Russia Withdraws Troops From Ukrainian Border Even Tho US Media Claimed They Were Going To “INVADE” Ukraine This Wk. Lol. US Media LIES Again

Russia Withdraws Troops From Ukrainian Border Even Tho US Media Claimed They Were Going To “INVADE” Ukraine This Wk. Lol. US Media LIES Again

Gotta admit that Vladimir Putin knows how to play Chess.. He plays an excellent game of Chess as the western media moonbats play Lego’s. Bunch of lying jerks.

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They LIE about everything. Every, single thing. But, many moonbats just believe them. They believe the media so much that they even allowed their bodies to be punctured.

China: “Will Open Fire On US Troops If US Defends Taiwan”. Russia: “Prepares For War W/ US” – IF True, Murderous, War-Mongering US Govt Must Be ECSTATIC

China Will: “Open Fire On US Troops If They Defend Taiwan”. Russia: “Prepares For War W/ US”. IF True, Murderous, War-Mongering US Govt Must Be ECSTATIC

The war-mongering US GOVT must be having orgasm’s at the thought of going to war—again. Nothing like a good ‘ol WW3 to satisfy the lust for blood… Smedley Butler had it ALL so correct.

This Youtube came to me via email, courtesy of 0live:

At any rate.. Let’s watch and see what is going to transpire. This may be hype. I don’t know. In any event, God has given me dream after dream of Russia and Chinese invasion of the US. See here.


Henry Gruver (A prophetic man) had quite a few prophecies of a Russian invasion in America:


PS: Although I am Independent, you must know that the #Democrat Party Starts ALL World Wars & Proxies. Now #Dems Want WWIII W/ #Russia:

jOBAMA Is Destroying The United States Military USING The Kill Shot Vaccine Mandate GARBAGE.

jOBAMA Is Destroying The United States Military USING The Kill Shot Vaccine MANDATE GARBAGE.

I don’t see it any other way. First off:

  1. The vaccines have killed tens of thousands of Americans. What Commander in their right mind would disarm their military?? STUDY: Our Government’s Own Data Reveals that at Least 150,000 Probably DEAD in U.S. Following COVID-19 Vaccines
  2. I read this morning that some lawyers drafted articles of impeachment: Filed Against Biden, (Which is a waste of time considering it will not remove him and only put more horrible people in power)
  3. The worst thing yet: Biden: Treat Troops Who Refuse Vax the Same as Deserters, Spies, Murderers 

The Commie-Crats are using two case scenarios:

A. The Vaccine. “They” (the powers that be) KNOW that this vaccine is poison. They KNOW that at least half of the military members will refuse it. Then, they simply name these soldiers as ‘threats to the community’ and voila, they throw out half of the military. Just like that, they have disarmed America.

B. Communist, Race-hustling and Homosexualizing the Military: There ARE Leftists in the military ranks indoctrinating young, American men to be white hating bigots and SJW’s. jOBAMA has to ‘sift out’ the men who hate Leftists through Communist programming. Just more disarming.

C. All of this is a set-up to encourage countries to attack us when we are unarmed. Russia and China are watching this disaster and licking their chops.

D. Do you understand that this is a plan? This is the Democrat plan to ‘finish off’ America for good.

I don’t see it ANY other way.

Our future, (since the GOP will do absolutely nothing):

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How Hiroshima had come to an end — Steemit
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I HOPE None Of My Apocalyptic/Prophetic Dreams Come To Pass

I HOPE None Of My Apocalyptic/Prophetic Dreams Come To Pass

Sorry my video is so dark.  Its hot. So, Im in a shady room.  

My Prophetic Dreams From Years 2009-2020-Russia/Chinese Invasion, War In USA & Mass Chaos, By: The Mad Jewess

My Prophetic Dreams From Years 2009-2020-Russia/Chinese Invasion, War In USA & Mass Chaos. & Our Statement Re. Russia/Ukraine

My Prophetic Type Dreams Of Russia/Chinese Invasion, War In USA & Mass Chaos From 2009-2020, The Mad Jewess

Dreams are not “Gospel” but potential warning from the Lord.

