Cops In Lootersville, ChiTown: “Let Gangs Shoot Each Other”. Good Idea, Guys:

Cops In Lootersville, ChiTown: “Let Gangs Shoot Each Other”. Good Idea, Guys:

Because….This way, the anti all Police troglodytes cant say anything and the Left will be crying over their future voters.  Let the Cops allow the gangs to duke it out.  Who gives a damn anymore.  Theyre animals, let them lose their souls..The cops must have had a movie night watching the Godfather..

Cops in Lootersville, Chitown say about gangs… “Let ‘Em Do It” Chicago PD Scanner Audio Suggests Cops Let Gang Members Shoot Each Other!

Affirmative Action Comes To Brazil. Brazilians Guilty NOW For What Happened In The 1800’s (Black Slavery)

Affirmative Action Comes To Brazil. Why? Brazilians Guilty Now For What Happened In The 1800’s.

Brazil: Another western nation will bite the dust.  Brazil has a Communist in charge, there.  She plans to give 20% of the government jobs to the blacks living in Brazil.  Why were black people not able to make it when Brazil was more capitalisitic?  I would like to know.  Is it the fault of the people who enslaved them until 1888?  Gimme a break.

How long are the Communists going to continue using the slavery card?  My guess is up until the year 2525.  If Brazilians allow this, they just deserve what they’ve got coming. Period.  Affirmative action will put the white-featured, bronze-colored Brazilians out of work.


MLK’s Nitemare: America WORSHIPS Black People’s SKIN, NOT Their Character

MLK’s Nitemare: America  WORSHIPS Black People’s SKIN, NOT Their Character


…And, this is a tragedy for black Americans like Doreen Borelli, Al West, Ben Carson, Larry Elder, Alan Keyes, Thomas Sowell, Pastor Manning, etc.  Who DO have excellent characters.  Are God fearing individuals who have loved our once great nation, are excellent citizens and respected people.

America worships black skin, not character content.  MLK said that he wanted black people & humans in general – to be judged by their content.   I have not studied MLK.  I’ve been too busy fighting off his people who pretend to possess the attributes of brotherly love but act like barbarians and heathen pigs.  They clearly do not possess humanity:  murdering, raping and robbing whites–even killing each-other.  If this was MLK’s dream…You can shove it up your ass. I don’t want it, thank you very much.

51% of American people re-elected Barack HUSSEIN Obama.  An enemy to America.  A hater OF America.  A human-hating, war-mongering, colonial, imperialist, Communist, Muslim hybrid.  When he was elected, the Liberal blacks in NYC had posters that claimed; “The dream, realized.”  The dream is a nitemare for the WHOLE of America. In fact, a minority in charge has been a disaster.  Black liberals are too busy screaming “THATS RACIST” to anyone that opposes their Messiah, Obama.  Clearly proving that THEIR majority knows NOTHING about American politics.  They elected in this PSYCHO because they WORSHIPED his skin color, not his politics & certainly NOT his character.  Obama will turn on liberal black people. He already has.  Paybacks a bitch.


Americans worship the skin of the JayZ’s, The Beyonce’s, the Rhianna’s.  Not for their music, because their ‘music’ is vomitous.  It’s not even music.  Not anything like the sounds of the 30’s-80’s which black Americans blessed the public with.

MLK’s Nitemare. America WORSHIPS Black People’s SKIN, NOT Their Character

….And, I pray that more people realize this.  That God will be with the black conservatives in their fight against the drek among them. That God would help the fighters against rabid black racism against white people.  That God would give me and my husband strength to fight nasty, ugly-spirited, anti-freedom, God-hating, Liberal-Communist Jews who help enable the WORST in the black community:

#ZimmermanTrial: “If Da Dude Let Go, It Should Be National Kill A Cracka Day”

Zimmerman: “If Da Dude Let Go, It Should Be National Kill A Cracka Day”

Here is the Tweet: Click

And, that Tweet is small potatoes.  Look at what TIME Mag says: TIME Magazine says ‘preparing for Trayvon Martin riots is racial fear mongering

I believe they should let the Negroes riot if they want. It a free country, aint it?  They will clean out the ghettos for us just as they did during Watts and Rodney King riots.  Or, as Al Sharpton says: “Do you think we stupid?”

POTOK Is Cathol-O-Phobic-Become A Nun Or Sing Ave Maria, Piss Of The SPLC! They HATE Nuns, Now!

Believe it or not, the SPLC has put NUNS on their “hate” list… If this is hatred, just what the hell is love??  AmeriKa is opposite land.  Down is up, up is down, right is wrong, wrong is right and now the Nuns are labeled ‘haters.’

Potok needed a mean Catholic school-teacher.  Who does this DREK think is nice, decent and sweet?  Damien Omen?  Charles Manson? David Berkowitz? 

See what Free Republic reported about this insanity..

This is what the Nuns  sing–get it memorized! Take it to the SPLC HQ and sing these songs really, super loud.. Exorcise the demon out of Dees and Potok LOL:

Light inspirational
Gregorian Chant

Traditional Catholic Hymns
Traditional Catholic Lenten Hymns

....This may get ugly, Potok.

Piss Off Mark Potok the little pansy:


CO Meets Resistance Re. New Gun CONTROL Measure, Yet Screws It’s People & Passes It, Anyway

Colorado House approves new guncontrol measures despite resistance 

Take a good, hard look at the person with the emotional, menopausal, insanity who is thrusting this bill through: “Enough is enough. I’m sick and tired of bloodshed,” said Democratic Rep. Rhonda Fields.

How do men of America feel, knowing that stupid, half-wit, emotional, crazy, minority females are telling them how to run a state and country?  Does this idiot realize that her people are the biggest perps of gun-violence, rape, murder and robberies in America?? Why is she not out trying to help them get under control?  

Let me tell you something.  Gun control is RACIST…Against white people.

The proposed ammunition restrictions limit magazines to 15 rounds for firearms, and eight for shotguns. Three Democrats joined all Republicans voting no on the bill, but the proposal passed 34-31.

Read more: here

Muslims Want To Kill Kim Kardashian For Praying For EVERYONE In Israel

CLICK: Muslims threaten to kill Kim Kardashian after “Praying for everyone in Israel” .  This is what should be expected from a ‘peaceful’ religion.  #SAVAGES. Like Geller says.  I don’t pray for people that hate everyone who refuses to bow to their sick, demented, moonbat ‘g’od.

ANYWAY-We should expect this insanity since we have a Muslim as the current fraud prez and NOBODY will oust him. 

Side note: Kim should really try marrying someone that is white & stop pushing the Marxist racial mixing all over young women..

Rich Girl...

Old Hag, MADONNA Is Wanted In Russia (By Russian Persecutors) For Her Marxist, Homosexual Propaganda

AmierKans: Madonna is the united states ‘status quo.’  But, in sane places, like Russia, her Commie/Marxist, pro homo ass-hattery is not wanted.  See, in Russia, they believe that Adam is for Eve, not Steve.  I hope the Russians send the KGB and lock the dizzy bitch up.

This is what people think about Madonna on Youtube:

Madonna of the American epitome of morality. You’re a fucking bitch. America is an immoral country.


Man, I’m starting to fall in love with Russia. They have far better moral value than the Americans!


Go Russia! Ban that sodomite bullcrap! They are standing up for morality more than the United States government is, that’s for damn sure!


Soon, America will allow Human–Animal marriage too. What a immoral country!


Romney Wants To Aid “Rebel” Al Qaeda In Syria Against Assad?!

Romney wants more US involvement in Syria

Are Muslim/Kenyan policies Romney’s policies?  Have we not had enough of the Obama bullshit?  Now, Romney wants to continue Obamas war-mongering.  Come on idiots… Think.  What did we hear about Assad before OBAMAS Arab Spring? NOTHING.  Assad just started murdering off his people out of no where?  You really believe that?  Are you insane?  

So, Romney is a Kenyan/Muslim ass kisser as well.  If this article is truth, Romney is also FOR Obama’s Kenyan, anti-colonial policies.  He is the liberal wet dream.  I cant stand these bastards.  I told you I would not this jerk get away with HIS insanity as well.  This idiot does not listen to Russia and China advising to stay out of Syria’s Civil war.  It is evident.  Romney ALSO wants a war with Russia and China.  His stance on Syria is proof.


Upstate NY H.S. Hockey Team Booted For Being “Too Good”~Ya Can’t Make This Stuff Up..

Unbelievable.  Lets look at it from the Mad Jewess’s perspective… IF this was an all black team, and they were ‘too good’, it would be all over the news, they would play all over and win.  But, not so for white AmeriKa. See this unbelievable insanity:

Top soccer team booted from playoffs for strange technicality (They are ‘evil’ white girls.)

Holland girls soccer