MADONNA’s Daughter Eager To Move Out & Move In With Her Father

Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes ‘eager to move out’.  How can you blame her?  Madonna is a big, fat hypocrite. Can you imagine your own mother being 54 years old, telling audiences that she will ‘get naked’ if a certain president gets into office, again?  Not only that..Madonna is super strict with her daughter.  The slut who is rumored to have had 4 abortions is strict with her daughter who was caught smoking. Lourdes is better off with her father.



The bitch loves the black Muslim in the white house, but,  Madonna drops ‘terror bride’ dress as not to offend the ‘peaceful’ Muslims..When the Sharia comes, we will demand she bows first…Really..this is Asshattery at its absolute finest..

The Mad Jewess, Oct 9, 2012  5:40 PM PST

Review: Madonna disappoints her audience in San Jose


From A Liberal Newspaper, Letter To The Editor: “Democrats Are Foes & Enemies Of The American Dream”

Up here in N. AZ, the people get what is happening & I find it amazing that a rare liberal newspaper would print such an anti-liberal, but accurate letter.


Edited his name for privacy reasons.  We certainly don’t want our friends to become his friends.

-David Ben Moshe

This Is Coming To America, Because The WHOLE WORLD Is Tired Of Left Wing BS

  Afraid This is news from Serbia.  You left wingers have totally destroyed this earth. Your blatant disrespect for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is going to bring terrible violence to America.  You wonder why Conservative Americans are acting wild now, even sort of looking ‘out of control’, in your stupid, fucked up, dumbass opinions…IT IS because of your tolerence of EVIL, and we are tired of it. When the violence comes to America like these pictures from Serbia the other day, look at yourselves to blame, for being disloyal, cowardly, debaucherous, totally immoral, and traitors to this nation—it will be YOUR fault. You had better change your ways, Dirty-Democrats & Rotten-RINOs.

Protesters in the Serbian capital Belgrade attack police protecting a Gay Pride march before setting fire to part of the ruling Democratic Party’s headquarters.

Serbian religious people are tired of the ‘gay’s and their infiltration into young mens lives.

Serbian Leftists take crosses from Monks, and now Monks and religious people are retaliating.