CUOMO Should Be Tried For Crimes Against Humanity. He Is A MASS-MURDERING DEMOCRAT. This ISN’T About “Harassment”

CUOMO Should Be Tried For Crimes Against Humanity. He Is A MASS-MURDERING DEMOCRAT. This ISN’T About “Harassment”

This nation is out of its collective mind. Only in AMERIKA can a ‘leader’ (and I mean leader in the loosest sense) get away with mass murdering 10’s of thousands of people -but be ‘brought up’ on ‘harassment’ charges. This is INSANE.

The whole focus right now is that Cuomo ‘sexually harassed’ some women. What a bunch of crap!! This EVIL SOB mass-murdered grandparents. Sent COVID patients to nursing homes which killed off the elderly IN those nursing homes.


What the hell does anyone give a rats ass that he acted like a typical, powerful male?! He did what any male in power does with the women around him. You stupid chicks need to learn how to kick some ass for gods sakes!

Harassment overrules MURDER here in AmeriKa! LUNACY.

The Left called Trump, “Hitler”, yet here we have a MASS MURDERING DEMOCRAT Governor and the Left is SILENT!! They only care if it is ‘harassment’ against women. They only care if they can make $$$$ off of #METOO. Sickening! Only the right is “Hitler” & “NAZI”…..But, it is the LEFT that is mass-murdering people!

This nation is focking nuts.

Even stupid Seth Mandel chimed in….

Should Governor Cuomo be charged with murder? – Law Officer


Communist Democrat Terrorist Vegans Storm #ChickFilA & Hold Children Hostage With Knives

Communist Democrat Terrorists Storm #ChickFilA & Hold Children Hostage With Knives  HAT TIP –  Joshua Feuerstein

Democrat Tyrants are terrorizing the whole nation, calling everyone else fascists as they now hold up a Chick Fil A:

Don’t let your family or friends ANYWHERE near a Communist, Democrat, Vegan wack-job Terrorist.

Florida Lesbian (Obama Voter) Murdered Former Lovers Daughter B/c Of Homosexual Church Sermons..

Florida Lesbian (Obama Voter) Murdered Former Lovers Daughter B/c Of Homosexual Church Sermons..

This Lesbian was in church and claims she heard a ‘divine’ voice tell her to kill her lover’s daughter because of the story of Abraham or something like that.     But, never mind… because this woman is insane & I  don’t want to ‘preach’ right now, myself…    BUT:  Why did this happen? Because a ‘homosexual church’ or a ‘gay synagogue’ is not a holy place at all.    It is a place where people worship their own flesh, NOT God.    You cannot serve God AND mammon.   It’s one or the other.  Every sort of confusion & evil will end up being preached in a ‘church’ that is not teaching what is right in the eyes of God, ditto a Synagogue/Temple.

Fornication is sin.   Is it unforgivable?   Yes, I believe so if true repentance is in the heart.   BUT:  God loves virginity and purity.  Keeping yourself pure before holy matrimony is a beautiful thing.    People can be gay all day long.  Some women were born with more testosterone as are some men born with more Estrogen.  That is not the issue.  The issue is #1:  Having sex outside of marriage.  ANY sex.  #2:  God says that 2 people that lie together of the same sex is abominable.  So, burn in lust all day long: That is not the sin.  The sin is acting it out.    #3:  What can we expect from Obama voting nutcases?

See this story: Lesbian who murdered her former lover’s daughter, 2, and attempted to kill her son, 10, left a note explaining she was inspired to do it by a sermon in a homosexual church

Two weeks ago, a DailyMail report said that a Florida mental health counselor accused of murdering her lesbian lover’s two-year-old daughter wrote a note claiming a sermon by a lesbian pastor inspired the killing.

^  Nuf sed  ^

Terrorist-Enabler @SenJohnMcCain Angry With Terrorist-Supporting Obama’s Prisoner Exchange

Terrorist-Enabler @SenJohnMcCain Angry With Terrorist-Supporting Obama’s Prisoner Exchange

Pot. Kettle. Black.

We ALL already know that Obama is a terrorist enabler & sympathizer..

People ask me why I ‘pick on John McCain’.  I live in Arizona.   And, if the search engines fill up enough that his crimes against humanity reach my newspaper, then I will have done my job.   I am thinking and praying of starting a rebellion against McCain up here.  I know I’m a female and this would be hard because I am emotional, but maybe this is something I can do…  Perhaps I can plead with Mr Putin to finance the rebellion with truths, pictures of McCain with terrorists, photos of McCain in Ukraine, etc..  I’m asking God about it.   If I am able, then I will have helped the whole planet as John McCain is the biggest terrorist supporter in the world.

At any rate.. Here is the sick bastard, John McCain saying:

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said that the detainees transferred from Guantanamo to Qatar, where they are to stay for at least a year, the Post added, “are hardened terrorists who have the blood of Americans and countless Afghans on their hands. I am eager to learn what precise steps are being taken to ensure that these vicious and violent Taliban extremists never return to the fight against the United States and our partners or engage in any activities that can threaten the prospects for peace and security in Afghanistan.”

Really Johnny?  What do you call this?


McCain with Svoboda Party Neo Nazi (in the middle)

Whiter than white Pot John McCain Calling the Obama Kettle Black? John McCain calls Obama naive, while posing repeatedly with both islamic terrorists and Ukraine Neo-Nazis

The ONLY way to change things is to call out the drek in both parties.  I call things as I see em.  John McCain is a cold, calculated bastard. He is just as guilty as Obama. Period.

