AZ Fires Probably Started by ILLEGALS.. Those Sweet “Undocumented” DEMOCRATS

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  I didn’t want to ‘go there’ with this. But even my husband feels that these ILLEGALS set these fires in AZ.   Probably with some help, too-like Marxist/Mexicans that have the audacity to call themselves “American.”  Let me tell you, I have NO tolerence with these sub-humans. I turn them in to I.N.S. as soon as I detect that they are illegal. I don’t care. I lived in a sanctuary city; Salinas, CA. And I do not want my little town up here in N. AZ turned into an illegal ghetto, forcing all of the elderly away, because that is what lives here; Elderly, and they do NOT deserve this.

Look at the links. You figure it out.


WHO CARES if they call people ‘racist’, it carries ZERO weight.
OF COURSE the ILLEGALS OCCUPIERS did this. Native Arizonans know how to deal with this, these slimes don’t- SEND THE F’ers BACK to Venezuela, Columbia and G’DAMNED FKN MEXICO!