Arizona Man Beheaded By Mexican Aggressers~Napolitano REFUSES To SHUT The Border

The hag, Napolitano says she can’t close the borders, because its ‘impossible’.  This is a bitch that should be fired along with ALL left-wing snakes. A month ago, the left wing was screaming at Brewer for her supposed ‘lying’ about beheadings in AZ.  Beheadings take place all the time, now it is infiltrated into America, and we have the most incompentent pieces of shit in the White House who refuse to protect Americans. WHERE ARE THE TEARS FOR THIS MAN? WHERE IS THE RAGE THAT ANOTHER AMERICAN IS MURDERED!?


Martin Alejandro Cota-Monroy’s body was discovered in his Arizona apartment on October 10, stabbed and beheaded in what police authorities believe was the act of Mexican drug cartel assassins – as decapitations are a typical symbol of the violent Mexican narcotics gangs. The gruesome discovery has U.S. government officials worried that Mexican-oriented drug wars may be spilling over the border into neighboring U.S. states.

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Arizona Beheading Raises Fears of Drug Violence