Net Servers Down Worldwide. But It Mostly Affected The Leftists. Lol.

Net Servers Down Worldwide But It Mostly Affected The Leftists. Lol.

CNNLOL, NYSlimes, Amazon, Mozilla….LMAOFF. Who cares. If the whole net goes down, I have about 5 Bibles. I have Trivial Pursuit. I have books and magazines. I have my imagination.

Let it all crash and burn. I don’t even care anymore.

Akhenaten, Pharoah Obama To Sign Some Evil “Cyber-Security, E.O.” Bill~He’s Becoming King Of The Internet

Obama is the most evil person on the earth right now.  He reminds me of “Akhenaten”, ancient heretic Pharoah over Egypt.  Now, King Obama is busy trying to seduce the world with his new “Cyber-‘security” bill..Don’t worry sheep..He is so gooooood and everything he does is so wonderful, royal, bla bla bla… The cat is so demonic.  I tried to hope for a few days, then I watched many videos this afternoon… Oodles of Jews and Christians (Buddhists, too!) think Obama is some devil-beast.. I have to agree with all three arguments.  I always imagine Obama’s true nature being revealed as a son of Lucifer… I can see him in that fake smile and phoney tears.. He really is creepy.

Obama has his little satanlings running around for him, messing with people/s stats on their blogs, and Youtubes.  They are called “Obama’s Cyber-Warriors”.  See it if you have not:   DHS Insider: Obama’s cyber warriors & preparing for collapse

Here is the latest devilish executive order that Hussein wants to thrust on the whole world: White House poised to release cybersecurity executive order on Wednesday

He is an EVIL Pharoah!!!  You all are going to find out how bad he is….Stay tuned. Don’t listen to what this imposter-jokerman says…WATCH what he does.

Did that scare you?? GOOD!


GOP-Controlled Congress Needs 2 ENFORCE “Fairness Doctrine” On Left Wing Media, TV, Internet, ETC

SEE: Return of ‘Fairness Doctrine’? This is unacceptable: Left-Wing Talk Radio: ‘I Wish I Could Choke Rush’

Go to fullsize imageWe need to push this stupid “fairness doctrine” on left wing media outlets all over; TV, internet, radio, etc.  They have NO balance. Congress: GET OFF YOUR ASS.

   If they bring people onto their shows that are “T-partiers” they rip them up and tear them apart. Everything is the “T-party’s” fault now, which is a LIE. The T-party people are totally NON violent. Which, to be quite frank is why I will not join. They are not tough, imo, so they really do NOT know how to handle this new left-wing, whereas people like myself, and other brazen bloggers & talkers DO know how.

   Since they cannot seem to report anything but very demeaning TV, Radio, etc..It is time for Congress to step up to the plate to bring a little unity- we can’t have Keith Slobberman, Anti-CHRIST Matthews and Rachel MADdome slandering 68% of the populace on a daily basis. They have taken their freedom of speech, used it, & abused it NON STOP to attack Americans, which is not free speech anymore, it is slander and libel. Then, they cry like the evil pigs they are, when Americans feel they have to retaliate.



{BTW: Loughner was NOT just ‘nuts’, he was a far left wing radical that read The Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf=BOTH left wing, evil, anti-American books. He targeted Giffords, a centrist Dem. IT WAS A POLITICALLY MOTIVATED SHOOTING, PERIOD.}

It’s A Dictatorship, Stupid! Internet, Food, Healthcare, ETC..

Come on. WTF do we keep screwing around for? When do we throw these bastards out?Where are you pieces of shit ‘liberals’? Huh? No Mas Internet for you too, dummies.  There will not be enough bandwidth for you to spread your evil and spying propaganda, Media Matters and your Why Equality Matters Bullshit..