God is my church, God is my synagogue.  Im not anyone special. I just have very apocalyptic dreams of warnings to America.  Im not a ‘religious’ person, per se.  Not a ‘religious’ Jew or a ‘religious’ Christian.  Im not into religion.  I am into GOD.  I believe in the Torah, Tanakh and the New Testament.  The words in the holy Bible of the prophets, Moses, Isaiah, Jesus of Nazareth, the apostles and the book of revelation are the truth and I believe it ALL.

At any rate-I  do believe that Barack Obama is definitely not finished in the political scene.  So,  I believe…it could be in the near future that Obama will possibly be in charge of the UN.  Obama is AN anti Christ. 

Dreams that have come to pass in this search:

Dreams from 2009-2020 in no sequential order.

Prophetic Dream: Believers, Conservatives, Patriotic People – EXIT THE CITIES OF AMERICA. GET OUT ASAP.

* 2 Prophetic Dreams: 1 Of Revelation 8 & Another Of MILLIONS Of Fireballs From The Sky: All-Out Assault From Heaven Against Earth

* Recent Prophetic Dreams: Tsunami, MASSIVE Quake, The Reaper Is Coming, Satan’s “Rapture”, Lightening Storms

May 24, 2020  Dream Of Coyotes Turning Into Wolves…Wolves Turning Into Bears:

Sun Jan 22, 2012:   Dream I had of England Invaded

Sunday, Jun 12, 2011:  Prophetic, Horrible Dream I had: Asian (CHINESE) Troop Invasion Of The United States Of America

Wednesday, Jun 1, 2011:   Another HORRIBLE Prophetic Dream I Had: ROCKETS ALL OVER AMERICA

Sat. May 7th 2011:   Another Horrible Dream I Had of a volcano in the sky

Friday, April 8th, 2011:  HORRIBLE DREAM I Had Early This AM~Tidal Waves

, invading armies on our land.

Monday, March 14,  2011:  Dream I had about a coming insurrection

Wed Jan 20,  2020:   Apocalyptic Dream I Had About Las Vegas. Under water, Sea of debt.  Is It Coming To Pass?

Feb 2020. Posted in June:  “The Bowls Are Filled To Over-Flowing” Prophetic Dream About America

JULY 2020:  Prophetic Dream This AM @ 4:30: Rockets In The Pacific-Northwest, American Skies

There are a few more on my FB Page.  I will post them later.  Here is a confirmation of different invasions from another blog: “Invasions are upon you”

This is a Prophetic, cyber friend of mine for years, Tim Shey His blog, “Hitchhike Across America” 

Many prophetic words are here:

Where Was The Outrage 20 Years Ago When The Illegals Started Their Rape Of California?

Where Was The Outrage 20 Years Ago When The Illegals Started Their Rape Of California?

Before I left Monterey, California in 2007, I went to pick up some items to clean my apartment at the .99 cent store.  As I was walking through the store, I looked up and there were 2 Mexican women headed my way with mean-looking faces.. I, not being afraid of a mean looking face, proceeded forward.  They wouldn’t get out of the way and neither would I.   Let’s just say I walked right ‘through’ both of them.  Bumping into them as I was walking.  I wasn’t going to get out of the way.  I was sick and TIRED of always getting out of the way–I marched on.   After I looked back at them, I strutted confidently. 

This sounds like a silly story.  But, it’s a little tale of a victory.  I am sure it is a similar testimony of what many Americans go through in California–especially white Americans.  You see, since Obama was made king of America, the race factor never bothered me because I (inherently) am not racist.  Bigoted, sure.  Everyone is.  BUT:  Living in California, among the invaders, a white person (or white-looking) is the minority–28% of white people live in Cali now.  Many Californians have had to deal with true prejudiced personalities:  Many Chicanos are white haters.  The racism, in California, is directed at white people and has been for at least 2 decades. 

My former husband (Mike) is a blonde-haired, blue eyed German.  He has been turned down for countless jobs because #1.  He didn’t speak fluent Spanish.  #2.  He was told, flat out, that he would cause issues for Mexican employees.   Mike is one of the nicest men in the planet. He didn’t get hired because E.O.E. does not work on behalf of whites.  In California, it works on behalf of Mexicans and illegals. NOT Americans.

