IRS Demands Ron Paul’s List Of Donors..(Probably Because He Is Critical Of Action In Ukraine)

IRS Demands Ron Paul’s List Of Donors..(Probably Because He Is Critical Of Action In Ukraine)

Love or hate Ron Paul, he is usually spot on regarding foreign issues, albeit a few I don’t agree with but for the most part, he is right on – especially regarding Ukraine.  Last month, the fascists in W.D.C. advised us dumb sheep that if we were critical of Ukraine, we could be punished:  Against Ukraine War? Obama May Seize Your Assets – Ron Paul Institute 

Ron Paul PAC says they will defy the FEDS/IRS:  Ron Paul group to defy IRS  Hat tip 

SO, is this how we are gonna play in the USA? If you’re critical of a Prez’s insane warring actions, you get summoned by the IRS?  This is nothing but intimidation. Period.  And, Bush did it, too, folks.  Clinton, Nixon, etc.  This is not supposed to be how we do things.  Paul is right to defy the IRS.

Can you tell me what he is wrong about regarding Ukraine?

Facts about Ukraine that NO news source will bring up:

  • Fox news & others do not mention that George Soros was also involved in the Ukraine FUBAR and advises Mr. Putin to join his “Ukraine Renaissance” a day after the fall of Kiev & ousting of pretend ‘tyrant’, Yanukovych:  George Soros calls on the EU, and Germany in particular, to take part in his Ukraine Renaissance. 
  • Fox news & others do not reveal to its listeners that America spent 5 billion dollars through a decade & more to destabilize Ukraine through revolutions, one in 2004 and the recent fiasco.  Victoria Nuland is public, admitting this:  Google search News for Victoria Nuland ukraine 5 billion.  Destabilization takes time, it does not happen overnight–it can take years.

Although many of Paul’s followers are not the nicest people and blame the Jews for every evil under the sun, I don’t hold that against Ron Paul.. But, I think many of his stooges are huge jerks & they can come down with a case of C-Diff and crap their pants for all I care…

Catherine Engelbrecht Stands Up To IRS. But, Why Did She Not Do Anything Re. Country Before ’09?

Catherine Engelbrecht Stands Up To IRS. But, Why Did She Not Do Anything About  This Country Before ’09?

1st of all- I pray that the government intimidators would back off of this woman.  I commend the work she is doing now.

Miss Engelbrecht claims in this video that she was not involved in politics until 2009.   I don’t get it.  Our nation has been falling apart for decades.  I can’t remember a time when I have not been involved.   My Grandmother & I were going to Town-hall meetings long before 2009, 2010 – try the late 80’s up to 2001.  We also faced an audit and a demand to pay $48K to the State board equalization of CA,  merely because we were for closed borders.   We learned to hire Tax attorney’s that were smarter than the US Govt (SBOE) in CA. 

Because of my ‘close the borders’ stance,  I also suffered apartment vandalism, the windows in my car shot out for standing up to the pro-illegal, Mexican Marxists in the Salinas city hall town council.   I was banned off of 2 newspapers in the late 90’s & had had my own radio show banned in 2008.  Now, its non-stop blogging and doing whatever I can do up here, where I live:  (Which is not a lot since I live in a small town without a lot of troubles)  My husband has also been involved for 20 plus years.  We are not meaning to ‘toot our horn’, it is what it is.

In my opinion, better late than never does not work for America.  The complacency over the last 2 decades is an almost unforgivable offense.  I am not meaning to dump on this woman… but, she is like so many conservatives who did nothing before Obama got in.  Fact.

At any rate: Thank you for speaking your mind to the fascists, Miss Engelbrecht.