  I have been reading all day long The FCC’s Threat to Internet Freedom,, and I said this would happen last year. What more will it take before MEN do something? It is a dictatorship, stupid!! When they are after your food, it is genocide.   I remember people coming to this website to tell me I was ‘bat-shit insane’. I am not insane, you are stupid as shit.   Especially you dumbass ‘liberal’ Jews.  Holocaust is coming and you still worship the moonbat-messiah.. DO NOT come here to tell me that “The Mad Jewess is hitler”  YOU HELPED PUT HITLER IN MY WHITE HOUSE.

  This ‘health-care’ bill is also dictatorial and you all know it.  I pray that God will make my health strong to get through the holocaust of America, so I can watch you ‘liberals’ get sold out first. You DO know that you WILL be the first dissidents? Oh, I can’t wait until you are starving to death, then I will say; HEY, REMEMBER ME! I was the one that you said was bat-shit insane!… It is you that is insane! Go talk to your own selves…. Click here:



  People watched what was happening, just like me in Germany and Russia, they warned Germany and Russia that they were about to come under dictatorship, and the masses made fun of them too- How funny was it to watch your friends/grandparents gassed in Germany, or starved to death in Russia?  Dictatorship IS here. It will descend more and more everyday. When an administration cannot even put the days aside for holidays to thrust through agenda, what the hell do you think this is? It is not America anymore, and men are M.I.A., while we sink into the abyss of tyranny and dictatorship. 

Thomas Jefferson wrote about when a govt gets too tyrannical, and it has nothing to do with the ballot box….You get the drift, YET?


Absolute, imperious, or overbearing power or control.

View Image



We all know that they were FULL OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s Official – The FCC Will Vote to Take Over the Internet in Dece…

by Seton Motley

Just this past Friday, we warned you that a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) December Internet power grab was probably coming.

Well, we now know that it is – and it may be even worse than we thought.

Details have been sketchy, and successive reports often contradictory, but what follows is what seems to be looming over us in December. (We will know for sure on Wednesday, November 24 – if the FCC maintains its current December 15 meeting date.)

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski appears to be preparing to dramatically increase the FCC’s regulatory role over the Internet (in TWO ways; more on that later).

He is doing so without the necessary Congressional authority – which he himself acknowledges he doesn’t have. And he is doing so by torturing and twisting the regulatory language he is drafting – so as to keep this extraordinary dictatorial seizure within the current Title I confines.

The latter is for The Chairman merely an optical effort. If he can feign the appearance of remaining within Title I, he avoids Reclassification to Title II – against which many of us have long been rightly fighting. He will then portray his fealty to Title I as testament to the alleged “moderation” of his (un)modest proposal.

This will be a totally bogus assertion, but he will make it – and the media will inparrot-esque fashion repeat it. The Chairman should bring crackers to the press conference.

Free Press and the Media Marxists – who have long cried for Title II Reclassification – will on cue rail against The Chairman’s “sell-out.” This will further “bolster” his claim that he has found the magical, mystical Third Way – winding a path between the leftist Open Internet absolutists and the evil telecom companies.

The Chairman should also bring nuts to the press conference – in case Free Press & Co. show up.

(An aside: How are the telecom companies “evil” – when they have invested hundreds of dollars in building the Internet infrastructure? Which has resulted in the free speech, free market Web Xanadu we consumers all currently enjoy. Free Press and the Media Marxists haven’t invested a dime – yet they somehow successfully lay claim to the mantle of “consumer advocates.”)

Of course, this attempted sleight of regulatory hand does not get The Chairman past one glaring problem – the D.C. Circuit Court has already unanimously ruled that the FCC doesn’t have the authority to regulate the Internet under Title I – at least as far as enforcing Network Neutrality is concerned. (Which is why Free Press & Co. have been clamoring for Title II Reclassification.)

And Net Neutrality is why The Chairman has engaged in – and forced us all to endure- this one year-plus kabuki dance. Testimonium – The Chairman now looks poised to have the FCC again attempt to enforce Net Neutrality – under his now stretched-beyond-all-recognition Title I. What a short, selective memory he has.

And most economically destructive of all – it appears The Chairman will try to impose Net Neutrality not just on wired broadband Internet service – but on wireless “smart phones” as well.