So, my question today is:  Where was the outrage when Reagan gave amnesty to 3 million illegals?  Where was the anger when Clinton opened the border-wide- for the illegals to walk right in to California?  When Bush called our minute-men ‘vigilantes?’   This situation didn’t just start last week with the diseases, either.  This insanity has been going on for well over 20 years.  It is hell on earth for an American to live in a state that is occupied by invaders from Mexico.  California is a dump, now.  They may as well just hand it over to Mexico and grant right of return to Americans from California.  They can come to Flagstaff and N AZ.  (Leaving the Liberals ‘Progressive’, Communists behind)

Ending thought:  The rage is trumped up.  The situation with the illegals is OUT OF CONTROL and has been since the late 1980’s.  Deuteronomy 28.  Read the curses of disobedience to God:  It is America

While it IS good that the rage it is in the public… It is NOT good that it took so long.

CHANGE IS HERE: Russia to Conduct Open Skies Surveillance Flight over US

The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming…. Actually, the former KGB, Soviets are in the White house, licking their chops.  Waiting to sweep the lick.

CHANGE IS HERE: Russia to Conduct Open Skies Surveillance Flight over US

MOSCOW, November 24 (RIA Novosti) – Russian military inspectors will begin a survey flight this week above the United States under the international Open Skies Treaty, Russia’s Defense Ministry has said.

The rest: Russia to Conduct Open Skies Surveillance Flight over US 

This should be no real surprise.. Obama said he would be ‘more flexible’ didn’t he?  We have never had this type thing happen.. Punishment for occupying countries. We will feel the pain-bigtime.  Well, I am prepared. Lord help me to be more prepared and help Russians find leftists since they now really hate left-wingers.


Hispanic Racist From My Old Home-town: “White People Are The Cancer, Must Be Reduced To A Minority”

Hispanic Racist From My Old Home-town  “White People Are The Cancer, Must Be Reduced To A Minority”.

(The post in that link above, was written late, 2009.. but-you must see it.) 

  The piece,  is written by a man from Salinas, CA.  His name is Mr. Pena.  Pena is in total denial, blinded by the hatred of Marxism, an anti-American ideology that should be treason in America, and proper punishment enforced; Think the Rosenbergs…. If I was in charge, ALL Marxists would cease to exist.  It has nothing to do with racism, either.. 

Please give me the liberty of explaining to you what Salinas, CA is all about: Salinas is a sanctuary city FOR illegal, occupying, criminal aliens.  Salinas had the highest murder rate–per capita in the USA in 2009, 2010-2011.  I lived in Salinas, CA.  It is a gutter now.  The town was a nice haven at one time.  Its residents were “Arkies and Okies” (Folk from Arkansas and Oklahoma.)  Many of these residents moved to Salinas to escape the dust bowl in the 1930’s.  The valley  of Salinas was the town my grandmother grew up in, and graduated High School -Circa 1943. 

Salinas was a bustling city.  None to match it, including San Jose in its day.  Many of the men that were KIA at Pearl Harbor were from it.  They were stationed at FT ORD, 7th Infantry Division, light fighters brigade, (same place where The Mad Jewess used to entertain many soldiers in musicals and won FORSCOM awards.) In its day, Salinas boasted of 3 movie theaters in 3 blocks alone; The Crystal Theater, the Fox Theater and the Cinema. This was a big thing for a town to have 3 Art Deco Theaters.  Salinas had many department stores.  The 2nd largest rodeo in America is in Salinas, CA. The outskirts of the Salinas Valley is rich in farm-land.  Grown there; Lettuce, artichokes, strawberries, spinach, etc..  My own family owned 30 acres on River Road for 30 years.

Salinas is no more.  It is like Tijuana, now.  The problem is not the ‘evil’ whites in Salinas, the problem is MR. F*CKING PENA.   White people are the total minority in Salinas, CA:  27%.   And, because of that, the town is…excuse me, a shithole, thanks to Ms. Anna Caballero, (Mexican Marxist) and once Mayor of Salinas, now State Assembly.  Salinas fared far better with Arkies and Okies that were ‘evil’ whites..

This is Salinas now-28 different gangs from the Nortenos to the Sorenos to the MS 13, you name it.