BREAKING NEWS Gen. Paul Vallely: Impeach Obama For #Benghazi Cover-Up

BREAKING NEWS Gen. Paul Vallely: Impeach Obama For Benghazi ‘Cover-Up’

But, we can’t impeach him because it’s racist.  Fact:  If Obama was a white man, he would have been forced to resign.   Which is what Obama should do instead of putting us through impeachment.   But, he won’t do that because he da bro.


SCOTUS OKs Obama Impeachment Proceedings?

SCOTUS OKs Obama Impeachment Proceedings?!

The truth: Impeachment is the investigation of the President. A successful impeachment ends with him being ejected from office.

Hat tip- CM Blake

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The Amazing Atheist Says: “IMPEACH OBAMA!” Many “Liberals” Calling For O’s Canning

The Amazing Atheist Says: “IMPEACH OBAMA!” Many “Liberals” Calling For O’s Canning

The atheist calls Obama a liar, a fascist. Hates the new O’MeriKa.  But, he voted 2x for the FREAK. Good, let the liberal cabal of nuttiness take care of this asshole.  Let THEM get called waycis, hater, xeno, bla bla bla just for standing against this Commie, terrorist-enabling idiot.  ‘Bout damned time these liberals are waking up.  Start looking for a CENTRIST.  I would rather have a Sheriff Joe type, but that aint gonna happen.  So, look for a CENTRIST.

Also, “The Young Turks”

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#BillOReilly? Hello Dummy!! PARTISAN #Commie Obama Purges 17 A.F. Officers Who Control Nuke Missiles

#BillO’Reilly? Hello Dummy, Partisan Obama purges 17 Air Force officers who control nuke missiles

Is this what YOUR ‘prez’ promised to Russia, O’Reilly? It’s amazing that YOU think patriots are ‘partisan’.  Bill, your name should be dumbshit.   Why do I pick on Bill so much?  Maybe b/c the GASBAG has 15 mil listeners every night.  So many of them a bunch of radicals that demand his bowing to the usurper filth.  I used to think this jackass was a tough guy.  I was SO wrong.  He is a weakass wimp.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Air Force stripped an unprecedented 17 officers of their authority to control

Click: Obama purges 17 Air Force officers who control nuke missiles

I am right about this idiot. Harvard did ZERO for this jerk-off.


#ResignObama-Washington Post Now Declares Obama Benghazi Explanation An Outright LIE

#BenghaziGate-Washington Post Now Declares Obama Benghazi Explanation An Outright LIE

It’s time for this cat to resign.  And, all of his staff with him.  Draft Trey Gowdy. Enough is enough.  Every day Obama assaults our freedoms.  We don’t even have that many left.

When the left-leaning Washington Post comes right out and declares something a lie – a Democratic presidential administration must be feeling the heat.

“Voters failed to do right thing.

Up to us now.  We intend to try another option.

Watergate him.  Not waterboard him.  Watergate him.

Don’t contact me again.”

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Justice Scalia: The Constitution is Dead. Impeach Obama NOW. Throw Him OUT. Cast Him OFF

We have NO country.  It was bad enough with GHWB, Clinton and GWB, but King Hussein Osama is the absolute nail in the coffin.  All we are is a people that exist.   How would we restore sanity?  Bring the lead birthers to the political table and hear them out.  We have been usurped.  

Justice Scalia: The Constitution is Dead  Hat Tip, Maziel


In March of this year, Congressman Walter Jones filed House Concurrent Resolution 107, which simply states that only the U.S. Congress, under Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, has the authority to declare war, and that any President who violates this cardinal principle of the Constitution may be subject to impeachment proceedings, under Article II. And of course, this is not simply a philosophical issue, as important that is, but a very real question as we see events in now, Africa, as well as the Middle East, and elsewhere, driving us in the potential direction of a war. And therefore, the role of Congress, as envisioned by the Founders, is pivotal in making sure that we don’t rush headlong into a conflict that could lead out of proportion into a general war.

Imagine A Pres That SUCKS So Bad, Everyone Wants His Impeachment Before Jan 20th

The Federalist Papers are the footnotes to the Constitution, and have the same force. Federalist Paper #28 reads in part, “Those who usurp their offices are to be thrown out with armed force.”

What I would like to know is… Where has everyone been for the last 4 years? Obama was not born in the USA. He is a Muslim, Kenyan usurper.  Why is this so hard to get?  There is proof all over the place.  He should have been thrown out of the DNC on 06/02/2008 when it was first revealed by TXDARLIN.  I can’t believe that men have allowed this lunatic to go this far.  

This evil, Muslim, half-breed, illegitimate bastard has been murdering people all over the planet.  He has taken our men all over hells half acres on killing sprees. 4 military men are dead from the Benghazi terrorist attack including an ambassador and nobody does anything?  Imagine if this was GWB.  I didnt like GWB, but nobody let him get away with anything.



I think ya’all may be too late.  This sob is already preparing for a WAR against Americans.  Besides, we will still be stuck with 20 million lunatic, Marxist, seditious leftists. 


I am weary now….of the APATHY of American people.  In my opinion, it’s deserved because we all sat back while this TYRANT has thrust this insanity down our throats for 4 years.


Obama’s BIG, FAT FAILURE! Obama-backed Egyptian DICTATOR, Morsi FLEES Palace!

This needs to happen HERE in USSA. Period!!
‘FREEDOM OR WE DIE’…<This is what WE should be doing.
Protesters break through police lines…<MORE of what WE should be doing!


Obama fails ONCE AGAIN. He is the biggest fail I have EVER seen. Ever.  Worse than Jimmy Carter.