Women In Arizona Care More For Their VAGINA’s Than Bad Policies

Women In Arizona Care More For Their VAGINA’s Than Bad Policies

Beware… Rated R: Sorta.

I’m going to be up front, honest and brutal… In my opinion, women shouldn’t even vote. We should have never gotten the right. Why? Because women (for the most part) care more about nesting, spending money, getting their periods and making men miserable. Screaming, ranting, crying, emotional basket cases that think only of their vagina’s.

Women are horrible bosses and most are power-mad, money-hungry gold-diggers. Men know this but they keep it to themselves. Other men that are emasculated exist purely as man’gina’s… they would gladly allow some freaked-out, nervous nelly to rule the roost because they’ve lost their cojones.

Women for thousands of years – until the 20th century – were nurtured by their Husbands because those poor fellas knew they were living with tragedy queens. Of course, those days, women didn’t work because men absolutely knew- without a shadow of a doubt – that women were (still are) insane, padded-cell material.

Now, women take governorship’s, seats in the Senate & Congress and the state goes to hell. Look no further than Feinstein, Pelosi, AOC, Hillary Clinton, Palin (YES, Palin – the bridge to no where and resigning as AK Gov), Whitmer, Hocul, Ilhag Omar, Kamala Harris, ETC…

Modern women care more about their so-called ‘reproductive rights’ than they do about inflation. They worship their privates more than food on the table. Chopping up baby is more important than mothering. Abortion is more important than a secure border. Vagina takes precedence over American tax dollars being sent to Ukraine.

Even in the BIBLE….When God refers to something evil and horrifying, he refers to a loose FEMALE: A WHORE.

Suck it up, girls!

We ain’t much!

CHEEZ-IT Goes Idiot Woke. Features “Snooki” & Rue Paul

CHEEZ-IT Goes Idiot Woke. Features “Snooki” & Rue Paul

Welp, there goes one of my snacks. G’bye. I can’t even remember all the snacks and foods I’ve banned off of my list of the freak show circus clowns.

Puke all over Cheez-Its

Kill-Joy SatanCrats Strike Again: School Banned Girl From Wearing ‘Jesus Loves Me’ Mask

Kill-Joy SatanCrats Strike Again: School Banned Girl From Wearing ‘Jesus Loves Me’ Mask

I hope these bottom-feeding demons are happy…banning a little girl from school merely for wearing a “Jesus loves me mask”. They’re ALWAYS butthurt over nothing much. BUT, its AOK to murder 65 million babies and homosexuals marrying each-other. SICK pigs.

Jesus even died for these impossible devils… Blows my mind.

Typical OBAMA Speech Thru His Spokesperson, Joey Diapers:

Typical OBAMA Speech Thru His Spokesperson, Joey Diapers:

King Barack Hussein Obama, Sept 2018: ‘Bla bla bla, the Republicans’

September 1, 2022: Joey Diapers: “Bla bla bla Republicans”

OBAMA: ‘I used to say, if I could make an arrangement where I had a stand-in, a front-man or front-woman and they had an ear piece in and I was just in my basement in my sweats looking through the stuff and I could sort of deliver the lines, but somebody else was doing all the talking and ceremony, I’d be fine with that, because I found the work fascinating’. CLICK TO GO TO CNS. (Obama Presidency AGAIN?! I Told You All!! B.O. Will Run The Country ‘Thru’ Biden, Feeding Lines With An Earpiece?!)

There is NO other defacto leader in the world that uses a ‘front man’ or a spokesperson to speak for him. This was prophesied of in the Bible. That the AntiChrist will use a false prophet (spokesperson).

Obama is a coward.

He’s the one ‘in charge’. Yet, he is SO nefariously timid, he let’s Joey Diapers speak for him.

Why not try being a REAL dictator, Obama and start acting on your own so God can kick your scrawny azz.

Most people don’t know who you are….but I do……….you anti-Christ, son of perdition. 😉

An AIRBNB “Slave Cabin” Inflames Leftist, Baby-Murdering Sodomites & Psychopaths:

An AIRBNB “Slave Cabin” Inflames Leftist, Baby-Murdering Sodomites & Psychopaths:

The murderous, butt-puke Leftists are going insane over a former slave cabin which is currently being rented out by a patron on AirBnB. They are outraged over this but not outraged over homosexual militants who are teaching little children how to be tiny drag queens. They’re NOT outraged over 65 plus million little babies being snuffed out and murdered by abortion. The Leftists support Nazi’s in Ukraine and Jihadists in the Arab Muslim countries. But, they are super upset over an old, reformed slave cabin. SICKENING.

Leftists are the vessels of destruction that Paul the Apostle talked about.

Leftists are here to DESTROY and very little else.

Proving The Gaslighting “Fact Checkers” Wrong On Gas Prices:

Proving The Gaslighting “Fact Checkers” Wrong On Gas Prices:

This dude is really p’oed. I don’t blame him one bit. However, he proves the stupid, moonbat, ‘fact checking’ teens wrong & ridiculous.

These antichrist demons are trying to ‘transition’ into banning fossil fuels. They do this garbage without our permission. I pray ALL of them drop dead.

#Ukraine Children & Teens: ‘Heil Hitler’ Marches. Jonathan Greenblatt Of #ADL’s ‘Nice’ #Azov #Nazis.

#Ukraine Children & Teens: ‘Heil Hitler’ Marches. Jonathan Greenblatt Of #ADL’s ‘Nice’ #Azov #Nazis.

I found this one again and uploaded it. The kids in Ukraine are little Nazi’s. They’ll grow up torturing fellow Ukrainians. Putin is correct when he says “Russia wants to de-nazify Ukraine”. Like it or not, he’s telling the absolute truth.

jOBAMA Admin Is Cutting Off Florida From Covid19 Antibody Meds

jOBAMA Beast Administration Is Cutting Off Florida From Covid19 Antibody Meds

Barack is cutting off meds from Florida because DeSantis won’t bow to the Antichrist, Obama and his idiot mandates, etc.

Most people do not believe me….but:

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Yeah right. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz