jOBAMA Admin Is Cutting Off Florida From Covid19 Antibody Meds

jOBAMA Beast Administration Is Cutting Off Florida From Covid19 Antibody Meds

Barack is cutting off meds from Florida because DeSantis won’t bow to the Antichrist, Obama and his idiot mandates, etc.

Most people do not believe me….but: generated Image


Yeah right. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

jObama Admin Drone Strikes @ ISIS In Kabul (ISIS Is Obama’s Muslim Extremist Army)

jObama Admin Drone Strikes @ ISIS In Kabul (ISIS Is Obama’s Muslim Extremist Army)

The idiot Communist media is praising the jObama administration for ‘destroying’ an ISIS car bomb in Kabul. Isn’t that a daisy? The CommieCrats hit their own terrorist people and expect Americans to get all excited.

Anti-War Protesters Missing In Action for Obama's Wars ...

The CommieCrats have funded the radicals BIGTIME in the latest stunt in Kabul last week.

Ya’all Better See This Nuke Map In Case The #DEMS Start ANOTHER World War:

Ya’all Better See This Nuke Map In Case The #DEMS Start ANOTHER World War:

DEMOCRATS are itching to start at least another big proxy war. Taking off where they left off in Ukraine. Even the Daily Mail UK is posting: US must prepare for nuclear war: Strategic Command warns today’s unpredictable conflicts could escalate ‘rapidly’ where countries consider nuclear use as ‘their least bad option’.

 Think of everything Joe-BAMA has done so far, one policy after the next that, add over 70 executive orders since 1/20/2021 since the Coup. He and his Junta cannot convince people of absurdity forever. Their utopian vision is now manifesting in open failure lunacy because those in charge are calculated murderers. As this happens they will begin to turn to using power and force to control us, aw well as the world (whether at their hands or through mob rule.) It may mean death to many. This is the path we are on with the Democrats. #Democrat Party Starts ALL World Wars & Proxies. Now #Dems Want WWIII W/ #Russia:




By the way:

China and Russia Turn Deeper Ties into a Military Challenge for Biden CLICK

WAR COMING? #RUSSIA & #ukraine Testing “Blast Doors” & Bomb Shelters. USA Has NEITHER

WAR COMING? #RUSSIA & #ukraine Testing “Blast Doors” & Bomb Shelters. USA Has NEITHER.

WTG USA! Joe-Bama is starting a war in Ukraine against Russia and here at home, we have NO ‘bomb blast’ doors or bomb shelters. Democrats are a REAL Blast!

Some speculate that USA may just start this insanity if Alexei Nalvany is harmed: White House warns Russia will face consequences if Alexei Nalvany is harmed …. Imagine that? Nalvany is a Russian Conservative. So, harm any ol’ Conservative here in the states, OK. Harm a Conservative Russian and they’ll start a war. Sick, psychopathic, pathetic, satanic, demented, anti American Leftists.


Cities in Ukraine and in Russia have begun testing the NUCLEAR BLAST DOORS installed in their public subway systems which are some (not all) of the BOMB SHELTERS for their population.  The USA, has NONE.

The rest: Read over at Hal Turner’s & watch the video. He is one of the only ones really keeping up with what is happening in this mess that the US GOVT started in Ukraine

As this is going on: foreign, political analyst, Mike Averko says:

(PDF) Michael Averko: Consistency and Reality Lacking on Crimea | Andreas Umland –
Poster Parody of Civil Defense Notice | Unknown, Parody of U. S. Department  of Defense | First Printing

Thanks To “Progressives”, We Will Have An #Obama 3rd Term. (TOLD YA SO In March!)

Thanks To “Progressives”, We Will Have An Obama 3rd Term. (TOLD YA SO In March!)

At Breitbart, they are talking about Obama 2.0. Yep. Finally, these people are starting to see what is happening here: ‘OBAMA 2.0’: BIDEN’S NATIONAL SECURITY TEAM FILLED WITH OBAMA ADMIN RETREADS

On that post at Breitbart, many “Progressive” (Communists) believe that the Obama retreads are ‘compassionate’. What a CROCK!!!!! They do not have a compassionate bone in their body. What you dumbbells have foisted upon us with this Joe Biden idiot is disgusting. All you did was cry about Trump, but at least he wasn’t droning the hell out of the damned world you IGNORANT A$$HOLES.

