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What Was Obama’s Subliminal Message In Today’s Speech About Dead Boy, Trayvon?

What Was Obama’s Subliminal Message In Today’s Speech About Dead Boy, Trayvon?

He just wants a race-war.  Still trying to push the “Racism” mean as a distraction from IRS-gate, DOJ-gate, NSA-gate, PRISM-gate, Benghazi-gate, economy, wars.

By the way–Blacks Will Lose A Race War:


Obama: ‘Syria Is Not Iraq’, It’s WORSE Than Iraq. Thanks 2 U Barack, You MORON

Obama: ‘Syria Is Not Iraq’, It’s WORSE Than Iraq, Thanks 2 U, Barack, You MORON


The LIAR in chief is trying to Sell world war III to the dumb sheeple of O’Merika. And, many morons believe his crap.  This is the Syrian issue in a nutshell:  Obama helped fuel the Arab Spring.  It sprung right into Syria.  In Syria, there are radical, murderous, fundamental Islamo-nuts that are murdering, raping and pillaging Christian and humanist communities. These same psychopaths are fighting Syrian Prez Assad, they are also cannibalizing their victims & this is who OBAMA wants to help; The CANNIBALS.  The insane Islamo-wackos are fighting Assad because they want to take over the government in Syria just as they have in Egypt.  Assad is fighting them back just as vicious even though radical, Muslim nut jobs have come in from countries all over to help in the Jihad. Including the ‘human rights’ NON-democracy nuts, Obama and UK.


He is NOT ‘my’ Pres. He is a FRAUD.  He should be impeached for IRS gate, AP Gate, Benghazi Gate, Birther-Gate, but he is still illegally in office because he is


That is the ONLY reason this P.O.S. is still there…

Click~Obama: Syria is not Iraq

#IRS’s Spock Apologizes For Parody Videos. Nobody Is Laughing, ERIC HOLDER AND OBAMA THE INSANE

IRS’s Spock Apologizes For Parody Videos. Nobody Is Laughing, ERIC HOLDER AND OBAMA THE INSANE

I, personally know what it is like to have the Feds under my bed.. It’s not amusing. The IRS and the SB of E/California sent me 2 different letters in 2000. I had just closed my antique business. They claimed I made $48,000 for Y1999.  After advising both agencies that I was closing that year, and this was impossible- they sent another letter saying PAY IN FULL, NOW.

So, I hired the nastiest tax attorney I could find. Who was also the best.  It cost me $750 to get them out of my hair, but she took care of them for me.  So, I know all too well of the intimidation of the feds.. 

Now, they are saying about the dancing they did before a demonic sermon to take our money that they’re sorry…. Sure.  

A person who says “I’m sorry” is a person who will do it again, only sad they got caught.

Do You Hear Crickets Chirping? I Do, #Benghazi Is As We Said Here, Gone With The Wind-Forgotten

Do You Hear Crickets Chirping? I Do, #Benghazi Is As We Said Here, Gone With The Wind-Forgotten

The last  activity for Benghazi on the internet was May 14, 2013:  Benghazi, IRS hearings.   What is terrible about this Libya scenario is that the Mothers of the Benghazi terrorist attack will never receive justice.  Even more tragic,  they were  probably staunch Obama supporters.  

I don’t care for GWBush, but if this was Bush, this would have been front page news, day in and day out.  

And now, American people only care about the IRS scandal. Why? Because money means more than murder to Americans.  I advised some folks on my email thread that Obama would use the IRS scandal to distract from Benghazi.  I was right. They laughed at me, but I was right and they were wrong-sadly so.   At any rate,  it looks pretty bad for BO, Holder and Company.  BUT-My guess is they will get away with EVERY scandal because they are black.  I bet AG Holder does not even resign…It would be racist to ashcan the AG or demand he resigns.  If Eric Holder was white, he would have been gone faster than you could say Jack Robinson.  Trent Lott resigned over much less. As did R. H. Nixon.

Obama will never be a decent enough person to step down and neither will Holder.. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.  Nixon was a better man than Obama.

 The DNC does not hold its blacks in office to account, they treat them like animals. Just look at Rangal, Dinkins, (Mayor NYC),Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee (All abusers of power AND the race card etc..)  If all of these present scandals disappear in the next week or so, you will know I was correct.  