US Military Should Give Obama 48 Hours To Get Out

US Military Should Give Obama 48 Hours To Get Out

The military in Egypt have given Mohammed Morsi 48 hours to get out, as millions protest.  Morsi’s only care is pushing the Muslim Brotherhood on them instead of fixing the massive unemployment problem or the 2nd problem the masses are complaining about, lack of security.   As of this writing, about 10 of those 48 hours remain. Of course, the next tyrant that they pick wont be any better. There are no George Washington’s, Thomas Jefferson’s or James Madison’s in Muslim countries.
Are the Egyptians far more patriotic than Americans?   They gave their dictator a chance and no see that the only thing he is concerned with is greater power.  In the US, we have a president up to his elbows in Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, AP including FOX Washington reporter, Rosen, and most recently NSA spying on average American & one scandal after the next. Wait—since then, IRS parties and other wastes have come to light, just like another department did about 1 year ago. Remember the GSA fraud and waste? Yet there is barely a peep from the American people or our useless congress, who are there only to get themselves elected once again.
If the Egyptian people can riot, why cant Americans? If the Egyptian military can give Morsi 48 hours to get out, why cant the American military do the same here?
-David Ben Moshe

“Global Warming” HOAX Is Obama’s Strategy To Keep Focus Off #Benghazi, #IRS, #Illegals #Arming Syrian Jihad

“Global Warming” HOAX Is  Obama’s Strategy To Keep Focus Off #Benghazi, #IRS, #Illegals #Arming Syrian Jihad

It is a hoax.  Anyone with a brain knows it is the end age and the ‘warming’ is happening because it is WRITTEN in the Bible.  Of course, the Commie-lib cabal will never own up to the Bible being the truth.  At any rate: Obama does not want people to concentrate on his many scandals, ‘gate’s’, targeting patriots, covering up Benghazi murders, fast and furious, birthergate, ETC…  The last political shindig I attended up here, the rep advised us that Obama will use many things to distract off of the issues that are burying him in the polls.  

So, please advise that this is what is happening; DISTRACTION.

More Scandal #IRSGate: Obama Administration Also Intimidated American Hispanic Patriots With IRS

More Scandal#IRSGate: Obama Administration Also Intimidated American Hispanic Patriots With IRS

Racist Obama targets Mexican conservatives.  Here we have good Hispanics that love America and they get targeted for not ‘towing the line’ of the Communist left:

Hat Tip:  GenoMega


#SurviveTheNight -Movie “The Purge” #CommieWood Thinks The Far ‘Right Wing’ Is Going To Purge Them

Movie “The Purge” Looks Like #CommieWood Thinks The Far Right Wing Is Going To Purge Them

This is a quote from their website for the movie “The Purge:”

When our original Founding Fathers first set these words to paper, they strove to “establish Justice”, “insure domestic Tranquility” and “promote the general Welfare.” Today, the world is a much different place, but the New Founders of America battle for the very same American ideals and refuse to let them fade.

We welcome all those who can make positive contributions to our nation and are confident that those deemed undesirable by the populace will be purged as such.

My thoughts:

As usual, the projecting, Communist, radical, left-wing cannot see their own fascism, complete with snooping through emails, charging journalists with unheard of accusations for investigating N. Korea, re-instating the un Constitutional patriot act, abuse of power through the IRS, covering-up Benghazi,  Obama-Care, DHS, NSA, George Bush’s liberal policies continued through the BHO regime including boots on the ground in Egypt, Libya, Pakistan, Jordan plus droning hundreds of innocent civilians in those said countries. Only with Obama in charge as the CIC, there is NEVER congressional approval for these actions against other countries, actions that are illegal.  Obama the Communist, radical – purged 20 plus US NAVY Seals after the supposed capture of Bin Laden (still no pictures to this day.)  Sandy Hook hoax (We know it ‘happened’, but there are many lies) West, TX Fertilizer plant. Add: Obama’s ‘Dead Pool.’ ETC.

The radical, left wing is INSANE:

 They (the left) refuse to see  themselves as the control-freak, fascists they are and continue to blame us for their incredible failed policies of big government.  They consider our founding fathers to NAZI-like.  How can these humans insinuate that our founding fathers are like the Nazi’s?  It’s incomprehensible to me.  Our fathers/grandfathers FOUGHT the Nazi’s.  Did the founders put new immigrant Americans through gas chambers?  Koo Koo.. How can these freaks actually believe that America was a bad idea? I just don’t get it.  I believe that most of these jackasses received their education in Bolshevik schooling.  Why else would they brainwash the populace against its founding fathers??  Who were good men that possessed honest, God-fearing characters?

