Spending millions on vacations, courtesy of the US tax-payer
  • Destroying our health care system

I could go on and on.  The list is endless.  But, I want you to take a good look at this idiot who is representing us…It should be NO wonder why people like me admire Vladimir Putin.

Oh, it’s racist to point out that this spoiled brat is undeserving of his position.

(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza, from Jim Hoft)

It Takes A Special Kind Of Stupid To Be Nancy Pelosi

It Takes A Special Kind Of Stupid To Be Nancy Pelosi

This hag is washing the feet of illegals.. the same illegals that bring in the C-Diff, TB, Morgellons, etc..  Hopefully, this evil windbag will catch a severe case of the C-Diff and crap her brains out.  Pelosi washes the feet of these illegals and sh*ts on Americans.  This is all part of the curses from Deuteronomy 28–the curses come from a nation that has turned its back on God.  You think these are poor, unfortunate Hispanics?  If you do, you’re an idiot.  They laugh like crazy at stupid liberals. Liberals who are definately educated but lack common sense.    Pelosi makes me sick.  Someone please try to put this witch in a body bag.  Thank you.

An art collage from November 2013POPE PELOSI SUX


Idiot, Marco Rubio: “Russia threat To World Peace, Lies, Etc” NO, OBAMA IS, YOU MORON

Idiot, Marco Rubio: “Russia threat To World Peace, U.S., Etc” NO, OBAMA IS YOU MORON

This is the jackass that is gung-ho for amnesty and we are supposed to believe HIM?  When has Russian threatened the USA?  IT HASN’T.  But, I am sure that Obama, Rubio and the rest would love Russia to.

America has the biggest government of damned liars, RINOS, Nazi enablers, Communists and sell outs to the MAX.  I see this vomitous gasbag does not want to bring up over 2400 civilian deaths by drones overseas, courtesy US Govt: The Toll Of 5 Years Of Drone Strikes: 2,400 Dead

Obama is the stinkin threat with his NSA expansion, “Patriot” act expansion, the everyday war against our 2nd Amendment rights, pro-partial birth abortion (decapitation of babies), thrusting LGBT insanity on us, ditto 22 million illegals with amnesty, controlled media, you name it!  I am SICK of these phoney’s!  Add Ted Cruz to the mix of asshats who dont know a f’n thing regarding Russia:
“Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas said last week RU should be booted out of the Group of Eight, the World Trade Organization and the United Nations Security Council.”   Look at the vomotious gasbag, John Kerry, advising RU:  ‘Invasion Is Not the Act of Someone Who Is Strong’

WHAT?  Under Barack Obama, we are the idiots who invade through proxies in Egypt, Libya, Syria and now Ukraine.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask John McCain and Victoria Nuland who were both in Ukraine engaging the violent rioters.  Google it yourself to see, I am sick of this crap.


Phony ass-Rubio: Russia Is a Government of Liars and an Enemy to World Peace and the US

imgflip.comNO WAR IN UKRAINE.

Hey Idiot @timjacobwise – THIS Is What White “Privilege” Looks Like:

Hey Idiot @timjacobwise  – THIS Is What White “Privilege” Looks Like:

“Evil,” white, teen, high-school president has to pay for what white racists did in the south in 2014 for the early 1960’s:

A white student who is senior class president and has a 4.4 GPA was attacked by a black male student in front of numerous witnesses.

Click-Affirmative action punishment. High School suspends white class president after he is attacked by a black student.

`Meanwhile, TJWise, you just keep worrying about flesh colored bandaids & whitey shampoo (which has GMO-poison-type toxins in it, but black shampoo does not)   We’ll worry about injustice and persecution, eventually mass white genocide. (American white genocide is already in early stages), thanks to dumbbells like Wise who thinks that 50 years of black on white racism is not enough to suffice Liberal black bastards & their Communist enablers.

Isn’t 5 decades of black on white bigotry enough?? Not to leftists.  Its NEVER enough.