I also bet any person $50- that NOTHING will happen to Obama, Holder, or Hillary.   In fact, Hillary will probably run for Prez and America will elect the bitch.

God bless America.  NO other nation like us…Even the Islamo 3rd world dumps have it more together.  You know I’m right.

AND….Guess what else, kids….the IRS scandal will be forgotten in about 9 days. The AP SNAFU with James Rosen is almost over.  The Internet is an enemy to true journalism at this point.  The Communist DNC will not EVER hold any of their Komrades to account, especially blacks.  It is going to be a LONG 3 more years.

Eric Holder Is Sorry About his Sins & All Is Peachy Keen In The World, Now.

Eric Holder Is Sorry About his Sins And All Is Peachy Keen In The World, Now.

Alex Pareene from that Commie rag, the Salon believes that a more powerful movement needs to be in play for Eric Holder to be thrust out of office.  Instead of rallying up a ‘more powerful movement’, Pareene gives Commie Eric Holder a pass.. We just will have to deal with Eric because…well, we’ll just have to.  

Imagine the damned gall.. Remember Trent Lott?  I do. He got thrown to the wind for much, much less.

He told Strom Thurmond at a party:

Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott issued a written apology Monday evening over his comment that the United States would have avoided “all these problems” if then-segregationist Strom Thurmond had been elected president in 1948.

Strom thurmond..Who was a dying man.  Remember Dirty Harry Reid saying:

“He had no alternative,” said Reid at the time claiming, “If you tell ethnic jokes in the backroom, it’s that much easier to say ethnic things publicly. I’ve always practiced how I play.”

So, its OK for the GOP to resign, but not Eric Holder..

Why is this?

Because Eric Holder is a black man and it would be racist to demand his resignation.  The issue with the Democrat/Communist party is that they do NOT judge people based on character but ONLY on color of skin. They allow minorities to get away with anything because if they don’t, they’ll be a racist.  I know, its wacko.  It’s very anti MLK.

Click: Eric Holder is sorry ..NO, he is not sorry. He is only upset that he got caught.

It is obvious…The Democrat/Communist Party holds the GOP accountable for some words, but allows their own party to get away with illegal actions.  Makes sense in a country that is insane.

There is one SANE “Liberal” from Puff Ho:

huffpo holder

#IRS Gate, BenghaziGate? Nothing Is Going To Happen To America’s 1st Kenyan Prez.

#IRS Gate, BenghaziGate? Nothing Is Going To Happen To America’s 1st Kenyan Prez.

There is a reason that nothing happens to OBAMA.

I’ve been watching the net & news re. IRS gate and BenghaziGate.  Nothing is going to happen to the Teflon man.  You’re kidding yourselves if you think otherwise. (I HOPE I am wrong)  

Obama has had one scandal after the next.  Nothing ever touches this jerk.  The 1st thing that happened was the ‘birther’ issue.  Obama even provided information that got leaked out by Breitbarts site last yr in May.  Obama admitted through pamphlets in the 1990’s that he was born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.  Making him totally ineligible to be the President.  Hell, the Commies even use Beck when he trashes us ‘birthers.’  Beck can’t refute this:

Obama had to fill out these bios as many do when they have to speak, publicly (he would have had to approve of his own bio that HE submitted)  Even after the pamphlet came out, the literary agent said they ‘made a mistake’… the 1990’s and corrected it now?! And, people BELIEVED that horsesh*t!  Beck believes it!

Onward… We had Fast and furious. “Political Vel Craft” and I spread this letter from the DOJ all over the place (below). This letter PROVES that Holder and Obama were involved in gunrunning and Fast and furious.  NOTHING happened to them. Border agents are dead and Darrell Issa investigated it.  Issa is a lot of hot air.  All talk, NO action.

See it:

Then, there was Sept. 2012, Benghazi.  Hillary lied, people died. Nothing happened to her and nothing happens to Obama.  Now, its the IRS.  Nothing will happen to Obama and the reason is:


End of story. 

The DNC holds nobody accountable, least of all- a black man.  Just look at black on white crime.   AND, Obama is the biggest perp of black on white collar crime, now because of the IRS scandal. They have no morals and the GOP is morally weak.

Oh, by the way:


He is satanic.