Breitbart Died @ 43 From Natural Causes? NO WAY

I do NOT believe Breitbart died of ‘natural causes’, AT ALL.   UPDATE: All of the sudden they are going to have an autopsy? For a Jewish man?  Yes, Breitbart was a Jew.  Jews don’t allow autopsy. So, they probably believe as I do, that he was possibly murdered.)

He just ‘collapsed?’ With all of the information he had. YEAH RIGHT.  The same way everyone around Hillary Clinton ‘just died’ ~SURE.

Breitbart, no doubt in my mind, has been murdered.  By the left. Period. He had videos of Obama from his college days. He knew too much, he was a ‘threat’ to these FKING MURDERERS.

In Memoriam: Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012)

{Maybe I am wrong,  I could be wrong-but he knew too much, he is a threat to the Bolsheviks, they are murderers.}

The Clinton Body Count

(We dont cater to conspiracy, here. However, I feel, that the ‘conspiracy’ is that he died of ‘natural causes‘. Let me be wrong. I hope I am wrong.)