Terrible, Nasty Sounding “Christian” Metal Band Called “Impending Doom”

View Image ARGH.. A friend told me about this wretched ‘music’. It is terrible. This ‘music’ honestly, to me, sounds like a person barfing to a car accident. These young Christians that listen to this absolute, vomitous crap, are sorely misled if they think this ‘music’ is ‘godly.’  These is nothing about God in this puke.

I have been fighting on Youtube about this dumb ‘music’, because they are trying to convince The Mad Jewess that this shit is ‘music’, that MY God will play in Heaven.  NO WAY.  I dont want to leave this earth, to go and listen to TRASH like this stomach-bile.  This absolute noise pollution reminds me of a bad dream.  Kinda like Harlem, NYC.. No