#SecureTheBorder Americans Block Buses In California Transporting Diseased, Illegal Occupiers

Americans Block Buses In California Transporting Diseased, Illegal Occupiers

Obama, Blaming Congress, Says He’ll Go It Alone on Immigration.  American Californians are ‘going it alone’ as well, meeting his diseased foreigners with signs telling the wetbacks to get the hell outta here.

Here is the story:  Outraged Murrieta Patriots Protest Illegal Alien Onslaught, Block Amnesty Buses! — #SecureTheBorder

Undocumented Immigrants En Route to Murrieta

At least some people down there are fed up.  It’s hard for protesters to meet in any one place in USSA.  The country is almost 3700 miles across and 2000 plus miles vertical.  But, at least they’re trying.

Sad part about what is happening – is that our government, once again, had it’s filthy hands in another country, south of the border & now OUR border is reaping the benefits of Obama/McCains failed, foreign policy insanity:  Hondorus – Wikileaks Revelations Show Obama Administration involved in Hondorun Coup.    More on that:  Honduras coup 2009 /  Honduras coup d’etat 2009 /  Honduras coup zelaya

Calling ALL Lefty “Jews”, Your Dream Come True: Tel Aviv Is Now An African City. So MOVE There.

Calling ALL Lefty “Jews”, Your Dream Come True: Tel Aviv Is Now An African City. So MOVE There.

…But, they won’t move there.  Here is a fact about most Jewish Liberals:  When a black moves into their neighborhood, they crap their pants and sneak out in the middle of the night as the rest of us are/were left to live in the neighborhoods they helped turn upside down.

Communist, far-left wing Jews & Leftists in general are a cancer in this world.  Sorry, it’s the truth.  Just a question…Many blacks turn into serious Jew haters.. How’s this going to work out for you stupid, Liberal Jews who want to practice your Judaism in Israel?  Good luck.  Think I’m joking?  Just ask the Jews in Crown heights…

So, you were NOT content in helping screw up America, now you even screwed your homeland.  You cannot be trusted. In any place. At ANY timeThese people below are not Jews, they’re just illegals.  Same issue here in America.  Yet, Blumenthal calls Israel ‘Racist”.  F’n lunatic.

Tens of thousands of African migrants take part in a rally in Tel Aviv, Israel, protesting against a law allowing authorities...

Tens of thousands of African migrants take part in a rally in Tel Aviv, Israel, protesting against a law allowing authorities to keep them in open-ended detention

 “Infiltrators”, as authorities call them, were encouraged by “anti-Zionist human rights organisations”.He told the website of the Maariv daily that Tel Aviv, where many of the migrants live “long ago became an African city.”

Click to read  (Hat tip: @Juliet777777)`

Is it still your ‘hope’ now, Miss big mouth Babs?


Fascist, Muslim/Nazi Arabs Creating “Arab Spring” In the UK. UK Leaders Do Nothing For Their People…

Sounds just like America.

UK and AmeriKa have 2 things in common: Millions of illegal occupiers. The most corrupt governments that hate their patriots.  We bring war, war is coming to us.  While I feel for the EDL.. And I most certainly feel for patriots here at home..we have no repentance over our own sins.  (As a whole, UK or America)

So, the head is now the tail, people.  Makes me weep.  Living in a time we would see the total fall of the UK.  I know many foreign people are happy, but please bear in mind that I know we have become evil; But I have fought it the best I could. And I am sad because my fighting has been in vain.

Here is the Youtube:

UK’s new National Anthem:

Robinson did not listen to my dream:

I Had A SERIOUS Spiritual Dream About Tommy Robinson From The English Defense League……..


Dont bother telling me not to post on Islam, the news is the news. 

Immigration Watchdog Video Of SERIOUS Mexican-Supremacists Pushing Around, & Threatening Whites In The South-West

Immigration Watchdog Video Of SERIOUS Mexican-Supremacists Pushing Around, Threatening Whites In The South-West


Excuse me…while I go blow up the $&^#’n Computer. I am SICK of these illegals. I am SICK of these Mexican-Marxists and I SO want to throw every damned ‘liberal’ the frig out of America.  Watch this video at 2 minutes, whitey is getting ANGRY. And I say….About damned time.  I cant even watch all of this. I am so f’n angry that my BP went up and I am breathless.. YOU will be too. Leninists, Marxist, Communists polluting this land.  I dont know just what the HELL it is going to take before good men rise up and do something. And..my patience is wearing thin.  NOT GOOD.

