Demo-FASCIST Bloggers tearing Massa apart, WHERE IS MEDIA MATTERS to report on THIS?

On the Huffington Post, they are tearing their own up. Massa/DEMOCRAT.

  Beck did a LOUSY interview with this sleazoid politician, BTW. He is a SNAKE….onward…

People that want to run for Ofc in the Demo-FASCIST party really ought to think twice; the demoFASCISTS are turncoats and jakobites. Onward from the bloggers:   “He is a maniac”, “delusional white men”, ETC..

Nothing from Media Matters about Rahm Emmanuels naked behavior. Of course, Frisch has to protect Rahm, the little Judenrat Bolshevik. “Birds of a Feather”  Too funny…. 

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Birds of a feather . . . .

Mano-a-mano. Maniac-a-maniac


They’re perfect for each other. Two bitter, angry, priviledged, dillusional white men who live in the closet.


I’m not sure you should pin all your hopes on a gay congressman from New York.

—–Anyway, you can go look at the implosion of the dummocrats. I thought the (R’s) were terrible, but this all takes the cake.  Eric Massa On Glenn Beck: Congressman Going Out SWINGING & ‘SILLY AND RIDICULOUS’

      Well, Massa, now you are freeeeeeeeeee……..from these animals.  Did you really think they were “FOR” your gayness, BTW?  That is the FIRST thing your buddies attacked. At least I am honest, I dont agree at ALL with homosexuality, I make no bones about it, but I would not have hung you out to dry, I have gay friends, they know how I feel, does not mean I love them less.

So-  hows that libo-tolerence working for ya, Sugar? I feel bad for you, but you should have known better. These people are animals.