The Cursed Destruction Of America. Deuteronomy Chapter 28 דְּבָרִים

The Cursed Destruction Of America. Deuteronomy Chapter 28 דְּבָרִים

I just read that Communist, filthy rag, “Think Progress”, they have an article, entitled: Spurs Answer Racist Response To Latino National Anthem Singer By Letting Him Sing Again at NBA.  They actually allowed the filth to sing a foreign anthem again. Once was not good enough.  They called the Americans who voiced outrage the usual tripe; bigots, racists. Just for being pissed off that a foreign anthem was being sung in their own country.

I see that we are cursed and the only way out is a total repentance to God. But, we are not going to see that because 50% or more of the population in this nation want no borders, language or culture. They WANT the curse. They LONG for it. They CRAVE being cursed.  Many “Conservative” people think the “immigration system needs to be fixed.”   What?  NO.  There are laws on the books, already.  They need to be enforced.  Illegals should be deported and more than a hundred illegals should be killed-it is an INVASION.   Instead of doing what the law demands, we have traitors that reward these foreign filth, citizenship.  And, the useless idiots help them with propaganda  of the worst sort against their fellow Americans

So, I read Deuteronomy 28 this morning and see that our land is completely cursed.  You an read it for yourself.  Deuteronomy 28 is evidence of our curse.  Click-Deuteronomy 28 

Quote from D. 28:

The stranger that is in the midst of thee shall mount up above thee higher and higher; and thou shalt come down lower and lower.