Catherine Engelbrecht Stands Up To IRS. But, Why Did She Not Do Anything Re. Country Before ’09?

Catherine Engelbrecht Stands Up To IRS. But, Why Did She Not Do Anything About  This Country Before ’09?

1st of all- I pray that the government intimidators would back off of this woman.  I commend the work she is doing now.

Miss Engelbrecht claims in this video that she was not involved in politics until 2009.   I don’t get it.  Our nation has been falling apart for decades.  I can’t remember a time when I have not been involved.   My Grandmother & I were going to Town-hall meetings long before 2009, 2010 – try the late 80’s up to 2001.  We also faced an audit and a demand to pay $48K to the State board equalization of CA,  merely because we were for closed borders.   We learned to hire Tax attorney’s that were smarter than the US Govt (SBOE) in CA. 

Because of my ‘close the borders’ stance,  I also suffered apartment vandalism, the windows in my car shot out for standing up to the pro-illegal, Mexican Marxists in the Salinas city hall town council.   I was banned off of 2 newspapers in the late 90’s & had had my own radio show banned in 2008.  Now, its non-stop blogging and doing whatever I can do up here, where I live:  (Which is not a lot since I live in a small town without a lot of troubles)  My husband has also been involved for 20 plus years.  We are not meaning to ‘toot our horn’, it is what it is.

In my opinion, better late than never does not work for America.  The complacency over the last 2 decades is an almost unforgivable offense.  I am not meaning to dump on this woman… but, she is like so many conservatives who did nothing before Obama got in.  Fact.

At any rate: Thank you for speaking your mind to the fascists, Miss Engelbrecht.