This would be a titanic overreach by The Chairman – and an immense blow to the economy. The uncertainty caused just by The Chairman’s prolonged flirtation with the Media Marxists and their ridiculous Internet notions has already cost us billions of dollars in private sector Web investment.

The cost in investment dollars and jobs lost when Net Neutrality is actually imposed will be cataclysmic.

These aren’t the fake “saved or created” jobs of the alleged “stimulus” – these are very real jobs denied or destroyed by the ridiculous and ridiculously damaging Net Neutrality. Imposed by an FCC and its Chairman who know in advance that they do not have the authority to do so.

What will follow will be years of litigation forced upon us by The Chairman – to undo what he knew beforehand he didn’t have the authority to do.

What will follow will be years of diminished and diminishing Web capacity, caused by an absurd policy wrongfully jammed down our throats by a dictatorial, rogue Executive Branch Commission.

What will follow will be years of stagnant or declining job growth, as investment capital rightly flees a regulation-constricted Internet which is no longer amenable to free market success.

What will follow this essay may very well determine the free market, free speech future of the Internet – are you ready to place some calls and send some emails and faxes to protest this preposterous policy proposal and demand that it never be enacted?

Stay tuned – we will soon tell you how you can be a part of the preventative solution.

Obamas MASSIVE Scrubbing Of Internet Update, S.S. # PLUS

Hurricane Electric Internet Services 

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 The YES WE CAN scrub of the internet.

This is Obama-Land, this is the NO FREE SPEECH ZONE. This is the Marxist dream, people. This is the usurped America, this is our worst nitemare that McCarthy WARNED us about, and regretfully, we did NOT listen. And here are the people, alive, and well, in our W.H., in control, ruling like Hitler-ettes, & Stalinites.

See Below:

Go right here: Did Barack Obama get his Social Security Number in Connecticut? (042-68-????) then, look at the the paragraph, it says on the first paragraph, ‘here’;

{See: If you go >>>>> here and do a find for 042-68 you’ll see what purports to be the first part of Barack Obama’s Social Security Number. According to the Social Security Administration, the 042 prefix indicates that the number was obtained in Connecticut:} 

 You will see the above “Hurricane Electric Internet Services.”  Now, just who the hell is that?

The LYING leftists who pretended to be  for the Constitution are what I always thought they were; Control freaks, mind-fucks, and ungodly sonofabitches that should be shot for treason.


The NEWS is going to go BUST.
Then, the INTERNET and telecommunications.
For those whose father is really rich, nobody caresHe will lose it too.

The fascists are going after our VOICE, they dont need the ‘guns.’  Why?? Because if YOU dont know what they are doing, they will just come and take it anyway.  As written in the communist goals ‘for’ America:

Infiltrate the press.

21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

They already have siezed most of this, and are looking to OUST radio, and SILENCE THEM.  Their followers have told ME, (in paltalk chat) that I need to be “SILENCED FOREVER.”    Nice….. ‘peace-filled liberals’…what a JOKE.

Yes, the FASCISTS are preparing this, BUT…we ARE BLESSED right now.  We still have chances, right here, right now, to get this word out, in some way.

Well, did you EVER think in your LIFE that The cars and banks.. would be.. GOVERNMENT OWNED?? FASCISM, fascism, Fascism. Saying this is ‘socialism’ is lenient.

Do you all REALIZE what this will do to people? They will absolutely know NOTHING about what is going on, follow the DICTATOR right into the OVENS.  These enemies of our soul have even got into many Christians peoples minds that they must ‘follow and obey the govt.’  Many Christians are praying for Obamas “success” because his success will be our success.  Imagine that?? SHEEP.
You dont pray FOR Obamas success, you pray that evil will be DESTROYED, and we get delivered.

Anyway…one day, we will turn on our computers, and there will be none, soon, soon–  One day we will turn on our radios and TVs, and the ONLY thing that will be on, is HUSSEIN Obama, advising us of our descent into the abyss,  DEMANDING that we SUBMIT to this goverment.  You dont think this will happen??