All Of The Best Songs For STINKO DE MAYO

This is the day that the Mehicano people celebrate a nothing holiday, attributed to their nothing country of dirt-baggery. They hang their hideously, ugly, awkward-colored flag everywhere and shove it up our ass that they hate America.  Aint that a peach.. What other nation puts up with treason like America does?  Makes you proud to be an American, huh? Makes me so happy to have so many traitors f’ing up our nation, 6 ways to Sunday, with their good buddies, the American Cancer: “Liberals”


SPLC Wants To Stop TN Sheriff From Enforcing Law Against Illegal Occupying Criminal Invaders

Tennessee http://www.splcenter.org/get-informed/news/tennessee-sheriff-s-flawed-program-must-end

Sheriff is fighting Communist fascist, Mark Potok who says IMMIGRATION LAW ALREADY ON THE BOOKS, Must End. WTH!!

  These people are the biggest sonofab*tches in this world.  They need to be stopped, bankrupted and put out to pasture–FOREVER.  These evil, miscreant, anti-American, scuz are still living in the 1960’s.  I have NO doubt that the SPLC is also behind the biographies, NON STOP biographies of the Ku Klux Klan, circa 1960-1985, that is on the history channel 24/7, and NEVER a word about the Bolshevik destoyers on that channel.

Our laws means zero to these people. When a nation has ceased to obey its laws, the nation is no longer a nation, which is what the SPLC wishes to accomplish.  When we have no LAW, we have not GOD. PERIOD!!


Join me as I pray that GOD, himself will break them to pieces and stop any money supply. I mean SERIOUS prayer:

Dear GOD, maker of heaven and earth:

  I have prayed to you various times in the past, you heard my prayer, and punished enemies accordingly.  I am asking you if you will totally, completely obliterate the SPLC. Bankrupt them, and even allow Potok to have a massive cornonary that will stifle his evil any further. LORD, I do not ask this in haste, nor in any evil way.  Spare his life, that this demon may repent- yet paralyze this wicked spirit that Potok possesses.

LORD, we have had over 38,000 American citizens that have been innocent, they have been murdered at the hands of law-breaking, evil ‘people’ coming into our country, ILLEGALLY.  As usual, we have enemies of you and enemies of the freedom which you have given us, always fighting against TRUE GODLY justice. Potok and co. are some of those people. I ask that your glory may defeat this enemy.  They may have done good in the 60’s, but we are not in the 60’s.  We are here, this is now, they are CONSTANTLY DEFYING YOU, O LORD.


CONSUME these people with your spirit of holiness that lives on forever and ever.

בשמו של ישוע, אחד האדירים של ישראל


Please think of these people as you have prayed, weep for their families, weep because they had no activist ‘lawyers’ to defend THEM:

Visit this site, who expose the SPLC: Southern
Poverty Law Ctr – Beware SPLC ‘Hate’ Labels

FINALLY! MAN W/ Cojones Steps Up To Plate- How To Deal W/ ILLEGALS: ‘Death Penalty Appropriate’

Image DetailNichols said this week that anyone  entering the U.S. illegally should be shot and death penalty would be appropriate for anyone who violated our borders.

Read this article: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/08/12/2356342/washington-state-candidate-wont.html#ixzz1V2IDV19z


  Yep, its harsh.  It sho is.  But every other country EXCEPT America & Stupid UK has strict immigration rules.  The next City Councilman Nichols is 100% correct.  That is how we should deal with law-breaking alien scum.

Of course, the leftist phonies will take up for the ILLEGAL OCCUPIERS, because they have always hated Americas guts.

Take your phoney ass tears to these families-DO NOT COMMENT HERE, ‘liberals’ You have trashed this nation, payback is on the horizon.

Communist Propaganda On Behalf Of Illegal Occupiers

there is nothing to fear
This is what is on the forum I am a part of. There are actually many AMERICAN people that want these illegals here.  America has NO jobs for its own citizens, yet, these evil dreks in society want these illegal scum here—typical to use a KID.  Notice the kid has the Commie/Socialist fist? It makes me sick.  If these people love the Mehicans so damned much- MOVE TO MEXICO.