It is really hard at times, seeing things far into the future. I had a dream about the Obama, ‘3rd term’ in 2009: Sat. September 10th, 2011:  Horrible Dream I Had. Bombs All Over America. (May this NOT happen, Lord. Please)

I hate to say "i told you so" i told you so!! - Tard the Grumpy Cat | Meme  Generator

* I warned everyone the anti christ slob, Obama would be back in the picture. People laughed me to scorn… Is Satan’s Son (Obama) Is Going To Rise On The Political Scene Again–Bigly? (Posted on March 26, 2020. In March I told ya’all!!)

* Obama Presidency AGAIN?! I Told You All!! B.O. Will Run The Country ‘Thru’ Biden, Feeding Lines With An Earpiece?! November 25, 2020

* I Told Ya’All Obama Would Be Baaacckkk. His Yap Can’t Stay Closed November 2020

* See: AsheDina on December 14, 2020 at 5:49 PM 

Remember How The DNC Just COULDN’T Allow The Transition Until Dec 14, 2000 For Bush?

Remember How The DNC Just COULDNT Allow The Transition In 2000?

Trump Tells GSA To Allow Biden Transition To Proceed “In The Best Interest Of Our Country”

But, I remember election 2000. Democrats, whining, crying, screaming, throwing fits as the GOP sat back and allowed them to—as usual in the 2000 Bush vs Gore election.

The Democrat party put the nation through a bunch of riga-maro in 2000 over 537 votes. How much more now that there are hundreds and hundreds of thousands of REAL fraudulent votes? But, of course, the DNC does not care unless it is in their best interest: 30% Of Dems Believe the 2020 Election Was Stolen But Don’t Care.

Cry Baby The Official Seal Of The Democratic Party - Sticker at Sticker  Shoppe

‘Protesters’, Black (COMMUNIST TERRORISTS) Outside The White House Attempting To Declare A “Black House Autonomous Zone”

‘Protesters’, Black (COMMUNIST TERRORISTS) Outside The White House Attempting To Declare A “Black House Autonomous Zone”

I find it very interesting that these miscreants all of the sudden have fences and barricades…

I don’t know why Trump and the ‘fascists’ don’t just shoot these people dead.  Some fascists they turned out to be.  So disappointing…

Shoot them, what the FK are you idiots waiting on??? (Communists are destroying the Andrew Jackson statue)

#NBC LIARS: #GeorgeFloyd RIOTERS & LOOTERS: “Beautiful, Peaceful”. Trump Rally, “Extraordinarily Dangerous”

NBC LIARS: #GeorgeFloyd RIOTERS & LOOTERS: “Beautiful, Peaceful”. Trump Rally, “Extraordinarily Dangerous”



George Floyd Riot:

Anti-U.S riot agitators take advantage of George Floyd protestors for own agenda – Americans for ...

Trump Rally:

Trump Delivers Epic Speech at Minnesota MAGA Rally, Nails Bidens | Sparta Report

Trump holding North Carolina rally the night before primary | Richmond County Daily Journal


Communist Democrat Terrorist Vegans Storm #ChickFilA & Hold Children Hostage With Knives

Communist Democrat Terrorists Storm #ChickFilA & Hold Children Hostage With Knives  HAT TIP –  Joshua Feuerstein

Democrat Tyrants are terrorizing the whole nation, calling everyone else fascists as they now hold up a Chick Fil A:

Don’t let your family or friends ANYWHERE near a Communist, Democrat, Vegan wack-job Terrorist.

Commie Sh’t: NASCAR Gives Drivers, Crew Permission To Disrespect National Anthem

Commie Sh’t: NASCAR Gives Drivers, Crew Permission To Disrespect National Anthem

Disgusting.  A generation of filthy, disgusting slobs.  Well, when TSHTF and they are burned in riots or whatever….. Im not going to shed a tear.  Imagine doing this in North Korea…NK is where Communism is in full force.  Racist, white hating, BLM terrorists and white, Left-wing traitors ought to move to NK where their ideals are more welcome.   @ Todd Starnes.

They let the black supremacists and their Communist, Black Panther fist reign supreme and banned the Confederate flag–which has always been at NASCAR:   Dear southerners…we just want to show that we are good at brown nosing American blacks.

Well, we’re not brown nosing any SOB on this blog.  So, let it fly here:

Confederate Flag GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY