Shootout Erupts Between AZ Farmer and Illegal, Occupying, Criminal, Invader

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 Go to fullsize image   Life on the farm can be unpredictable, but nothing could have prepared Greg Hudson and his hired hand, Kyle Wormly, for a surprise visitor on Monday.    An armed illegal alien threatened Wormly and Hudson’s family in a trailer, and then Wormly engaged the illegal in a shootout before deputies arrived. Wormly had the right idea:  “Next time I will load up some slug rounds in my shotgun, no more bird shot.”

MURDERED BY ILLEGALS-Border Agent FORCED 2 Defend Himself With BHO Weapon Choice~BEANBAGS

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  When is enough enough? WHEN! This man had to DIE by murder by these lousy, no-good, rotten ILLEGAL, OCCUPYING, CRIMINAL, INVADERS because of Barack HUSSEIN Osama, The TERRORIST occupying the BLACK HOUSE- PERIOD!!  HOW MANY MORE AMERICAN MEN MUST DIE FOR THIS USURPER/RAT!?

This jokerman SLIME was playing his MOTOWN music while a family is in mourning.  Obama, you ARE A SICK, demented, disgusting FRAUD, even WORSE than BUSH.  I say we send Obama the MUSLIM PIG to the border and give that SOB a BEANBAG.

When do men march to the White house and DEMAND this IMPOSTERS total and complete RESIGNATION! 

For GODS SAKES MEN, eat STEAK and grow some dang cohones!! COME ON!

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Good Going Colorado~CO Rounds Up 78 ILLEGAL OCCUPIERS

  Good for Colorado.  The question is ‘How the hell do all of these illegals get up to Colorado?’  I believe it is large tractor-trailer trucks. What we need to do is stop every single truck coming from S. of the border for our own protection.  

Q#134: Will Illegals Go Home if Obama's Health Care Plan Passes? If you will notice, I do not endorse any candiate.  The reason for that is, the GOP are losers no matter WHO endorsed them.  BUT, I do believe that, perhaps the GOP can stop the progressive, sucker-punch if we hold their feet to the fire, keep going to the Town hall meetings, and T-party; stop worrying about the left wing lunatics calling you racists and push back like the genocidal-maniacal left wing always says.

Here is the link on Colorado: (I cannot cut and paste, who knows if the D.P. will have my ass on a chopping block)

Colorado ICE effort nabs 78

CYA ILLEGALS, you have a country- GO HOME before America goes insane because we are too g’damned broke to take care of your pathetic asses.

DMV Employees Arrested in Fraud Scheme (CA Illegals)A FORGOTTEN CASE

Investigative Reporting by:  Donna S.

State investigators say employees from three local DMV offices took bribes and gave out licenses to scam people and handicapped elderly drivers with vision problems.

 Administrative leave with pay: We haven’t found what happened in this May 2010 case.

But in a different 2005 case, the DMV criminals were in fact suspended WITH pay. “DMV, which has suspended the four employees with pay, has increased its internal security procedures to prevent future scams”

OAKLAND / DMV workers charged in ID fraud, Aug 5, 2005 ******



An employee of the Fullerton office of the California Department of Motor Vehicles was among four arrested Thursday in a title-washing scheme, department officials said.

Angelina Nanette James, 42, who worked at the DMV’s Fullerton field office, was being held in lieu of $50,000 bail, as were three employees of the DMV’s Los Angeles/Hope Street office, the DMV said in a news release. The others are Taneika Mashay Lathan, 22; Shavon Renae Shorter, 25; and Kimberly Nicole Sadler, 30, the release said.

The title-washing scheme involved luxury vehicles such as Mercedes-Benzes and Cadillac Escalades, said Greg Huber, a DMV internal affairs commander. People would buy vehicles using auto loans. Then, with the help of the four DMV employees, they would get a fraudulent title in which the lien-holding bank was removed, Huber said. The people would then take out new loans against the vehicles and pocket the money, he said.

In one case, a vehicle was used as collateral for loans six times before the banks caught on, Huber said. Approximately 10 people not employed by the DMV where arrested by the California Highway Patrol in connection with the scheme, he said.

The four DMV employees are being charged with conspiracy, grand theft, illegal computer access, bribery and use of false documents to conceal resident status, the DMV said.

DMV is one of the guards against illegal immigration and public safety. If the charges are true, these people have betrayed the trust in the worst ways.

Law must be applied here, to its fullest extent and its heaviest punishment.

Just one more aspect of illegal immigration corrupting America – a once-great country before BHO destroyed it.


What is the point of the DMV again?

The Department of Mexican Voters?

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Please ignore the bitch on this video in the beginning, she is a hateful skunk that should be hung for treason.  (Video Tip: Glock20C)

 We opened our doors to the other nations, we even opened our doors to these ‘people’, and they have repaid by murdering our people, stealing from our system, taking advantage of tax-payers, using our schools, capitalizing off of our wealth, robbing us, kidnapping our children, drive-bys, gangs, drugs…

  And people STILL want them here, only ‘legally’ -Please. I do not want these murdering bastards here, legally either, they have a home, its called Mexico. This govt, the one before it, etc. should all be tried for crimes against humanity.

I know I am all over this subject as of late, it is because I lived in a sanctuary city, and if you have never lived in a sanctuary city, or worked in one, you do NOT know WTF you are talking about. You are the real haters, those that oppose us, you hate American people so much that you would thrust this on them, force this way of life on us. You should all die a horrible, violent death. And, I PRAY you do.




  What the hell is with these a$$holes, huh?? I am SICK of this crap.  I told you all, and I am not joking, the stats are mind-boggling with illegals MURDERING AMERICANS- ILLEGAL OCCUPYING CRIMINAL INVADERS have murdered Americans, stolen our money, steal cars, carry guns, KIDNAP little girls, shoot innocent ranchers, ETC.  I am sick and tired of 3rd world slime, and minorities walking all over Americans.  They are Fascist/NAZI SOBs, wanting “Big Government” because they cannot even wipe their own a$$, AND THEY ARE LAW BREAKING CRIMINALS.    Their is not an ounce of loyalty in an ILLEGAL. Dont you stupid liberal/left wing jacka$$es even know that their own country does not want them?  Left wingers hate Americas GUTTS, they are FASCISTS. NAZIS. PIECES OF SH!T, and the left wing TRAITORS use illegals to thrust their sicka$$ agenda all over this nation.


I will NEVER forget what these WETBACK ILLEGALS have done to this place.


See this too: Riots Break Out As Arizona Law Is Signed


  I haved lived in a Sanctuary City, in America. I have lived where murders happen 9-10x a month and those are the only ones they document, so many get murdered it is unbelievable.  They also have this nasty habit of hiding murder and crimes against humanity by editing in these homocides in a little box on page 19 in the Newspaper.  IF you are in America, and you know that you are not here legally, get the f-ck out of my country. You have your own countries south of the border, down Mehico way–SO GET OUT.  Juan McCain needs to go. Illegal’s have bankrupted AZ and innocent people are being killed including cop.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu says violence in Arizona by criminal illegal aliens has reached “epidemic proportions.” He spoke at a Capitol Hill news conference on Monday, April 19, 2010. ( Starr) H/T; Donna


 “RIGHT WING ASSHOLE….” “DUMB CRACKER”  and this is OK, but NO criticism of blacks, ILLEGALS, minorities, or evil left-wing Jews. 

These “LATINO”  people are ALLOWED to fly their dirty, shitty, disgusting Mexican flag in OUR nation, and we have to sit back and TAKE THIS SHIT!


20 MILLION PLUS gun owners…..have had enough of your SHIT.

I am so sick of this crap. Do WE go to THEIR nation and act like this?

Do WE go to any of the nations south of the border, down Mexico flag, acting like a bunch of wild savage maniacs?

Click here Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial, Memorial, illegal alien