Is Rachel Maddow Scared Of Putin’s Russian Sausage?

Is Rachel Maddow Scared Of Putin’s Russian Sausage?

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Why was it OK for Bill Clinton to go to Russia and give them 10 billion dollars and get drunk with Boris Yeltsin? Why was it OK for Hillary to bring a reset button and HIT the reset button? But, Trump who does nothing with Russia at all makes the Leftist media whine about Russia, day and night–and then some. Remember how Obama whispered in Medvedev’s ear? The Leftists didnt care at all about that either!


I think Maddow is scared of the ol Russian Sausage that Putin seems to possess.. Lol. Lesbians are scared of the alpha male type. And, Putin is ALL THAT & more! HAHAH.

I can hear Putin saying to Maddow…

Come here babay.. I can make you straight again..

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Get a grip, Maddow.