WARNING:  This movie is indoctrination against American patriotism.  As if far left-wing, Communism is working…

Not everyone is me you stupid-ass Commies. I WOULD purge your asses. You treasonous filth.

#IRS Valerie Jarrett Who Wants To Punish Political Enemies Says “Holder Is In His Position For Quite Awhile”

Valerie Jarrett Who Wants To Punish Political Enemies Says “Holder Is In His Position For Quite Awhile”  9:59 am Thursday

Ya cant make this shit up for a creature feature on a Saturday morning.  Eric Holder is a ghetto black. He wont ever resign.  Got that? He will not resign.  IF he does, I would be shocked out of my shoes.  In a sane would, Jarrett world be tried for treason and put before a firing squad as would Holder and Obama. Add Hitlery while you’re at it.

Video was taken down, here are the links:

This quote below is from “The Ulsterman Report”

#IRS #AP ~ NBC Tom Brokaw Perplexed Why Holder Still A.G.. Answer Is; HE’S BLACK

NBC Tom Brokaw Perplexed Why Holder Still A.G..  Answer Is; HE’S BLACK

The STUPID, insane, left-wing Commies have built up this atmosphere of everything is racist if you touch the holy grail black American.  Now, they can’t even get rid of one of their own monsters.  THAT’S THE ANSWER TOM BROKAW. DUHHH

Further proof that even Holder is above the law because the dumb leftist cabal of moonbattery has a FOBAR of epic proportions not being able to touch the king AG, Holder.  The Democrat left is FINISHED. They have ZERO credibility. None. Nil. Nix. Nine. Adios. You’re cooked. Your “Prez” sucks and so do you.  They will leave Holder there until the day he dies and allow fellow Americans to be taxed out the wazoo.


We know…..

O’Reilly Is A Nasty Jerk-Off. Screaming & Yelling At Former Brainwashed Liberal, Kirsten Powers

O’Reilly Is A Nasty Jerk-Off. Screaming & Yelling At Former Brainwashed Liberal, Kirsten Powers


I am so sick of this nasty, little freak, Betsey O’Reilly.  Kirsten is probably one of the only decent Liberals in America.  AND, she is coming out of the Commie brainwashing.  At least this jackass could be nicer to her.  She is trying to get the most facts out – about what happened with the IRS and Shulman visiting the WH 100,000x.   Can you imagine the fire this poor thing comes under for standing on the side of what is right?  You know how shitty the leftist cabal is.  They are friggin ruthless, inhumane and downright evil.   This gal needs encouragement. AND, hopefully she will not turncoat like Juan Williams.

Kudos to this gal.  It CAN’T be easy being a Lib and standing up to these Bolshevik Nazis.

Also, I am not a real big Alex Jones fan, but last night, O’Reilly had a video that featured Jones yelling and while he [Alex] was yelling, O’Reilly was talking about ‘hate speech.’ Subliminal crap..  Alex is a little weird, that’s true, but he is not a hater.  Who cares if he is??  People bled the ground and died so that Alex could have freedom of speech. O’Reilly, go take some happy pills or anti depressants. People are SICK of you.

Let’s talk about hate speech, O’Really:

Allen & Vendehei: Obama Not Interested In Opinions Of World Leaders & Fellow Democrats

Allen & Vendehei: Obama Not Interested In Opinions Of World Leaders & Fellow Democrats

Most dictators don’t care about opinions of subordinates. Obama needs to go.  If the GOP congress will not start impeachment for the many scandals that occur on a daily basis under the Obama regime, then the Dems are going to have to take out their trash. The Kenyan experiment has failed.

More:  Politico’s Allen & VandeHei: Obama Not Interested in Opinions of world leaders 

PS: Jews that are still for Obama: How have dictatorships worked out for you in the past?  Answer: Tyrannical dictatorships have never worked out for the Jews.

-David Ben Moshe