Civil War In Ukraine, Thanks To @SenJohnMcCain, “$10,000 For Every Russian Head” Poster In Kiev

Civil War In Thanks To @SenJohnMcCain, “$10,000 For Every Russian Head” Poster In Kiev

This is what John McCain and his pals, the NGO have brought to Ukraine: Mass chaos, disorder and potential WWIII.  Many people point the finger at Russia and Putin.  Putin didnt start ANY violence in Ukraine.  None.   I point the finger to the violent perps:  John McCain, Sen. Murphy and Victoria Nuland.  They must be thrown out.

This one says it all:

Things will not change until NATO is disbanned. It is a force of over-throwing elected governments now.  That’s all. Nothing more.

Communist “Jews” In Israel Fund & Support Illegal Africans In Israel: Africans DEMAND To Be Citizens

Communist “Jews” In Israel Fund & Support Illegal Africans In Israel:  Africans DEMAND To Be Citizens

There is a good amount of patriotic American Jews. As well as Israeli patriots.. Please note that. Mark Levin, Michael Savage, Steve Malzberg, Pamela Geller, etc.. We are like any other people/s in America–we have our good AND bad & then, very bad:.

The reason that many Liberal (Communist) ‘Jews’ (like Max Blumenthal) support treason is because they hate God & the true Torah.  Communist Jews,  have been following a ‘faith’ that was reformed by a very evil “Rabbi” in the late 1700’s in EU.   He reformed many Orthodox synagogues into Communist synagogues.  He encouraged the illegal issue which we have now.  Commie “Jews” and non-Jewish leftists go hand in hand and work together to destroy the west and have for over 100 years.  They have a lot in common and are both led by lying ideologies.   Its a fact.   Read Rabbi Antleman’s book: TO ELIMINATE THE OPIATE, VOL.1 VOL.2

Sad part about this is the fact that these Communist Jews think their ‘faith’ is the true Judaism even though none of their actions show true Torah deeds/Mitzvahs. The Jewish people in each country are supposed to encourage the laws of the land, be fierce patriots OF the land that hosts them, like my husband and I.  They are supposed to take care of the nations majority and pray for the peace of the majority at ALL times.  Not build up minorities to disrespect the majorityThey are supposed to be like Haym Solomon: CLICK

In the book link above, (To eliminate the opiate) you can see how secular Jews are following a LIE which they believe is “Judaism.”

Just a thought..

You know David Duke, right?  He encourages Max Blumenthal.  Blumenthal is for total open borders in America as well as Israel..  SO, how does that make David Duke ‘pro white, Christian America?’   It doesn’t.  He’s not.

Leo Terrell “Stop Hating Blacks”. NO-Blacks Need To STOP Hating White People! LIAR!

Leo Terrell “Stop Hating Blacks”.  NO-Blacks Need To STOP Hating White People! LIAR!

I will tell you the truth.. I absolutely HATE this racial politics, but given the state of white people’s battles against racist blacks……I cannot ignore this.

Obama’s nasty sons are beating, raping and robbing white people all over America.  Now, they have a new ‘game’ called “Knockout” white people.  Leo Terrell is nuts.   He is talking about Idaho, WY and UT.    Saying they are ‘apartheid’ states.. Gimme a break.  Utah, WY and Idaho do not have huge industry outside of their FEW cities.   Any person of any race can live in any of these states, aforementioned.   This dude is a complete fruit loop and he is deflecting off of the REAL issue: “Black on White Crime.”   Liar, oppressor and stupid, disingenuous jackass.


#Commie Lib Lady Beats Christian Man b/c She Was WRONG About Constitution While Debating

#Commie Lib Lady Beats Christian Man b/c She Was WRONG About Constitution While Debating


There are 2 videos in the link, below.  In the 2nd video, this ‘teacher’ says that there is a ‘separation of church and state’, there is nothing in the Constitution that says that.  In fact, it was ruled out as perjury many years ago.  What is really means:  A CHURCH, is not allowed to coerce governing policies.  For eg; the Mormons cannot come into the government and start demanding the government adhere to THEIR religion.

All of our founders were CHRISTIANS.  They did not cancel out God just because you heathen leftists do, now.

As usual; I stand my ground.  “Liberals” are always liars and time for them to REPENT.

Click: Alleged Teacher Goes Ballistic, Beats Christian Ministry Workers With Her Purse Following Church vs. State Debate

America reminds me of Rome where they persecuted Christians to death.  How much longer before the Commie stench eats Christians as the cannibal slimes did to that man in Syria??  Don’t you worry, Christians. I’m also Christian.  We’ll fight them til they all drop.  (Its hard being a Jew AND a Christian, that’s how I was born and I choose both.)

Update-Bernie Sanders: “We Don’t Want To Cut Billionaires Taxes, We’ll Just Cut The Vets Off?” What?

Bernie Sanders: “We Don’t Want To Cut Billionaires Taxes, We’ll Just Cut Vets Off”

EDIT by David Ben Mosh (Please read MarshalInfidel’s Comment, below):

Marshal Infidel x

Submitted on 2012/12/13 at 6:46 PM

MJ, After listening to the full video, I believe you have made an error of misunderstanding in Sen. Sanders’s comments with regard to veteran’s benefits…. his comments re Veteran’s Benefits begins at ~ the 09:40 minute mark and concludes at ~ the 11:10 minute mark…

Please listen again and tell me if it is I that is mistaken…


A commenter on Youtube:



Vets – Wake Up.

Reactivate your soldier strawman and go arrest these war criminal scum